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Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Process

Facebook engineering manager interviews can be grueling to get through. Robust fundamentals, solid preparation, and interviewing skills are needed to crack these interviews. 

Facebook is a competitive company. The average base salary of a Facebook engineering manager in the US is $245,527 per year, and the interviews are just as competitive as the salary.

If you are preparing for a Facebook engineering manager interview, this article has all the key things you need to know about the Facebook engineering manager interview process.

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In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What Does a Facebook Engineering Manager Do?
  • Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Process
  • Skills Needed to Succeed at Facebook Engineering Manager Roles
  • Key Topics for Facebook Engineering Manager Interview
  • FAQs on Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Process

What Does a Facebook Engineering Manager Do?

The responsibilities of a Facebook engineering manager include:

  • Building high-performing teams
  • Setting direction and supporting people in their career growth
  • Ensuring their teams have inspiring visions for the future
  • Managing engineers who are usually at E5 level or below. Managers should be able to run their teams.

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Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Process

Facebook engineering manager interviews typically are structured in the following way: 

Phone Screen

The phone screen involves a recruiter call for 30-45 minutes to see if you have any shot at getting the job and if you can be a fit for Facebook. Expect questions like Why specifically the EM role at Facebook? Or Why Facebook? Your communication and behavioral skills are tested and crucial in this interview. You can ask appropriate questions at the end of the interview to clarify the interview process.

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Technical Phone Screen

You may also have another 45-60 minute call with your hiring manager to discuss some of your past projects, ask technical questions, and test some behavioral aspects and culture fit. To clear this interview, know your resume and leverage any role-relevant background you have wherever appropriate.

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On-site Interview

The on-site interview consists of five to six interviews of about 45 minutes each, in an interview loop involving several different Facebook interviewers. While they may observe your skills in all areas during all the five to six interviews, each interview is often mainly focused on a single area. The Facebook engineering manager interview questions asked in this round are focused on these areas: 

  • People management (leading people and projects)
  • Project retrospective (discuss past projects)
  • Culture fit (behavioral round)
  • System design (1-2 interviews to check ability to build scalable systems)
  • Coding interviews (1-2 interviews to check the skill and understanding of DSA)

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Skills Needed to Succeed at Facebook Engineering Manager Roles

The key skills required for the Facebook engineering manager role include:

  •  Prioritization, mentoring, and risk management
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management
  • Technical skills
  • Communication and personal skills
  • Team management

Find out the salary of an engineering manager at Facebook and know about the total compensation packages along with perks and benefits.

Key Topics for Facebook Engineering Manager Interview

Here are some important topics you need to cover while you prepare for your Facebook engineering manager interview:

  • People management
  • Past projects
  • Cultural fit with Facebook’s values
  • System design
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

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FAQs on Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Process

Q1. How to approach the role of an engineering manager?

Prioritizing focused work, mindfully growing the team, using immovable dates, and leading by example are some things that’ll help when working as an engineering manager.

Q2. What is the average salary of a Facebook engineering manager in the US?

The average base pay of a Facebook engineering manager in the United States is $245,527 per annum, with the additional pay average being $49,782.

Q3. How many rounds of interviews are there for Facebook on-site interviews?

On-site interviews at Facebook usually have 4-5 rounds. They assess your fit for the role and the company throughout these interviews (both tech and non-tech).

Q4. How are candidates scored after an interview at Facebook?

The Facebook hiring team has an internal solution for submitting interview feedback. They use the solution to summarize how they think the interview went, select yes or no to indicate if the person should be hired, and indicate their degree of confidence on a four-point scale.

Q5. How long does the Facebook hiring process take?

The Facebook interview process typically takes four to eight weeks, about seven interviews, and the interview processes change periodically.

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