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Angular 8 Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced Developers

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Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an idea of Angular 8 interview question types you can be asked during your next job interview? This article focuses on Angular 8 interview questions that will help you prepare for your next job interview. Fun fact: the same team at Google that made AngularJS made the Angular framework, and it has several versions! 

Angular 8, being very similar to earlier versions of Angular, is useful in creating dynamic web applications and is a client-side TypeScript based framework. Angular 8 has more extensive features than the previous versions and hence is in demand in MNCs and the software industry.

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We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked Angular 8 interview questions for new and experienced developers in this article. These questions cover basic and advanced Angular 8 concepts. Let's take a look at what we're going to learn:

  • Angular 8 Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers
  • Angular 8 Interview Questions and Answers for 8 Years’ Experienced Developers
  • Sample Angular 8 Interview Questions for Beginners
  • Sample Angular 8 Interview Questions for Experienced
  • FAQs on Angular 8 Interview Questions

Take a look at Angular Interview Questions you must prepare for in 2022.

Angular 8 Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Let us begin with some sample Angular 8 interview questions and answers to get an idea of the types of questions that can be asked in your tech interview:

Q1. Why does incremental DOM have a low memory footprint in Angular 8?

Every time we re-render, Virtual DOM creates a tree from scratch. But incremental DOM requires no memory to re-render the view as long as the DOM isn’t changed, and the memory has to be allocated only when the DOM nodes are added or deleted. The size of the memory allocation is also proportional to the size of the change in DOM. 

Q2. Define the Angular TestBed in the context of Angular 8.

The Angular TestBed or ATB is a higher-level testing framework exclusively for Angular, which helps us smoothly test behaviors that depend on Angular Framework. It provides a dynamically-constructed Angular test module that emulates an Angular @NgModule.

Q3. What command do we need to use to install Angular?

You can use the command: npm install -g @angular/CLI to install Angular.

Q4. What’s the command to create an application in Angular 8?

You can use the command: ng new applicationName to create an Angular 8 application.

Q5. What command will you use to load and run any Angular Application?

The command ng serve can be used to load and run any Angular application.

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Angular 8 Interview Questions and Answers for 8 Years’ Experienced Developers

Here are some top advanced Java Angular 8 interview questions for experienced developers:

Q1. What is Redux in the context of Angular 8?

Redux is a way to manage the application state and improve the maintainability of asynchronicity in our application. It provides a single truth source for the application state and a unidirectional flow of data change. 

Q2. What are the utility functions provided by RxJS in Angular 8?

Some utility functions RxJS library provides that help us create and work with observables are filtering streams, mapping values to different types, creating multiple streams, iterating through the values in a stream, and converting code into observables for async operations.

Q3. Describe String interpolation in Angular 8.

A one-way Data Binding technique that helps us in:

  • Extracting the output info from a TypeScript code to the HTML template view layer.
  • Displaying the data from the component to the view layer in the form of curly braces.
  • Adding the value of property to a component.

Q4. In Angular 8, describe the use of template-driven forms.

Template-driven forms are easy to use, but they are not as scalable as Reactive forms. You can use them when scalability is not an issue, and you need to add even a simple form to your app or when your applications need some logic and form.

Q5. What are some features new to Angular 8 compared to the earlier versions of Angular?

Some additional features offered by Angular 8 compared to previous Angular versions are:

  • For all applicable codes, it offers differential loading.
  • It supports TypeScript 3.4, Web Workers, dynamic imports for lazy routes, and Bazel.
  • It offers opt-in usage sharing.
  • There are several upgrades in NgUpgrade.

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Angular 8 Interview Questions for Beginners

Take a look at these sample Angular 8 interview questions to assess your basic preparation level:

  1. Define and describe the use of the following in Angular 8: 
  1. Lazy Loading
  2. Custom elements
  3. AOT
  4. JIT
  5. DOM
  6. Angular Ivy
  7. Bazel
  8. Subscribing
  9. ngUpgrage
  10. Zone
  11. CodeLyzer
  12. Promise
  13. Observable
  14. Bazel
  15. WildCard Route
  16. Reactive forms 
  17. Ivy
  18. NgModules
  19. NgUpgrade
  20. NgSwitch
  21. Typeofchecks
  22. Nglf directive
  23. Data Binding
  24. Event Binding
  25. Angular Universal
  26. Service Workers

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Angular 8 Interview Questions for Experienced

Try your hands at these tricky Angular 8 interview questions once you can answer the basic questions:

  1. Differentiate between the following in Angular 8: 
  1. Promise and Observable 
  2. Just-in-Time (JIT) and Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation
  3. Incremental DOM and Virtual DOM
  4. Reactive forms and template-driven forms
  1. Name and describe the utility functions RxJS provides.
  2. If we already have a constructor, why should ngOnInit be used?
  3. Are there any performance-related advantages or disadvantages of using local storage to replace the cookie functionality?
  4. How would you detect a route change in Angular 8?
  5. Name some changes in the Location module in Angular 8?
  6. Explain how Ivy affects the (Re)build time.
  7. Name and explain the Angular equivalent to an AngularJS $watch.
  8. Why is Incremental DOM Tree Shakable?
  9. Why did the Google team choose incremental DOM over virtual DOM?
  10. In Angular 8, how will you check what type of value is assigned to a given variable?
  11. What is the syntax for ngIf Directive, and what’s its purpose?
  12. Explain the types of data binding and the difference between them.
  13. What is the requirement for Angular 8 components?
  14. Give an example of event binding and explain it using the example.

We hope that these Java Angular 8 interview questions on basic and advanced concepts will help you prepare for your technical interview. To ace your coding interview, master the fundamentals of Angular 8.

FAQs on Angular 8 Interview Questions

Q1. How old is Angular 8?

Angular 8 was released relatively recently on 28th May 2019. Angular 8 offers some additional features over the previous versions of Angular and Angular CLI can easily be upgraded to the Angular 8 version.

Q2. What are the advantages of Angular 8?

The advantages of Angular 8 are: better performance, debug templates, easier implementation, smoother clean code development, and support for multiple applications in a single domain.

Q3. How would you check whether the current version of Angular CLI is Angular 8 or not?

We can check the current version of Angular CLI using the command ng -version.

Q4. What is the command for installing Angular CLI?

We can install Angular CLI using the following command: np install -g @angular/cli

Q5. Describe the syntax for creating an application in Angular 8.

The syntax to create an app in Angular 8 is: ng new applicationName

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