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How to Answer, "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" Job Interview Question

Posted on 
July 29, 2022
Dipen Dadhaniya
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About The Author!
Dipen Dadhaniya
Dipen Dadhaniya
Engineering Manager at Interview Kickstart. A passionate and versatile web developer packed with full-stack development skills and a curiosity to explore computer languages.

A common job interview question for technical and non-technical roles is "Why do you want to work here?" Although the answer may seem straightforward, whipping up an incorrect response can mar your chances of landing the job. The reason this job interview question is asked is to understand your mindset and whether your vision aligns with the company’s mission and goals.  

FAANG+ and Tier-1 companies often look for candidates who exhibit strong ownership and believe in the company’s mission. You can set yourself up for a great offer by answering this question correctly. 

While the “Why do you want to work here” job interview question is usually asked at behavioral and leadership interviews, you can expect this question at any stage of your interview. While answering this question, it is extremely important to note that there’s a correct and incorrect way to answer it. This post will discuss how to answer this question and what you should avoid saying. 

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Let’s go ahead and look at how to answer the "Why do you want to work here?" job interview question. We’ll also look at some sample answers to the question to help you understand how to correctly approach and answer this question.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this piece:

Why Do Recruiters Ask "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" Job Interview Question

The "Why do you want to work here?" interview question is an important question that often gets asked in interviews at every top company. The main reason why recruiters ask this job interview question is:

  • To understand your knowledge of the company
  • To determine whether your response is comprehensive enough to sway a hiring decision
  • To determine whether you are enthusiastic about working for the company
  • To assess your interest in the position and understand your perception of the company's culture and what you expect from it
  • To determine whether the company's values align with yours and whether you admire the company's work ethics

Wrong Answers to the "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" Job Interview Question

Recruiters form a strong impression based on your answer to this job interview question. Hence, taking a misstep while trying to wing it can stack the odds against you and cost you the job. Knowing how not to respond to this question is as important as knowing the correct responses. In this section, we’ll look at what you shouldn’t say while answering this question.

  • I needed a job, and I found this opening interesting: This is not a response you should give recruiters because it does not reflect your enthusiasm for the role. Rather, it demonstrates that you only want it for the sake of having a job. A response like this will not help you secure an offer.
  • I feel this job can be a stepping stone in my career: This response conveys the impression of being out of the moment and focused on the future. Companies do not expect you to stay in one organization forever, but they also do not prefer hiring resources which change jobs frequently. By responding in this manner, you convey that you are only looking for a temporary solution, an attitude that may impact on the quality of your work.
  • I like how this company offers good salaries: This response conveys to recruiters that you're only in it for the money, and if another company offers you a higher salary, you're almost certain to switch.

How to Correctly Answer the "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" Job Interview Question

If you wish to make a good impression at your interview, you understand how to correctly answer the "Why do you want to work here?" job interview question. 

There are certain ways to approach this critical question. Here’s what you should remember while answering such questions at a job interview.

  • Make a point of connecting your passions and interests to the company's goals and visions. Discuss how you contribute to the success of the company. You can also talk about which of your previous professional successes you might be able to replicate at this company.
  • If you appear for a FAANG+ interview, refer to the company’s culture in your answer. Try to answer the question, "How will you contribute to the company’s culture?" Discuss with the recruiter how you've been impressed by what you've heard or read about the company's culture.
  • Ensure your response reflects your knowledge of the company's products and services. It demonstrates that you are familiar with the company and admire it. Share your thoughts on how you can make a difference in the company.
  • Keep a tab on recent developments associated with the company and mention that in your answer if needed.

Sample Answers to "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" Job Interview Question

In this section, we’ll look at a few sample answers to the job interview question, "Why do you want to work here?"

Let’s jump right in.

Sample Answer 1

"Why do you want to work here?" Let’s say you need to answer this question in your Facebook interview.

I see this opportunity with Facebook as a way to make a significant impact on the multitude of products and services that Facebook currently offers. I’m extremely passionate about working on high-impact and technologically advanced projects that can give my career a boost but, most importantly, help me contribute to solving high-impact technology challenges that we face in today’s world.

My years of experience as a programmer and inclination to solve technology problems give me the perfect opportunity to make an impact. Also, Facebook's wonderful company culture and benefits are something I look forward to. All in all, I feel I can add supreme value if I get this opportunity to work with Facebook.

Sample Answer 2

"Why do you want to work here?" Answering this question from the Google interview perspective.

Google has been my dream company ever since I started in software engineering. The supreme standard of the company’s products and services is the biggest motivation for me to join the company. I’ve always been passionate about solving modern-day problems with the help of technology. 

With Google consistently raising the bar of its services and products, I’m more convinced than ever that my interests and professional aspirations resonate with Google’s product and services landscape. More than anything else, given my professional background of working on challenging technology projects, I feel I can take on steep tech challenges with high impact quotients on how we use and engage with technology.

I’ve also learned about Google’s amazing company culture. I deeply value and respect the company’s core values, including diversity, integrity, inclusion, cooperation, and respect. Given my current skill set and where I want to be in life, both professionally and personally, I strongly feel Google is the company I want to work with.

FAQs on "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" Job Interview Question

Q1. When is the “Why do you want to work?” here job interview question asked?

The "Why do you want to work here?" interview question is mostly asked at recruiter screen interviews and behavioral/leadership interviews.

Q2. Is the "Why do you want to work here?" job interview question asked at Google and Facebook interviews?

Yes, you can expect the "Why do you want to work here?" interview question at Google and Facebook interviews. As such, this question is asked in interviews of all top companies.

Q3. What points should you remember while answering the "Why do you want to work here?" interview question?

While answering the "Why do you want to work here?" job interview question, make sure to i) start with how your skills can be useful to the company, ii) refer to the company’s culture, iii) talk about how the company’s vision and mission align with your interests and professional values.

Q4. What not to say while answering the "Why do you want to work here?" job interview question?

While answering the question, don’t mention - i) I want to work here because of the benefits offered to employees, ii) I want to work here because my job will be secure, iii) this position looked interesting.

Q5. Is the "Why do you want to work here?" question asked at Engineering Manager interviews?

Yes, regardless of the seniority of your position, you can expect this question in behavioral and leadership interviews of companies. 

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Last updated on: 
September 25, 2023

Dipen Dadhaniya

Engineering Manager at Interview Kickstart

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