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A Comprehensive Guide to Angular 6 Interview Questions (90+ Sample Questions)

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Angular 6 Interview Questions
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Due to its rising popularity among web developers worldwide, FAANG and Tier-1 tech companies are now including Angular 6 in the minimum requirements while recruiting developers. Naturally, answering the Angular 6 interview questions requires quite a bit of prep work.

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In this article, we’ve included examples of the different kinds of Angular 6 interview questions asked at various levels. Here’s what we’ve covered:

  • Angular 6 Interview Questions for Beginners
  • Angular 6 Interview Questions for Intermediates
  • Angular 6 Interview Questions for Experts
  • More Angular 6 Interview Questions
  • FAQs on Angular 6

Angular 6 Interview Questions for Beginners

If you have worked on Angular 6 for less than a year, here are some sample interview questions on Angular 6 for you.

  1. What do you mean by “providers,” “declarations,” and “imports” in Angular 6?
  2. Differentiate between “ngoninit” and “constructor.”
  3. Is Angular 6 backward compatible?
  4. Explain the renderer method of Angular 6.
  5. What is AOT in Angular 6?
  6. Explain Zone in Angular 6.
  7. How can you use lazy loading modules in Angular 6?
  8. What does “templateRef” do in Angular 6?
  9. How can you identify the exact route change in Angular 6?
  10. Define flex in Angular 6.
  11. What are form control and form group?
  12. What is “ngzone” service?
  13. Define Angular 6 elements
  14. Explain material design in Angular 6.
  15. What does “subscribe” do in Angular 6?
  16. What are pipes in the context of Angular 6?
  17. What is the function of RxJS?
  18. What do you know about multicasting?
  19. Why does Angular 6 have a compilation process?
  20. What is the procedure to upgrade or update an angular CLI version?
  21. Define “ElementRef”.
  22. What are the case types in Angular 6?
  23. What is HostListener?
  24. Explain DI token.
  25. What is a style function?
  26. What is linting?
  27. Why is the router outlet used in Angular 6?
  28. What are the benefits of HTTP clients?
  29. Why is Async pipe used?
  30. Explain Traceur compiler.

Angular 6 Interview Questions for Intermediates

Here are some sample Angular 6 interview questions for intermediate professionals.

  1. Explain the usage of behavior subjects in Angular 6.
  2. Explain fork-join in Angular 6?
  3. What is the function of Codelyzer?
  4. Define Ivy Renderer.
  5. Explain Bazel and Closure Compiler.
  6. What is Service Worker in Angular JS?
  7. How to generate a module in Angular?
  8. What are the Inbuilt Pipes available in Angular?
  9. How can you import observable?
  10. How can you use observable?
  11. What is the procedure to cancel observable?
  12. How can you convert observable to array?
  13. How can you unsubscribe observable?
  14. Explain the purpose of systemjs.config.json?
  15. What is “orderBy” in Angular 6?

Angular 6 Interview Questions for Experts

Some advanced Angular 6 interview questions for experienced professionals are listed below.

  1. Can you use jQuery with Angular 6?
  2. How can you create an application to use “scss”?
  3. What is the correct way to insert an embedded view from a prepared TemplateRef?
  4. What are the best security practices in Angular 6?
  5. Explain lifecycle hooks for directives and components.
  6. What is the function of a just-in-time (JIT) compiler?
  7. Explain Reactive Programming.
  8. How does Reactive Programming relate to Angular 6?
  9. Explain ngUpgrage.
  10. Why should you use lazy loading modules?
  11. Why should you use renderer methods instead of native element methods?
  12. Explain “ngZone” with examples.
  13. Can you run AngularJS and Angular 6 side by side?
  14. How can you run Angular 6 and AngularJS side by side?
  15. Explain the difference between Just-in-Time (JIT) and Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation.
  16. What is the Angular 6 equivalent of AngularJS “$watch”?
  17. When should you use query parameters in Url?
  18. When should you use matrix parameters in Url?
  19. Why does Angular 6 use the Url segment?
  20. What is the sequence of lifecycle hooks in Angular 6?
  21. What is the function of “ngOnChanges()”?
  22. Explain “ngDoCheck()”.
  23. What does “ngAfterContentInit()” mean?
  24. What does “ngAfterContentChecked()” signify?
  25. What is the function of “ngAfterViewInit()”?
  26. Explain “ngAfterViewChecked()”.
  27. Why is “ngOnDestroy()” important in Angular 6?
  28. Explain safe navigation operator.
  29. What is the function of “@input”?
  30. Why is “@output” used?

More Angular 6 Interview Questions

Here are some bonus miscellaneous Angular 6 interview questions for you.

  1. Explain the new features of Angular 6.
  2. What are the different types of filters in Angular 6?
  3. Explain data binding.
  4. What are the various types of data binding?
  5. What is the purpose of {{}} in Angular 6?
  6. Explain Route Guards.
  7. What are the different types of Route Guards?
  8. Define property binding.
  9. Explain property binding with syntax.
  10. Define template expression.
  11. Explain template expression with syntax.
  12. Define feature modules in Angular 6.
  13. What are the different types of feature modules?
  14. Explain decorators in Angular 6.
  15. How can you create decorators in Angular 6?
  16. Differentiate between factory and angular service.
  17. Explain injector in AngularJS.
  18. What is the significance of package.json file?
  19. Define template reference variable in Angular 6.
  20. How can you use template reference variables?

For more Angular interview questions, read our article on Angular Interview Questions you must prepare for in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Angular 6?

Angular 6 is a JavaScript framework for building web applications and apps in JavaScript, HTML, and TypeScript.

2. What are the features of Angular 6?

The notable features of Angular 6 are:

  • Accessibility Applications
  • Animation Support
  • Angular CLI
  • Code Generation
  • Code Splitting

3. What are the benefits of using Angular 6 over other frameworks?

The benefits of using Angular 6 over other frameworks are:

  • Plenty of features
  • Declarative UI
  • Long-term Google Support

4. What are some of the advantages of Angular 6 over other frameworks?

To name a couple, Angular provides a few built-in features like state management, routing, rxjs library, and http services. So, one does not have to look for these features separately. Google provides long-term support for Angular.

5. How do I prepare for an Angular 6 interview?

Start with the basics and ensure that you clearly understand Angular's fundamental concepts. Sharpen your programming skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, and HTML coding. Practice commonly asked Angular 6 interview questions and answers. Get hands-on with Angular 6, so you can demonstrate your skills while solving real-life test cases.

Kickstart Your Angular 6 Interview Prep

Now that you’ve gone through the most important and frequently-asked Angular 6 interview questions, there’s only one thing left to do — start preparing and practicing your answers. Brushing up your conceptual and technical skills and keeping these Angular 6 interview questions in mind will solidify your technical interview preparation.

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