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Basic Angular Interview Questions and Answers You Must Prepare

by Interview Kickstart Team in Interview Questions
April 20, 2022

Basic Angular Interview Questions and Answers You Must Prepare

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You must prepare the most anticipated basic Angular interview questions and answers to crack your tech interview successfully. There is an exponential rise in the demand for Angular developers who possess expertise in Angular 7 and the latest Angular versions. Using Angular, the framework has gained a solid reputation with tech giants like Microsoft, Samsung, and Netflix. The rise in popularity of Angular brings an array of job opportunities and stiff competition in tech interviews. 

Angular has emerged as a highly attractive option for building scalable web applications. The article below covers the important topics that will help you ace Angular basic interview questions in the technical rounds.

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Here's what we'll cover:

  • Angular 2 Basic Interview Questions
  • Angular 7 Basic Interview Questions
  • Basic Angular Interview Questions for Practice
  • FAQs on Basic Angular Interview Questions

Angular 2 Basic Interview Questions

The following basic Angular interview questions and answers will help you understand the various questions that an interviewer can ask in your upcoming interview. 

Q1. Why do you need the Angular framework?

Angular serves as a binding framework and binds the View with the Model. It is ideal for front-end developers to build scalable mobile and web applications. Without Angular, developers had to manually write the binding code between View and Model. Using the Angular framework, you can easily overcome this time-consuming and complex task.

Q2. How is Angular 2 better than Angular 1 or AngularJS?

The following reasons make Angular 2 a better option than AngularJS:

  • Angular 2 is supported by all mobile browsers, while AngularJS isn't.
  • Unlike AngularJS, which is written in JavaScript, Angular 2 is written in TypeScript, which boosts the developers' productivity. 
  • Angular 2 has an easy-to-learn syntax, while it was complicated for AngularJS. 

Q3. Why did Angular 2 use TypeScript instead of JavaScript? 

Angular 2 embraces TypeScript instead of JavaScript for the following reasons:

  • TypeScript is more explicit.
  • Using TypeScript to write code boosts the productivity of the developers. 
  • Contrary to JavaScript, the TypeScript code is easier to refactor and more reliable. 
  • Since JS is a subset of TypeScript, you can easily use JS libraries and code in your TypeScript code.
  • TypeScript provides an object-oriented programming environment and increases the development rate. 

Q4. What are the directives in Angular 2?

A directive changes the behavior of the elements in your Angular applications. Angular 2 categorizes directives as follows:

  • Structural directives: These directives create and destroy DOM elements. e.g., *ngFor
  • Attribute directives: These manipulate DOM by changing appearance and behavior. e.g., [hidden]
  • Component directives: These directives have their template. e.g., <my-grid> </my-grid>

Q5. What is the importance of the NPM?

NPM or Node Package Manager provides and installs JS packages such as jQuery, Angular, etc. So, you will not have to manually hunt for packages on the internet as NPM will automatically install and manage the packages.

Q6. What is the role of the Package.json file in Angular?

Package.json in Angular consists of all the dependencies/libraries you require in a project. So, all the dependencies such as @angular/forms are installed and put into the node_modules folder.

Q7. Why is Angular CLI important?

Angular CLI or Command Line Interface helps create readymade project templates. Since Angular comprises several modules, it gets very time-consuming to install each module one by one. CLI creates a default code that helps developers code fast. 

Q8. What is a component in Angular 2?

The logical piece of binding code between the View and Model is referred to as a component. The user HTTP request associates with the component first, and then the component interacts with the Model and renders the View to the user browser.

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Angular 7 Basic Interview Questions

Angular 7 is one of the most popular and widely used Angular versions. The following Angular 7 basic interview questions will help you brush up on the concepts and nail your Angular developer interviews at FAANG+ companies. 

Q1. What is string interpolation in Angular 7?

String interpolation is a special syntax. It uses template expressions within double curly-braces "{{ }}" for displaying the component data. String interpolation is also known as mustache syntax. Angular executes the expressions in the curly braces, and the relative output is embedded into the HTML code. 

Q2. How is an Annotation different from a Decorator?

This is one of the most common Angular 7 basic interview questions. The following table enumerates the primary difference between annotations and decorators:

Q3. What are controllers in Angular 7?

Controllers in Angular 7 are JS functions that provide data and logic to HTML UI. They control the data flow from the server to the HTML UI.

Q4. How would you create custom pipes in Angular 7?

The following steps help create custom pipes:

  • Begin by importing the Pipe and PipeTransform module from "@angular/core."
  • Provide the custom pipe with a name using the "@Pipe" decorator.
  • Next, you will register the Pipe in the module under declarations.
  • Implement PipeTransform using the "implements" keyword. 
  • Write transformation logic in the" transform" function.

Q5. What is Urlsegment Interface in Angular 7?

UrlSegment interface represents a single URL segment, constructor, properties, and methods present in UrlSegment class. UrlSegment is a modified Angular 7 feature used to add a new interface. It is a part of a URL between the two slashes.

Q6. What are the best Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for Angular 7?

Recruiters often ask such Angular 7 basic interview questions to assess your knowledge of related IDE environments. Brackets is a lightweight and powerful IDE for developing web applications using Angular. Some other good options are available as IDEs for Angular 7, such as

  • Angular IDE
  • Webstorm
  • Visual Studio Code 
  • Sublime Text
  • Atom

Q7. Why should you switch to Angular 7 if you are using Angular 6?

You should be prepared for such Angular 7 basic interview questions, as it is important to know what prompts you to upgrade to a particular version. The following reasons make Angular 7 a better option:

  • In Angular 7, the Angular CLI will prompt you to select if you want to add features like Angular routing or the stylesheet format while creating a new application. 
  • Angular 7 applications use the Bundle Budget feature of Angular CLI. This feature warns you if the application bundle size exceeds the predefined limit. However, the default value is configurable. The default value is usually 2MB and 5MB for errors. Thus, the feature considerably enhances the application's performance. 
  • There are two newly added features in the Component Dev Kit (CDK): 

Virtual scrolling: It allows you to load only the visible part of the list on the screen. So, when you scroll through the list, the DOM will load and unload the elements dynamically based on the display size. 

Drag and Drop: You can easily add the drag and drop feature to an item. It supports free dragging of an element, moving items between lists, reordering items of a list, animation, and restricted dragging along the X or Y-axis. 

  • The mat-form-field of Angular 7 supports the use of the native select element, providing enhanced usability and performance to the application. 
  • Angular 7 has updated its dependencies and supports Typescript 3.1, Node 10, and RxJS 6.3.

Q8. What is Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc)?

The ngcc is a tool for upgrading the node_module compiled with non-ivy ngc to ivy compliant format in Angular 7. The post-install script from the package.json ensures that your node_modules are compatible with the ivy renderer.

Q9. What is the Ivy Rendering Engine in Angular 7?

The Ivy rendering engine is a new backward-compatible Angular renderer. It focuses on the following attributes:

  • Speed improvements
  • Size reduction
  • Increased flexibility

Q10. What steps will you take to upgrade from Angular 6 to Angular 7?

It is one of the most commonly asked Angular 7 basic interview questions. You can use the following command to upgrade from Angular 6 to Angular 7:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

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Basic Angular Interview Questions for Practice

  1. Explain the Angular architecture.
  2. What is Do Bootstrap (ng Do Bootstrap ) in Angular 7?
  3. What do you understand about Webpack Package management?
  4. How would you handle events in Angular 7?
  5. Explain the following terms in context with Angular.
  • Routing
  • SPA
  • Bazel
  • Validations
  • Lazy loading
  • Services
  • Dependency injection
  • Content Projection
  • Zone
  • Pipes 
  • Observables
  • Observer
  • Xmb

This completes the list of Angular basic interview questions that you must practice for your next tech interview. Applying for senior Angular developer positions? Read Angular Interview Questions You Must Prepare for in 2022 to boost your tech interview prep. 

FAQs on Angular 7 Basic Interview Questions

Q1. Why do big companies ask Angular 7 basic interview questions?

Top companies are still using Angular due to its integrative tech stack. Angular 7 brought along several new features and is quite popular even today. So, interviews put up Angular 7 basic interview questions to gauge your knowledge of the previous versions and your understanding of how Angular progressed to what it is today. 

Q2. How do I prepare for Angular 7 basic interview questions?

You must go through the most anticipated basic Angular interview questions. A complete understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript is a must. Interviewers can ask you questions about the two languages to assess your proficiency. 

You should brush up on the basics and advanced Angularjs topics even if you are preparing for entry-level positions. Learning about RxJS, HTML, and CSS can help you have the upper hand over other candidates. 

Q3. Do recruiters at Netflix ask basic Angular interview questions to web developers?

Netflix uses Angular to constitute different themes to its streaming options. If you are applying for a web developer position at Netflix, you should be prepared for basic and advanced Angularjs interview questions. 

Q4. Should I prepare advanced Angular interview questions for entry-level positions?

You should skim through advanced Angular interview questions even if you are applying for entry-level positions. Often recruiters put up two to three advanced questions to check your knowledge. 

Q5. How much do Angular developers make per hour in the US?

The average Angular developer salary in the US is $58.97/hour or $115,000/year (Source: If you are applying for entry-level positions, you can get a salary of around $97,500/year, while senior positions offer up to $142,306/year.

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If you've put in the effort, you must know that you've gained an incredible experience in your professional life, irrespective of the results. So, make sure that you pat yourself on the back.

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How To Nail Your Next Tech Interview

Hosted By
Ryan Valles
Founder, Interview Kickstart
Our tried & tested strategy for cracking interviews
How FAANG hiring process works
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