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How to Answer the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question

by Interview Kickstart Team in Interview Questions
October 31, 2022
Do you dream of working at Facebook? Make it a reality!

How to Answer the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question

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How To Nail Your Next Tech Interview

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Big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon often ask interview candidates why they want to work at their organization. Stimulating work environments, exciting cultures, and interesting projects seem like obvious reasons. For example, Facebook’s inclusive work culture and unique employee benefits are big draws for engineers all around the world to join Facebook. 

However, interviewers try to delve deeper to get a proper understanding of candidates’ motivations before making a hiring decision. When an interviewer at Facebook asks you this question, it is to understand if the prospect of working with the company excites you and whether you resonate with the company’s values, goals, and vision. 

If you’re preparing for an interview at Facebook, expect the question, “Why do you want to work at Facebook?” Answering this question correctly is important since recruiters will evaluate your answer to ascertain whether you’ll be a good fit. An unconvincing answer can negatively impact your performance in your behavioral interview.

This article delves into why interviewers ask the question “Why Facebook?” and how to answer this question correctly to create a winning impression.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Why Do Interviewers Ask the Question “Why Facebook?” 
  • How to Answer the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question
  • Sample Answers to the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Answering the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question
  • How to Prepare for Your Next Facebook Technical Interview

Why Do Interviewers Ask the Question “Why Facebook?”

The “Why Facebook?” interview question is usually asked during Facebook’s onsite interviews, particularly during the behavioral interview. The primary reason interviewers ask this question is to understand a candidate’s motivations for joining the company. 

Recruiters will try to discover which aspects of working at Facebook excite you the most and why. They will also try to understand if you know enough about Facebook’s culture, work environment, and your prospective role. 

Hiring managers at Facebook will evaluate your answer based on two key aspects:

  1. If you have the right set of skills and expertise for the job.
  2. If you have what it takes to be fully invested in your job and stay motivated to fulfill the responsibilities of your role.

If you find the culture exciting and the work stimulating at Facebook, you’re very likely to perform well and contribute to Facebook’s efforts. 

How to Answer the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question

To answer the “Why Facebook?” question effectively, frame your answer such that it conveys the information recruiters are looking for. Consider the interviewer’s perspective to understand the kind of answer they expect.  

You’ll be asked about your reasons for working at Facebook during the behavioral interview. However, it’s also advisable to touch upon this topic in your resume cover letter.

Below are the main aspects you should consider when formulating an answer to this question.

Company Values 

Facebook has adopted 5 core values:

  1. Be Bold
  2. Be open
  3. Build social value
  4. Focus on impact
  5. Move fast

Each of these core values is unique and reflects the company’s overall culture. While framing your answer, mention your understanding of these values, how you resonate with them, and how they align with your career goals.


Show a deep interest in the products and services Facebook offers. The company has made quite a few acquisitions in the past few years, expanding its product footprint. Talk about how excited you are to work on certain offerings. 

Highlight skills you possess that will enable you to contribute to developing their offerings and also about how working on their products can contribute to furthering your technical career growth.

Company Vision

Mention how Facebook’s vision resonates with you. Facebook’s vision statement is to help people stay connected with friends and family, understand what’s going on in the world, and express what they feel. Every major decision that Facebook makes is based on helping people connect better. 

Talk about how you find this interesting, substantiating your answer with examples from your career, i.e., relevant roles and projects that are in line with this. 

People and Culture

Organizational culture often influences employee behavior. Facebook’s work culture fosters an environment where employees are motivated to develop their skills and grow to new heights in their respective roles. With its unique culture that respects diversity, integrity, inclusiveness, and cooperation, Facebook inspires its employees to give their very best. 

Talk about why you believe you’re a cultural fit substantiating your answer with examples of relevant behavioral traits. 

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Sample Answers to the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question

Following are sample answers to the “Why do you want to work at Facebook?” interview question. These answers will give you an understanding of how to structure your response in terms of substance, flow, and clarity.

Sample Answer 1

“What excites me the most about working at Facebook is the company’s unique culture. 

I understand from people working at Facebook that its environment is highly motivating and promotes personal and professional growth. 

I also understand that Facebook greatly values and rewards excellence and hard work. Its core values that include being bold and open, resonate with me. 

As somebody who is naturally inclined to work hard and give my best, I feel Facebook’s stimulating work environment will help me scale new heights in my professional career.“

Sample Answer 2 

“I want to join Facebook for three main reasons: 

First, I’ve worked extensively with consumer-centered messaging products, and I believe that working with the Facebook Messenger team is a great way to help me build on my knowledge and expertise. 

The exposure that will come with working for one of the biggest messaging services sounds more than exciting as I can add great value to what I’m going to do. 

Second, I resonate strongly with Facebook’s mission statement that is based on helping people connect with each other from around the world and express themselves.  

And third, I’m excited to work in an environment that rewards excellence and hard work. With diversity and inclusion being the pillars of Facebook’s work culture, I cannot wait to be part of this wonderful experience.”

Sample Answer 3

“I want to work for Facebook because of the incredible impact it has created ever since it came into being. 

It has brought people from all over the world together to share their experiences and access information that they wouldn’t have been able to encounter had it not been for Facebook’s core mission. 

I also understand that Facebook really values its employees and recognizes their steadfast efforts. From my interaction with Mary H, an Engineering Manager, I learned that the environment is ideal for hard-working people who wish to add value to what they do. 

Facebook’s social projects are challenging and highly impactful as well, giving me a whole bunch of reasons why I want to work at Facebook.” 

Mistakes to Avoid When Answering the “Why Facebook?” Interview Question

Any answer that doesn’t clearly explain why you want to work at Facebook can negatively affect your interview outcome. 

Avoid being vague, non-committal, superficial, and shallow when stating your reasons for wanting to work at the tech giant.

Below are examples of how not to answer the question ‘Why do you want to work at Facebook?’

  • “Facebook is a billion-dollar company.”
    Structuring your answer around this aspect doesn’t explain your passion for working at Facebook. There are many billion-dollar companies out there; therefore, this is not a compelling reason to choose Facebook. 
  • “Facebook offers high salaries”
    Another mistake to avoid is talking about salaries and compensation as a key reason you want to work at Facebook. Hiring managers don’t entertain candidates motivated by money, fearing such candidates will switch over to another company quite easily. 
  • “Facebook is very popular”
    An answer like this reflects a lack of understanding about the company and its operations. Recruiters are put off by answers that don’t convey a clear motivating reason to join the company. 

How to Prepare for Your Next Facebook Technical Interview

Have you started preparing for your upcoming interview at Facebook? Whether you’re applying to software engineering roles, software developer roles, or ML, or data roles at Facebook, Interview Kickstart can help you nail your next tech interview.

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