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Technical Interview Checklist

The Most Comprehensive Prep Checklist to Nail Coding Interviews

Here's how this checklist will help you:
Know the must-learn topics for tech interviews      
Bring organization and focus to your prep
Save several hours and become interview-ready faster

Download the Tech Interview Checklist Now

Accelerate Your Interview Prep With IK’s Technical Interview Checklist

Is your technical interview just around the corner? Don’t go unprepared, or you might just lose an opportunity to save many years of your career and life.

These days, there is a lot you need to brush up on to crack interviews for high-paying software engineering jobs.

In 2014, when we started Interview Kickstart, software engineers used to practice about 100 interview questions and that was enough. Today, that number is over 400, and it’s only increasing.

It’s becoming practically impossible to practice all interview questions in any reasonable amount of time.

At Interview Kickstart, for the past several years, we have been diving into this ocean of new problems. From experience, we know that you don’t need to practice a very high number of problems to be successful.

These problems can be organized better and distilled into much fewer topics — in this checklist, we’re sharing a bulk of that organization with you. Even this list might look long, but it is much more sensible to cover these topics than doing a bunch of random problems.

A typical interview for a software engineering role comprises of three main rounds:

Recruiter Phone Screen

To see if your profile matches the requirements of the role. Sometimes, there are multiple-choice technical questions here, but mostly not.

Technical Phone Screen

1-2 problems on algorithms and data structures. For more senior folks, this would involve systems design and a dive into your past experience.

The On-site or Longer Interview

Consists of 3 to 5 more rounds - coding, systems design, and behavioral. Your performance during the on-site will make or break your chances of landing your dream job.

We have compiled this exhaustive list of topics to help you prepare for the technical/coding interview rounds. Learn these thoroughly to ace coding and system design questions.
Download the Checklist Now!

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