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Frequently Asked Questions

What about your coaching is different than me learning on my own?

It's like going to a school or university. It gives you

  • Practice sessions under interview-like pressure.
  • The chance to learn from the very same people who live and breathe the interview machine.
  • The ability to connect and learn from each other in a group.
  • The opportunity to focus on preparing for a topic, rather than attempting to choose from the myriad resources online.
  • More time to prepare by being more methodical.
Which positions/roles are the programs helpful for?

The programs, at this point, are built for Developer and Engineering Manager roles. Specifically roles focused on designing, coding and testing software, and, managing the teams that do this. These roles span multiple domains and go by different titles e.g. Fullstack Engineer, Backend engineer, Server Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Platform Engineer, API Developer, Automation Engineer, Android Developer, Engineering Manager etc.

What are the goals of your programs?

In no particular order

  • To shift your mind and put it into interview mode.  
  • To present a broad overview of the most frequently used topics in software engineering that are also popular interview topics.
  • To make you confident of cracking difficult software engineering interviews.
  • To leave you with a sense of having learned something useful in your daily life as a software engineer.
  • To leave you a better engineer than when you came in.
What are NOT the goals of your programs?

Our programs are:

  • NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. They are a pursuit of something worthwhile for your career, life and family.
  • NOT a list of interview questions. They are pursuits to understand concepts deeply.
  • NOT introductory programming classes. We expect you to know at least one programming language well before beginning any of our programs.
How long are the programs?

Our programs are multiple weeks, consisting of the all the prep material, videos, live lectures, homework, assignments, tests, workshops and our 1x1 coaching sessions. Missed a week or so in the cohort? Worry not, we have a long support period that allows you to catch up with everything that you may have missed. 

How much time do I need to dedicate for the programs?

The programs are rigorous. We do expect a level of commitment from your end to allow you to fully leverage all the benefits we have to offer. Our successful alumni have typically dedicated a few hours a day, daily, to work through the prep material, videos, lectures and tests.

That being said, we understand that your schedule might not allow you to dedicate the time daily. Which is why for all programs we have all of our material AND our 1x1 technical and career coaching sessions available to you during our long support period.

Where are the classes held?

Onsite classes are held at 4701 Patrick Henry Drive, in Santa Clara, California. But many candidates join remotely from all over North America (and sometimes the rest of the world). Classes are scheduled to primarily serve working professionals, and hence we have different cohorts that go on weekdays and weekends to accommodate everyone.

How much does Interview Kickstart cost?

None of our programs are cheap. And it pays for itself many times over when you uplevel. We strongly encourage you to register for our Pre-enrollment Webinar (click the 'Get Started' button in the top menu) where we will cover the costs, among many other important topics relevant to our programs.

How do I enroll?

Start by registering for our Pre-enrollment Webinar (click the 'Get Started' button in the top menu). 

Why do I need to attend a Pre-enrollment Webinar?

The programs we offer are very elaborate with a lot of activities. We want to make sure you have had an opportunity to hear about them from horse's mouth, clearly and completely. And we want to make sure you have had an opportunity ask any questions, before you enroll, so that there are no surprises later.

The webinar is an interactive online session where you can meet one of our founders, and directly ask questions. The broad agenda is

  • Who we are
  • How do our programs work
  • How to get the most out of the programs
  • What are the costs
  • How to enroll
  • Q & A

Do you have payment plans available?

At this point, no. What we offer is the chance to experience our programs for about a week by paying a deposit. At the end of the week, if you feel you can benefit from the selected program, then you pay the balance before the start of the second week.

Do you guarantee interviews if I enroll in one of your programs?

We do help you a lot to get interviews, but as you may understand, we are in no position to give guarantees. We are not a recruiting agency, but a coaching institute. i.e. We are not solving the problem of getting interviews. We are solving the problem of clearing challenging technical interviews if/when you have them.

We help you by referring your technical work in our programs to our connections and alumni base. We also help with your Communication skills, Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and help solidify your positioning through our career coaching sessions. Our alumni have leveraged this and have very often landed interviews with the companies they desire.

Is there any prior preparation required?

Yes, only if you have time and you want to. It is not mandatory. If you do want to prep between the time you enroll and starting of your cohort, then ask us; we will send you a crisp list of pre-work material.

What programming languages do I need to know?

Any one. You should have at least ONE programming language you’re comfortable with. Typically it would be your primary language used in your domain expertise. Our instruction in our programs is language agnostic for the most part.

What's the magic?

Having the right people as instructors and mentors, having access to the right curriculum, and working hard very often yields results that can be mistaken to be magic.