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AngularJS Interview Questions for Coding Interview Preparation

by Interview Kickstart Team in Interview Questions
October 14, 2022

AngularJS Interview Questions for Coding Interview Preparation

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AngularJS interview questions are a crucial part of coding interviews. You can expect basic and advanced AngularJS interview questions in your technical interview. 

AngularJS, also known as Angular 1.0, is the first version of Angular and was created by a team at Google. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that follows the Model View Controller or MVC design pattern. It helps us create dynamic web applications and a maintainable architecture that can be tested client-side. We can easily get info from and update HTML documents and build Angular apps using IDEs or HTML editors.

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In this article, we’ve curated the most popular Angular JS interview questions for fresher and experienced developers. These questions are based on basic and advanced AngularJS concepts. Let’s take a look at what we’ll learn:

  • AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers
  • AngularJS Basic Questions for Interview
  • AngularJS Unit Testing Interview Questions
  • AngularJS Coding Interview Questions
  • FAQs on AngularJS Interview Questions

Take a look at Angular Interview Questions you must prepare for in 2022.

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

Let us look at some sample AngularJS interview questions and answers to help you with your preparation:

Q1: Define dependency injection in AngularJS.

The process of injecting the dependent objects instead of being created by the consumer is called dependency injection. Dependency injection also makes testing and decoupling easier.

Q2: How can SPA be implemented in AngularJS.

SPA can be implemented in AngularJS with the help of Angular routes.

Q3: How will you decrease the digest cycle time?

We can decrease the digest cycle time by decreasing the number of watchers. This can be achieved by using web worker, one-time Angular binding, cache DOM, working in batches, and removing unnecessary watchers.

Q4: Talk about e2e testing in AngularJS applications.

End-to-end testing or e2e testing refers to thoroughly testing an application to figure out if every component is working correctly or not. It helps in catching issues related to an application’s integration and flow.

Q5: What are some common ways modules can communicate with each other in an application using core AngularJS functionality?

Modules can communicate with each other using services or events, by assigning models on $rootScope, directly between controllers using $parent, $$nextSibling, $$childHead, ControllerAs, or other forms of inheritance.

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AngularJS Basic Questions for Interview

Next, we’ve listed some basic AngularJS interview questions to help you with your coding interview preparation:

  1. What is AngularJS, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  2. In the context of AngularJS, define and describe the following: 
  1. $scope
  2. $rootScope
  3. $watch
  4. Module
  5. Services
  6. Data binding
  7. Routing 
  8. Template 
  9. Expressions 
  10. Dependency Injection
  11. Validation of data
  12. Injector 
  13. Factory method
  14. Strict conceptual escaping
  15. Global API
  16. Directives 
  17. Auto Bootstrap Process
  18. Manual Bootstrap Process
  19. Controllers 
  20. Custom filters
  21. Currency filter
  22. Internationalization 
  23. Linking function
  24. Factory method
  25. Single Page Application (SPA)
  26. Hierarchy 
  1. Differentiate between:
  1. Angular and JavaScript expressions
  2. AngularJS and Nodejs
  3. one-way and two-way binding
  4. AngularJS and jQuery
  5. AngularJS and Backbone and Knockout
  6. Uppercase filter and lowercase filter
  7. DOM and BOM
  8. link function and compile
  1. Describe the usage of the following in AngularJS:
  1. Filter 
  2. Controllers 
  3. Prefixes $ and $$
  4. Directive 
  5. $rootscope
  6. Scopeless controller
  7. Find index
  8. deep linking
  9. $routeProvider
  10. AngularJS boot process
  1. What’s the maximum number of scopes an application can have?
  2. Describe how logs are maintained in AngularJS.
  3. What would find index return if it finds no value?
  4. Is there a way to set an Angular variable from a PHP session variable without sending an HTTP request? 
  5. How will you make an ajax call using AngularJS?
  6. How can we implement internationalization in AngularJS?
  7. Can we have two ng-app directives for one Angular application?
  8. Write the syntax for introducing a new date object.
  9. Can the parent controller access the methods of a child controller?
  10. Can a child controller access the methods of the parent controller?
  11. Talk about the different types of directives available in AngularJS?
  12. Describe the compilation process of AngularJS.
  13. Does AngularJS work well with all browsers?
  14. How will you set, get, and clear cookies in AngularJS?

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AngularJS Unit Testing Interview Questions

With the basics covered, take a look at these AngularJS Unit Testing Interview Questions:

  1. What is unit testing in AngularJS?
  2. Why do we use unit testing in AngularJS?
  3. What is used to run unit tests in Angular?
  4. Is it OK to configure TestBed after calling createComponent?
  5. What is karma in testing?
  6. What is the difference between async ()' and fakeAsync?
  7. What is a fixture in Angular testing?
  8. What is fixture detectChanges()?
  9. Explain e2e testing of AngularJS applications.
  10. What is the most popular e2e testing tool for AngularJS?
  11. How does e2e testing of an AngularJS application works?
  12. Between modules of an application, which means of communication are easily testable?
  13. What is Protractor?

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AngularJS Coding Interview Questions

Finally, here are some AngularJS coding interview questions to help you assess your preparation:

  1. What are some ways to communicate between modules of an application with the help of core AngularJS functionality?
  2. When a scope terminates, why are there two similar destroy events fired, and what is their use?
  3. How would you reset a $timeout?
  4. How would you disable a $watch()?
  5. What are the phases of a directive definition function execution?
  6. How are directives instantiated?
  7. How do the following work:
  1. Interpolation 
  2. Digest phase
  1. Explain the following in AngularJS:
  1. A digest cycle
  2. ng-repeat directive
  3. Module 
  4. Custom directives 
  5. AngularJS BootStrap process 
  6. Constants ng-hide 
  7. Directive injector 
  8. $routeProvider 
  9. Provider Method 
  10. ng-Switch Directive 
  11. ng-include, Click, and Repeat directive
  12. ng-disabled Directive 
  13. ng-app directive 
  14. One-Way data binding 
  15. ngClass directive
  16. Double click event
  17. Controller 
  18. Filters 
  19. Services
  20. Event handling
  21. Representational State Transfer (REST)
  1. How can we improve performance in an AngularJS app?
  2. How does $rootScope relate to $scope?
  3. What is the main change you’d need to make when migrating from AngularJS 1.4 to AngularJS 1.5?
  4. What are the key features of AngularJS?
  5. List and explain the different types of: 
  1. Directives scope 
  2. Hierarchy scope
  3. Directives
  1. Is AngularJS compatible with all browsers?
  2. How would you implement the following in AngularJS:
  1. Routing 
  2. Validations 
  3. SPA
  1. What are the benefits of dependency injection?
  2. How would you convert text to uppercase using AngularJS?
  3. Why are we using AngularJS, and what are the advantages of AngularJS?
  4. Why do we use $http service or ajax request in AngualrJS?
  5. Why would you use or create Services?
  6. Why do developers choose AngularJS?
  7. What attributes can we use when creating new AngularJS Directives?
  8. Discuss compile & link in Custom Directives.
  9. What are the characteristics of “Scope”?

We hope that these chosen Java AngularJS interview questions on coding, unit testing, and other basic and advanced concepts will prepare you for your technical interview. Be thorough with the fundamentals of AngularJS to nail your coding interview. 

FAQs on AngularJS Interview Questions

  1. How do I prepare for an AngularJS interview?
    The following tips can help you prepare for your Angular interview: Stay up-to-date with various programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, and HTML coding, as working within Angular can require the use of different language applications.
  2. Why do we use $$ in AngularJS?
    $$ registers a callback to be executed when the model property changes. 
  3. What do $$watchers store?
    $$watchers stores all the watches associated with the scope.
  4. Which community does AngularJS belong to?
    AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework that belongs to Google. It is mainly maintained by Google and a community of people and other corporations.
  5. What are some of the most important features of AngularJS?
    Some of the essential features of AngularJS are Data binding, architecture, directives, Dependency Injection, deep linking, speed, performance, and that it’s codeless and is not browser-specific.

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