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Top Java Spring Boot Interview Questions to Crack Your Tech Interview

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Spring Boot is a popular Java framework for developing standalone applications and Microservices. If you are a Java developer preparing for software engineer interviews, you can expect Java Spring Boot interview questions in coding and design rounds.

While the Spring framework is used to create Java Enterprise Edition applications, the Spring Boot framework is primarily used to create and maintain Rest Application Programming Interfaces. Being familiar with popular Java framework tools used to build a wide range of applications is essential for passing technical interviews at FAANG+ companies as a Java developer.

In this article, we’ll look at some popular Java Spring Boot interview questions to help you prepare for your upcoming developer interview. 

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Let’s go ahead and look at some popular Java Spring Boot interview questions to help you get an idea of what to expect at software engineering interviews.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Top Spring Boot Interview Questions and Answers
  • Sample Spring Boot Interview Questions for Practice
  • FAQs on Spring Boot Interview Questions

Top Java Spring Boot Interview Questions and Answers

In this section, we’ll look at some popular Java Spring Boot Interview Questions and Answers.

Q1. What are the main advantages of using Spring Boot?

The main advantages of Spring Boot include:

  • Developers can create standalone applications coded in Java with minimal configuration
  • XML configurations aren’t required in Spring Boot
  • It has embedded features such as Tomcat and Jetty, which makes application building comprehensive and seamless
  • It includes features such as embedded HTTP and annotation configurations which speed up the application development process.

Q2. Which are the key components of Spring Boot?

This is one of the most popular Java Spring Boot interview questions asked in developer interviews. Spring Boot includes four main components that are:

  • Spring Boot CLI
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • Spring Boot Auto-Configuration
  • Spring Boot Starter POMs

Q3. What do you understand about Spring Boot starters?

This is one of the most popular Java Spring Boot interview Questions asked in technical interviews. Spring Boot starters are a set of components that provide dependencies during the development phase. Starters help initiate the application building process by providing a wide variety of dependencies. Starters in Spring Boot are contained in the org.springframework.boot group. 

Q4. Which are the different starters that are available in Spring Boot?

This is a common Java Spring Boot interview question asked in technical interviews. The different starters in Spring Boot include: 

  • Spring-boot-starter-aop
  • Spring-boot-starter-test
  • Spring-boot-starter-jdbc
  • Spring-boot-data-jpa
  • Spring-boot-starter-web
  • Spring-boot-starter-security

Q5. What do you understand about the Spring Boot Actuator?

The Spring Boot Actuator is a core feature in Spring Boot that enables developers to analyze application metrics while the application is running and optimize or fix issues wherever applicable. Aspects like the currently running threads, CPU usage, and beans can be evaluated to optimize the application’s performance. 

Through SPring Actuators, developers can easily access REST points and gather information from multiple web sources. 

Q6. What is Thymeleaf in Spring Boot?

This is a common Java Spring Boot interview question asked for experienced programmers in technical interviews. Theymeleaf is a server-side template engine used to embed natural templates to web applications. Theymeleaf can be integrated into applications built using Spring and HTML5. 

Q7. What is the code used to integrate Thymeleaf in Spring Boot?

To integrate Theymeleaf in Spring Boot, the following code needs to be used:





Q8. What is the use of Spring Initializr?

Spring Initializr is a tool used to create projects in Spring Boot by specifying the project details. The following steps need to be followed to create a project using Spring Initializr:

  • Choose the project and its dependencies, such as artifacts and Groups.
  • Generate the project and extract it into the system.
  • Ensure the source project has the pom.xml file while importing the project and running it.

Q9. What function would you use to enable HTTP/2 support in Spring?

You can enable HTTP/2 support in Spring using the function: server.http2.enabled=true

Q10. What do you understand about Spring Data?

This is one of the most popular Java Spring Boot interview questions asked in software engineering interviews. Spring Data is a SpringSource Project that allows developers to easily access cloud-based services, data access technologies, relational and non-relational databases in the Spring framework.

Take a look at some Java Spring Boot Interview Questions here.

Sample Spring Boot Interview Questions for Practice

In this section, we’ll look at some additional Java Spring Boot interview questions that you can practice for your technical interview.

  1. Explain the differences between Hibernate and JPA
  2. What do you understand by Spring Boot CLI
  3. What is @RestController
  4. What is @RequestMapping
  5. How do you connect a Spring Boot application to a database through JDBC?
  6. What is Spring Boot DevTools?
  7. How do you externally configure applications in Spring Boot?
  8. What are the steps to create Spring Boot applications using Maven?
  9. How do you deploy Spring Boot JAR and WAR files?
  10. How do you create non-web applications in Spring Boot?
  11. How do you connect an external database to Spring Boot?
  12. What is Spring Data rest?
  13. What is the main difference between GetMapping and RequestMapping?
  14. What do you understand about Embedded Containers in Spring Boot?
  15. How would you add custom JavaScript Codes in Spring Boot?

These top Java Spring Boot interview questions will provide you with everything you need to know to prepare for your upcoming software developer interview. To better prepare, go over some mock interviews.

FAQs on Spring Boot Interview Questions

Q1. Why is it important to practice Java Spring Boot interview questions for technical interviews?

Knowing your way around Java Spring Boot is important because FAANG+ companies often test your knowledge of popular Java frameworks and Microservices in coding and design rounds of technical interviews.

Q2. What is the primary use of the Spring Boot tool when working with the Spring framework?

The Spring Boot tool is used mainly to configure Rest APIs and enhance the performance of applications created using Spring. 

Q3. Are Spring Boot interview questions asked at Java fresher interviews?

If you’re a fresher, you’re not necessarily expected to know the functioning of various Java Microservices tools and frameworks. Thus, Spring Boot interview questions are mostly asked at interviews for experienced developers.

Q4. What are the minimum requirements for a Spring Boot system?

For Spring Boot to function correctly, the following system requirements are necessary: Java version - Java8+, Java Spring 5.1.9, Maven 3.3+ (Explicit support), Gradle 4.4+ (Explicit Support), Jetty 9.4 (Container Support), Undertow 2.0 (Servlet Version 4.0).

Q5. Is Java Spring Boot used for front-end development?

Java Spring Boot is mainly used to support the backend or server-side of Microservices applications built using the Spring framework.

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