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Top Spring Interview Questions for Freshers, Intermediate, and Experienced Developers

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Having a clear grasp of Spring interview questions and answers is of utmost importance to crack jobs at the best tech companies. 

Spring is a lightweight framework developed by Rod Johnson in 2003. It is a versatile framework since it supports other frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, Tapestry, EJB, JSF, etc. In essence, it can be defined as a structure where we find the solution to various technical problems. 

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Table of Contents

  • Spring Interview Questions for Freshers
  • Spring Interview Questions for Intermediates
  • Spring Interview Questions for Experienced Developers
  • Miscellaneous Questions for Spring Interviews
  • FAQs on Spring Interview Questions

Spring Interview Questions for Freshers

Take a look at some Spring interview questions for beginners:

  1. What is Spring?
  2. Mention the advantages of the Spring framework?
  3. Name the modules of the Spring framework.
  4. What are IOC and DI?
  5. Tell me the role of the IOC Container in Spring.
  6. Mention the types of IOC Container in Spring.
  7. What are the differences between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext?
  8. Elucidate on the differences between setter injection and constructor injection.
  9. What is autowiring in Spring? Name the autowiring modes.
  10. Mention the different bean scopes in Spring.
  11. Name the transaction management supported by Spring.
  12. Name the major features in different versions of the Spring framework.
  13. Mention the different features of the Spring framework.
  14. What is a Spring configuration file?
  15. Name the different components of a Spring application.
  16. How many ways can a Dependency injection be done?
  17. List the benefits of IoC.
  18. Explain Spring beans.
  19. Tell me about inner beans in Spring.
  20. Define bean wiring.
  21. Name the limitations of autowiring.
  22. What do you mean by automation-based container configuration?
  23. How can you turn on automation wiring in Spring?
  24. What’s the difference between @Component, @Controller, @Repository, and @Service annotations in Spring?
  25. What do you understand by @Required annotation?
  26. Explain your understanding of @Qualifier annotation.
  27. What does one mean by @RequestMapping annotation?
  28. What is Spring Boot?

Take a look at some more concept-wise Spring interview questions.

Spring Interview Questions for Intermediates

Some frequently asked questions for intermediate professionals to boost their Spring interview preparation are listed below:

  1. Mention the advantages of the JDBC template in Spring.
  2. What are the classes for Spring JDBC API?
  3. How will one fetch records by Spring JDBC template?
  4. What is AOP?
  5. Mention the advantages of AOP.
  6. What are the terminologies in AOP?
  7. What do you mean by JoinPoints?
  8. What is Advice?
  9. Mention the types of advice AOP.
  10. What is PointCut?
  11. What is Introduction?
  12. What do you mean by Target Object?
  13. What is the meaning of Interceptor? 
  14. Explain weaving.
  15. Name the AOP implementations.
  16. What does @Controller mean?
  17. Explain the meaning of ViewResolver class.
  18. Which ViewResolver class is most widely used?
  19. How is the configuration data provided to the Spring container?
  20. What are the exceptions thrown by the Spring DAO classes?
  21. In what ways can you access Hibernate using Spring?
  22. What do you understand about Aspect?
  23. Tell me the difference between Spring AOP and AspectJ AOP.
  24. What do you mean by Proxy in the Spring framework?
  25. Describe DispatcherServlet.
  26. Explain WebApplication Context.
  27. What is a controller in the Spring MVC framework?

Spring Interview Questions for Experienced Developers

Here is a list of Spring interview questions for experienced software engineers.

  1. Is it necessary to keep spring-mvc.jar on the classpath, or is it already present as part of Spring-core?
  2. How is data validation done in the Spring Web MVC framework?
  3. Explain Spring MVC Architecture.
  4. What is the meaning of Spring Batch?
  5. Explain Tasklet in Spring Batch.
  6. What is Tight Coupling?
  7. Elucidate on Component Scan.
  8. How can you perform Component Scan in Spring Boot?
  9. What is Dirty Read?
  10. Explain Session Attribute.
  11. What is a Model Attribute?
  12. Explain the @InitBinder?
  13. Explain the role of @SpringBootApplication?
  14. What does an Embedded Server mean in Spring Boot?
  15. What is JPA?
  16. Mention the importance of the pom.xml file?
  17. What is Spring Security?
  18. Elucidate your understanding of CSRF.
  19. How can you get ServletConfig Objects and ServletContext in a Spring Bean?
  20. What is Aspect-oriented programming?
  21. Explain Reactive programming.
  22. What is Spring WebFlux?
  23. What are the Mono and Flux types?
  24. Mention the use of WebClient and WebTestClient.
  25. What do you think are the disadvantages of using Reactive streams?
  26. Is it possible to use Web MVC and WebFlux in the same application?
  27. With the help of a simple example, explain the use of Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection through a simple example.
  28. Explain the RowCallbackHandler in Spring.

Miscellaneous Questions for a Spring Interview

Elaborated below is a list of some tough Spring interview questions, along with Spring boot tricky interview questions and Spring microservices interview questions.

  1. Explain the different types of Listener related events.
  2. How can you make a bean singleton or prototype?
  3. What do you mean by Metadata Autoproxying?
  4. Mention the use of various editors used in the Spring framework.
  5. What is SQLProvider?
  6. Explain PreparedStatementCreator?
  7. Mention the advantages of using the module.
  8. What is DataAccessException?
  9. What is XMLBeanFactory?
  10. How can one nullify the default lifecycle methods?
  11. Explain cross-cutting concerns and concerns in Spring AOP.
  12. What is a JSP Page?
  13. Mention the difference between JDK and JRE.
  14. What are Declarations?
  15. Explain your understanding of pass by reference and pass by value.
  16. What does System.gc() and Runtime.gc() methods do?
  17. What is a Java Applet?
  18. How can you handle Exceptions in the Spring MVC environment?
  19. How can one create a Spring MVC application?
  20. Explain how to achieve localization in Spring MVC.
  21. How can you upload a file in the Spring MVC Application?
  22. What are Safe REST operations?
  23. Is REST scalable?
  24. What are the methods that REST uses?
  25. What is the HTTP status return code for a successful DELETE statement?
  26. What are Spring Boot Starter Projects?
  27. Why is spring-boot-maven-plugin required?
  28. Why are Profiles necessary?
  29. What are Job and Step?
  30. What is a JobRepository?
  31. Differentiate between ApplicationContext and BeanFactory in Spring.
  32. When are the target object and proxy objects the same?
  33. What is Spring Security?
  34. Mention the possible sources of external configuration.
  35. What are the effects of running a Spring Boot Application as a Java Application?

We hope that this article on Spring interview questions will help you nail your coding interview. Practice these interview questions and keep your basics clear to prepare for your Spring-based interviews. If you want to practice some coding problems for your upcoming technical interview, visit our Problems Page.

FAQs on Spring Interview Questions

Q1. What are the features of Spring?

Spring offers the following features for the Spring framework: Microservices, Reactive, Cloud, Web apps, Serverless, Event Driven, and Batch.

Q2. What are the various Channels supported by Spring 2.0?

These are some of the channels that are supported by Spring version 2.0: Pollable Channel, Queue Channel, Priority Channel, Subscribable Channel, PublishSubscribe Channel, Rendezvous Channel, Direct Channel, Executor Channel, and Scoped Channel.

Q3. What are some Spring interview questions?

Spring interview questions are usually about Spring concepts such as Spring AOP, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring IoC, Spring Boot, Spring Hibernate, Spring Data Access, Spring 5, Spring Annotations, Spring Beans, etc. Expect these types of questions: What is Spring Framework? What is DataAccessException? What is JPA? What is Spring WebFlux? List the benefits of IoC. Explain Spring beans.

Q4. What is Spring Bean?

A Spring bean is an object that a Spring IoC container instantiates, assembles, and otherwise manages. Otherwise, a bean is just another object in your application.

Q5. What is Spring Framework?

Spring is the most widely used enterprise Java application development framework. Spring Framework is used by developers worldwide to create high-performance, testable, and reusable code. The Spring framework is a Java platform that is open source.

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