What Is the Salary of an Engineering Manager at Facebook?

“Engineering Managers must have the ability to build teams and bring diverse groups of people together to work on ideas that move us towards realizing our company mission.” — Surupa B, Engineering Manager at Facebook

Being one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Facebook is a highly coveted company for software engineers. It consistently features among the best companies to work for in the US. Working at Facebook means working on cutting-edge technology — this attracts the best engineers from all levels. Needless to say, the competition is stiff, and the compensation is equally rewarding. 

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Compensation is a huge factor when choosing a company to work for. Tech giants like Facebook offer many benefits along with the salary. In this article, we’ll cover how much an Engineering Manager at Facebook earns, along with some crucial details about the roe. 

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this article:

  1. Facebook Engineering Manager Salary at All Levels
  2. Facebook Engineering Manager Stock Options
  3. Additional Benefits of Working at Facebook
  4. Tips to Prepare for Facebook Engineering Manager Interview
  5. Facebook Engineering Manager Salary FAQs

Facebook Engineering Manager Salary at All Levels

Let’s understand the various levels of engineering manager roles at Facebook, along with the average salaries.

Software Engineering Manager — M1: This role involves managing engineers who are usually E5 or below. M1 Managers should be able to run their team as if it’s a small startup. The average annual total compensation for M1 Engineering Manager at Facebook is $526K, ranging from $300K to $800K per year. 

Software Engineering Manager — M2: Manages M1 and engineers below E7. Average annual total compensation for M2 Engineering Manager is $814K.

Software Engineering Manager — D1: Responsible for developing the business to evolve constantly. Average annual total compensation for D1 Engineering Manager is $1698K.

Here’s a summary of the three levels and their respective salaries: 

Facebook Engineering Manager Stock Options

Facebook issues Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) to every Software Engineer irrespective of the job level. This type of compensation consists of receiving company shares in exchange for your work. Most big tech companies issue RSUs to their employees. It’s a good way to get the employees invested in the long-term success of the company. 

At Facebook, RSUs are subject to a four-year vesting schedule, which means 25% of your stocks vest every year for four years. Until you’ve been in the company for at least a year, the stock will not be accessible. You need to wait until your stocks vest to sell them.

Facebook Engineering Manager Salary by Location

Following is a list of the highest-paying locations for Facebook Engineering Managers at different levels (approximate median salaries). 


  1. San Francisco: $650,000 
  2. Menlo Park: $550,000
  3. Seattle: $550,000 
  4. Boston: $400,000


  1. Menlo Park: $950,000
  2. Seattle: $950,000
  3. San Francisco: $750,000


  1. Menlo Park: $950,000

Additional Benefits of Working at Facebook

Working at Facebook has many perks in addition to salaries, bonuses, and stocks. After all, money isn’t everything! Here are some fantastic benefits that come with being a Facebook employee:

  • Performance Bonus: Facebook employees get a performance bonus every 6 months with a target percentage (>10%) based on job level.
  • Health Insurance: Employees get full coverage. Family insurance is also subsidized to a great extent. Dental and vision are also covered.
  • Free Meals: Employees get free breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 days a week. 
  • Paid Time Off: Employees get 21 days of paid time off each year. Every 5 years, Facebook employees get 30 days off to recharge.
  • Parental leave: 4 months
  • Other benefits: Company phone, phone reimbursements, immigration assistance, remote and flexible work schedule, family leaves for up to 6 weeks for emergencies, and child care reimbursement up to $3,000

Tips to Nail Your Engineering Manager Interview

We have also compiled the following tips to help you prepare for the Facebook Engineering Manager interview:

  1. You should think out loud. This helps Facebook interviewers to know your approach and can even help you out if necessary.
  2. Choose the programming language you excel at and are most familiar with. This will also help you manage time efficiently – another vital you need to master.
  3. Be proactive. Find any existing bugs and fix them yourself. Do not wait for the interviewer to point them out for you.
  4. Identifying your focus and maintaining a holistic approach to generate its solution is also crucial.
  5. Moreover, Facebook recommends familiarizing aspirants with its five core values – be bold, be open, move fast, focus on impact, and build social values before sitting for an interview.
  6. Be honest. Remain open and honest while talking about your successes and failures.
  7. Focus on your leadership or mentorship attributes. Do not forget to convey yourself as a team player and your modus operandi to let the interviewers know your approach.

Here are a couple of articles to help you further in your prep:

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Facebook Engineering Manager Salary FAQs

Q. Do all job levels at facebook have stock options?

A. Yes. Facebook offers Stock options to employees of all levels. 

Q. Does Facebook provide 401K employee matching contributions?

A. Yes. Facebook matches 50% of your contributions, up to 7% of your salary (they will give up to 3.5% of your salary).

Q. Why does Facebook give stocks to employees?

A. Facebook believes in rewarding employees by helping them invest in the company. These benefits help employees stay motivated.


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