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Advanced Angular Interview Questions for Experienced Developers

by Interview Kickstart Team in Interview Questions
April 20, 2022

Advanced Angular Interview Questions for Experienced Developers

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Practicing advanced angular interview questions and answers for experienced developers can help you nail your upcoming technical interview. You must frame your answers to the interview questions with utmost care and translate your proficiency in creating seamless user experiences and interfaces using Angular through them. 

Top FAANG+ companies are keen on hiring software developers who know various in-demand frameworks, including Angular. Your marketability hinges on ensuring that you master the programming and developing skills related to Angular frameworks. 

Thorough knowledge and strategic preparation can strengthen your chances of bagging a job at Google, Microsoft, Upwork, Netflix, Forbes, YouTube, Wix, and many other Tier-1 companies. Continue reading to get well-versed in Angular interview questions and answers for experienced. 

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Here's what we'll cover:

  • What is Angular? What are the Various Angular Versions?
  • Angular Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Developers
  • Latest Angular Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Professionals
  • FAQs on Angular Interview Questions

What is Angular? What are the Various Angular Versions?

Angular is a popular TypeScript-based web application framework introduced by Google. It is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework. It is ideal for developing scalable, enterprise web applications with reusable code. Here's a list of the different versions and their release dates:

Note: Click on the version to access the most anticipated interview questions for the same.

Angular Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Developers

If you are an experienced web developer, your answers to the advanced interview questions should be articulated and meaningful. It is of great help to know what interview questions you could expect at your upcoming job interview as you can prepare strategically for them. 

You can boost your interview preparation by going through the following Angular interview questions and answers for experienced. 

Q1. What is a FormBuilder? How will you import the FormBuilder into your project?

The FormBuilder provides a syntactic sugar that speeds up FormControl, FormGroup, and FormArray objects' creation. It shortens creating instances and reduces the requirement of boilerplate code to build complex forms. Moreover, it also provides easy-to-use methods for control generation.

You can take the following steps to use the FormBuilder service:

  • Import the FormBuilder into your project by using the following command: import { FormBuilder } from '@angular/forms';
  • Once you inject the FormBuilder service, you can create the form's contents.

Q2. How will you update the view if your model data is updated outside the 'Zone'?

You can use the following options to update your view:

  • ApplicationRef.prototype.tick(): It performs change detection on the entire component tree. 
  • It also performs change detection on the complete component tree. Moreover, the run() calls the tick itself. The parameter takes the function before tick and executes it.
  • ChangeDetectorRef.prototype.detectChanges(): It launches the change detection on the current component, including its children.

Q3. How are observables different from promises?

The following table enumerates the key differences between observables and promises.

Q4. Why is there a need for compilation? What are the two types of compilation in Angular?

Angular applications need to be compiled as every application has components and templates that are incomprehensible to the browser. So, it is essential to compile them before running them inside the browser.

The two types of compilations are:

  • Just-in-Time or JIT compilation: The application compiles inside the browser during runtime.
  • Ahead-of-Time or AOT compilation: The application compiles during the build time.

Q5. What are the advantages of using AOT compilation?

There are several advantages of using AOT compilation. Some advantages are as follows:

  • The application compilation occurs before running inside the browser, allowing the browser to load the executable code and immediately render the application. Thus, AOT provides faster rendering.
  • AOT needs fewer ajax requests since the compiler sends the external HTML and CSS files with the application; it eliminates the requirement of separate AJAX requests for those source files. 
  • It minimizes errors as they can be detected and handled during the building phase. 
  • It provides better security to the applications as the compiler adds HTML and templates into the JS files beforehand, and there are no extra HTML files to be read.

Q6. What is dependency injection?

Dependency injection is one of the primary Angular concepts. It is an application design pattern. Dependencies are services that have the functionality required by various components in an application. Angular provides a seamless mechanism for making dependencies that are injectable across the various components of an application.

Q7. What do you understand about Angular CLI?

Angular CLI stands for Angular command-line interface. It lets you initialize, develop, scaffold, and maintain web applications directly from a command shell. You can also use CLI to create components, services, pipes, and directives. It assists in building, testing, and serving, thus making the Angular development workflow quicker and much easier. 

Q8. What is HttpClient? 

HttpClient is a popular Angular module. You can use it for communicating with a backend service through the HTTP protocol. Although promises are useful, they lack certain functionalities that observables offer. The use of HttpClient in Angular returns the data as an observable, thus allowing us to subscribe, unsubscribe, and perform operations. 

Q9. What is multicasting? 

Using the HttpClient module, you can communicate with a backend service and fetch data. Multitasking allows you to broadcast this fetched data to multiple subscribers in one execution. It is beneficial when we have multiple application parts waiting for some data. You require an RxJS subject to use the multicasting feature. 

Q10. How will you set, get, and clear cookies in Angular? 

You will have to include the module: ngCookies angular-cookies.js in Angular for using cookies. 

  • You can set cookies in a key-value format using the 'put' method. 


  • You can retrieve the cookies using the ‘get’ method.


  • You can clear Cookies using the 'remove' method.


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Latest Angular Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals

You must prepare the latest Angular interview questions and answers for experienced developers. Here is a list of some interview questions for the latest versions of Angular. 

Angular 9 Interview Questions 

  1. How is Constructor different from ngOnInit?
  2. What's new about Angular 9?
  3. What were the improvements in the tree shaking in Angular 9?
  4. What is new in Angular ivy in Angular 9?
  5. Explain the new options for 'providedIn' in the 9th version.

Angular 10 Interview Questions

  1. Why was bazel deprecated in version 10?
  2. How is Angular 10 better than the previous version?
  3. How does Angular 10 boost ngcc performance?
  4. What are the advantages of choosing Angular 10?

Angular 11 Interview Questions 

  1. How does Angular 11 offer support for Hot Module Replacement?
  2. What is an operation byelog?
  3. What is automatic font inlining in Angular 11?
  4. What is the use of the parallel function?
  5. How does the manualChangeDetection function impact change detection in Angular 11?
  6. Why did Angular 11 promote ESLint over TSLint? 

Angular 12 and 13 Interview Questions 

  1. What is the component test harness in Angular 12?
  2. What is a nullish coalescing operator?
  3. What should you migrate to Angular 12?
  4. Why is the View Engine no longer available in Angular 13?
  5. Why has IE 11 support been removed in Angular 13?

This completes the list of Angular interview questions and answers for technical interview preparation. You can also download the PDF of Angular interview questions and answers for experienced developers for reference.

FAQs on Angular Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced 

Q1. How to prepare for Angular interview questions and answers for experienced?

You must get proficient in different languages, including JS, TypeScript, and HTML coding. Conduct research about the company you will be interviewing and check out the applications that would require the Angular framework. 

If you are an experienced professional, you should take a few mock interviews to brush up on your coding abilities. You should get well-versed with various Angular iterations and convey to the recruiter that you understand the fine differences between each iteration via your answers. Lastly, do not forget to go through basic data structure and algorithm concepts.

Q2. Do Angular interview questions and answers for experienced professionals include coding?

You should be prepared for at least three to four coding questions in the technical rounds of the interview. Although Angular's data binding and dependency injection reduce much of the code you would otherwise have to write, the recruiters will put across a few coding questions to test your abilities. 

Q3. Which top companies use the Angular framework? 

If you are an Angular developer, you can prepare for interviews with top tech companies, including PayPal, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Adobe.

Q4. What skills does an Angular developer need to crack a technical interview?

You require both Angular programming and developing skills to crack an Angular developer interview. Employers seek candidates with competence and in-depth knowledge of core JavaScript and the latest Angular versions. 

You must have a good command of TypeScript and thorough knowledge of web markup, primarily focusing on HTML language and CSS. Your experience with RESTful API integration, Node, and Webpack can make you stand out from the competitors. Additionally, you must demonstrate teamwork and communication skills in the behavioral rounds to nail the interview.

Q5. What is the average salary of an Angular developer in the US?

Angular developers are in high demand. The average salary of an Angular developer in the United States is $72,348 (Source: Several tech companies also offer lucrative bonuses and additional cash benefits. 

Prepare for Your Next Tech Interview

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How To Nail Your Next Tech Interview

Hosted By
Ryan Valles
Founder, Interview Kickstart
Our tried & tested strategy for cracking interviews
How FAANG hiring process works
The 4 areas you must prepare for
How you can accelerate your learnings

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