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Top Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions and Prep Tips

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Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions
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The “Why Facebook” behavioral interview question is the trickiest and the most important one to answer. Each phase of the interview at Facebook is inclined toward assessing the programming skills of a potential candidate, and the behavioral interview questions hold equal importance. Recruiters keep a keen eye on your body language, social and professional adaptability, learning ability, and other skills. 

If you have applied for a senior role, be prepared to answer the “Why Facebook” interview question and other Facebook behavioral interview questions based on (but not limited to) team handling, leadership, ownership, delegation, and hierarchy. Like all growth-based companies, Facebook leadership qualities play an essential part in Facebook’s culture.

If you have applied for a beginner to the mid-level role, the Facebook behavioral interview questions revolve around receiving feedback, teamwork, collaborations, hierarchy, time management, and query handling.

You can improve your chances of acing the “Why Facebook” interview question and other Facebook behavioral interview questions by looking over these sample interview questions.

Here’s what we have covered in this article:

  • What are Facebook behavioral interview questions?
  • Tips to prepare for Facebook behavioral interview questions
  • Common Facebook behavioral interview questions on:
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Work-life balance and handling work-related stress
  • Client management skills
  • Relationship with manager and supervisor
  • Adaptability
  • Past projects
  • Products and the company
  • FAQs on Facebook behavioral interview questions

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What Are Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions? 

The behavioral interview is an essential part of the selection process at Facebook. The purpose of behavioral Facebook interview questions is to assess a candidate’s self-awareness, growth, self-reliance, and willingness to be a team player. 

Recruiters generally ask questions that are relatable to a workplace environment and wish to know how you’d react. They’ll also ask you questions about your strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Behavioral facebook interview questions are given relatively more importance for senior-level positions at Facebook. To ace the “Why Facebook” interview question or Facebook behavioral interview questions, prepare answers and practice mock behavioral interviews with qualified instructors. Additionally, be prepared to answer questions about past projects and how you executed them. Make sure to highlight the ones that tested your limits, ensuring a unique learning experience in the process.

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Tips to Prepare for Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions

The “Why Facebook” interview question or other Facebook behavioral interview questions can be challenging. Unlike technical interviews, there are no correct answers for behavioral interviews. The interviewers try to determine the kind of candidate you are and where your values lie. Here are a few tips to help you ace Facebook behavioral interview questions: 

Be Ready With an Introduction

Every Facebook behavioral interview has the same structure: introduction, questions based on the resume, specific questions, and the "Why Facebook?" interview question. Hence, you should be ready with an introduction covering your education, interests, work experience, and past projects. Ensure that your answer is under 1.5 to 2 minutes. Do not mention salary or perks while answering, "Why Facebook?' Instead, focus on Facebook's mission, its products, and then its approach.

Practice as per the Job Description

Read the job description carefully and write down the top skills or qualifications required for the role. Then, think of a way that will demonstrate your ability in each area. You can write your stories down by following the STAR (situation, task, action, and result) technique. Include the situation, task, action, and result. Next, practice the answers to Facebook behavioral interview questions by saying them out loud several times, either yourself or with a friend. Also, try to be as concise as possible.

Focus on Your Strengths

Facebook likes to ask, "What were you doing on your very best day at work?" Recruiters and hiring managers want you to do that not just on your best day but every day. Show them something you've built. Builders see things that are good but could be better and figure out how to make them so. 

Facebook looks for candidates who've got that same building mindset, whether they're applying for executive roles or internships. Share when you've failed and learned. Don't hesitate to talk about the mistakes you've made in the pursuit of big ideas— they want to hear about your failures as much as your wins during a Facebook behavioral interview.

“I” vs. “We”

While answering the “Why Facebook” interview question or other Facebook behavioral interview questions, avoid saying "I" too often and focus on "we." This will show that you're a fantastic team player. Talk about both your and your team's accomplishments. 

Put a Positive Spin on Setbacks

Facebook behavioral interview questions will focus on failures, conflicts, or other difficult situations from your past work experience. Even when talking about something that went wrong, find a way to stay positive. No matter how much interviewers at Facebook make you talk about failures, you can always focus on the positive side — the valuable lessons you learned and how you apply them next time. Do that, and chances are your Facebook behavioral interview will lead to an attractive offer.

Use “Action Words” 

When describing your work experience, use action-oriented words. But steer clear of the over-used ones such as “led,” “managed,” and “handled.” The idea is to show the recruiter how you made a difference. Here are some strong alternatives:

  • Executed
  • Administered
  • Built
  • Developed
  • Engineered
  • Expanded
  • Improved
  • Centralized
  • Restructured
  • Strengthened

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Top Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions

Everyone’s answer to a “Why Facebook” interview question or other such behavioral interview question would be different, but there are some qualities that your ideal answers should possess. Here are a couple of sample Facebook behavioral interview questions along with the qualities their ideal answers should have:

Question 1: How good are your relations with your previous project team members?

Your ideal answer should:

  • In most cases, show a generally positive outlook towards previous project team members. 
  • Even in the worst cases, still show a professional outlook towards team members.
  • Neither be overly critical nor should it be falsely exaggerated to sound naively optimistic. 
  • Show that you can thrive while working as a team player and maintain a professional dynamic with team members even under challenging circumstances.

Question 2: How well do you take criticism?

Your ideal answer should:

  • Show that you value constructive criticism and use it to move forward and grow.
  • Prove that you take ownership.
  • Display your growth mindset.
  • Show that you don’t let destructive criticism get to you and set boundaries as needed when surrounded by destructive criticism.

Here are some behavioral questions that you can expect at your upcoming Facebook interview. For your convenience, we have divided them based on different topics.

Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions on Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork is foundational to every organization. No successful organization can function without cohesive teams that work together and toward a common goal. Facebook is famous for its cross-functional teams and tasks that require every individual to be extra flexible and adaptable as per situation and requirement. 

Here are some teamwork- and collaboration-based Facebook behavioral interview questions:

  1. How highly do you rate teamwork on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest?
  2. Do you prefer to work independently? 
  3. Have you ever been in a challenging team situation? What did you do to move towards a resolution? 
  4. How did you motivate your team? Was it effective?
  5. If hired, what will be your contribution to our team culture?
  6. How can you check the effectiveness of measures you take as a team lead?
  7. How good are you at accepting failure?
  8. Have you ever dealt with a team member who eats up everyone's credit? What did you do about it?

Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions on Work-Life Balance and Handling Work-Related Stress

Facebook understands that work-related stress is a growing problem that affects not only the health and well-being of employees but also the productivity of an organization. Here are some work-life balance questions Facebook recruiters can ask you:

  1. Are you comfortable working seven days a week?
  2. Describe your typical workday
  3. How seriously do you take hobbies and interests?
  4. Did you ever leave a job because of a demanding boss?

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Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions on Client Management Skills

Client management is an important skill to have at Facebook. Irrespective of your role, you would be dealing with some clients within or outside the company. Given the fast pace and dynamically changing environment, managing clients is an important skill to have.

Here are some client management skills related questions you can expect:

  1. What is your typical strategy while approaching and dealing with clients? Do you follow the same approach for all?
  2. How do you prioritize your clients? What if you are required to deal with multiple clients on a day-to-day basis?
  3. How will you justify a decision that costs you a valuable client?
  4. List out the main trigger points that indicate the company CRM needs to be revamped?
  5. How do you gain the trust of your clients? 
  6. Do you have any testimonials from your previous clients?
  7. What is your take on the latest market trends?

Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions on Relationship with Manager and Supervisor

Facebook believes in team collaboration. Hence, you can expect a few Facebook behavioral interview questions related to relationships with managers and supervisors. Some common questions under this category are:

  1. Describe your boss in 1 line.
  2. According to you, who is an ideal boss?
  3. What was the most significant criticism you received from your boss? What did you do about it?
  4. What if your boss is making a wrong decision regarding a client you know well about? How will you deal with this situation?

Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions on Adaptability

A large organization like Facebook values adaptability the most. The business needs of such tech giants are constantly changing, which means adaptability is a must-have skill. Here are some Facebook behavioral interview questions based on adaptability:

  1. The culture of Facebook is quite different from your last organization. How are you planning to get settled?
  2. How hungry are you for control? How do you react to situations you have no control over?
  3. How will you accommodate sudden and abrupt last-minute changes from the client side?
  4. What strategy will you adopt to implement new technology or process within your team? 
  5. How will you deal with resistance from your team on change?
  6. What if one of the teammates follows inefficient practices? Have you ever compromised in such situations? What is your take on the same?

Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions on Past Projects

Past projects help recruiters understand the level of exposure you have had in previous roles. Here are some questions that you may encounter:

  1. Were you ever part of a project you did not want to take up? If yes, how did you keep up your motivation levels?
  2. What factors make working on a project challenging?
  3. How do you react to failure? Did you ever fail in any of your past projects?

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Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions  on Products and Company

Here’s where you’ll face the “Why Facebook” interview question. Some of the other behavioral interview questions expected to be asked are:

  1. What is your take on Facebook acquiring Instagram?
  2. Why is Facebook the best social media platform?
  3. What is your take on Facebook advertising?

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FAQs on Facebook Behavioral Interview Questions

Q1. Why do you want to work for Facebook?

It may appear to be a simple question, but the recruiter is interested in your honesty and ability to do the job. To answer this question, align your ideas about working at Facebook with the company’s core values. Discuss the opportunities for personal and professional development that this job will provide. Tell the recruiter what sets you apart from the other candidates.

Q2. How do you answer the "Why Facebook" question?

To answer the question "Why Facebook?" consider two factors: To begin, discuss your motivation for applying at Facebook. Here, you can connect your views on working at Facebook with the company's key values. Second, explain to the interviewers why you are suited to work for Facebook rather than any other company. Talk about your skills and the career growth that this job will provide you.

Q3. How to prepare for a behavioral interview at Facebook?

Knowing and understanding the company's core values and being yourself is essential for preparing for behavioral interviews at Facebook. Know your resume inside and out, and be prepared to answer questions about it. You should also be able to provide examples in response to these questions. Discuss your skill sets, accomplishments, and setbacks as well.

Q4. What are the top behavioral interview questions asked at Facebook?

Some of the top behavioral questions asked at Facebook are: How good are you at accepting failure?; Describe your typical workday; According to you, who is an ideal boss?; How will you accommodate sudden and abrupt last-minute changes from the client side?; What is your take on Facebook acquiring Instagram.

Q5. What are some tips to crack a behavioral interview?

Be thorough with the job description and your resume to ace the Facebook behavioral interview. Prepare to provide examples to any related questions that are asked to you. Discuss your major projects and their accomplishments, as well as their setbacks. Use the STAR (situation, task, action, and result) method to provide a structured response.

Facebook looks for candidates who've got that same building mindset, whether they're applying for executive roles or internships. Share when you've failed and learned. Don't hesitate to talk about the mistakes you've made in the pursuit of big ideas— they want to hear about your failures as much as your wins.

Ready to Nail That Facebook Interview?

Like other top tech companies, Facebook has a large set of interview questions, and the questions are updated regularly. So, you’ll never know what you’ll get! 

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