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AWS Lambda Interview Questions to Prepare for Your Tech Interview

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda is a software service platform developed by Amazon that allows users to run code without managing servers. Whether you're an experienced professional or a fresher, preparing the right AWS Lambda interview questions can make a big difference to your tech interviews at FAANG companies.

AWS offers on-demand cloud computing services and APIs to individuals, businesses, and governments to help them improve the efficiency of their systems. As you study the numerous AWS Lambda interview questions, make sure you prepare thoroughly.

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This article will cover the following topics to help you fully equip yourself with AWS Lambda interview questions for tech interviews:

  • Important AWS Lambda Interview Questions and Answers
  • Sample AWS Lambda Interview Questions for Practice      
  • FAQs on AWS Lambda Interview Questions

Important AWS Lambda Interview Questions and Answers

As you gear up for your technical interview, ensure that you prepare the following AWS Lambda interview questions. These will help you cover all the essential concepts related to the topic. 

Q1. Define AWS Lambda.

Created by Amazon, AWS Lambda is a serverless computer service that runs the code to respond to the events, and the computer resource is managed automatically. 

Q2. What is meant by Auto-scaling in AWS Lambda?

It is an application in AWS that is responsible for target tracking scaling policy that adjusts provisioned concurrency levels automatically. 

Q3. Which languages are supported by AWS Lambda?

The languages AWS Lambda supports are Java, Go, PowerShell, Node. js, C#, Python, and Ruby.

Q4. How do you access EC2?

To access the EC2, take the help of command-line interfaces and web-based interfaces. AWS Lambda also consists of tools that support the power shell in the Windows operating system.

Q5. How long can an AWS Lambda function execute?

The complete execution will take about 300 seconds from placing user calls to AWS Lambda. Three seconds will be taken as the default time out, and then you can set any timeout value between 1 - 300 seconds.

Q6. How does AWS Lambda secure my code?

User codes in AWS Lambda can be stored in the Amazon S3, and then the code can be encrypted with the help of suitable methods. AWS Lambda is used to carry out extra data integrity checks when the code runs. 

Q7. Which features in AWS Lambda are responsible for automating the deployment?

AWS Lambda supports numerous environmental setups used for data and many other user credentials when you need deployment package modifications. Since AWS Lambda is a serverless approach and supports aliases, its types are easily considered during stage production and app developments. 

Therefore, the Lambda function can be used for testing without even interrupting the production user code.

Take note of this question as it is one of the most important ones for AWS Lambda interview questions. 

Q8. What is meant by zero downtime payment?

When it comes to deployment in AWS Lambda, it is generally considered in the form of instance functions. Further, AWS Lambda is segregated into units if the codes are complicated. The application stays offline during the execution period, and the outcome results are pretty good.

Q9. Can packages be used with AWS Lambda?

The answer is yes. Users can efficiently use customized and NPM packages in AWS Lambda.

Q10. Define AMI.

AMI or Amazon Machine Image can be used in processing based on Lambda conjunctions. Essentially, it is a template used mainly to contain an application server, operating systems, and other applications. AMI can even run a virtual server in the cloud computing platform.

Another important one when preparing for AWS Lambda interview questions. 

Q11. Are AWS Lambda functions available, and to what extent?

The application has been created to take the help of redundancy and replication, so it provides high availability for both — Lambda and Amazon functions — and it operates on. Further, it also maintains windows and schedules downtime for Amazon Lambda functions.

Q12. On a functional level, is there any default limit to be applied?

The default limit comes into effect only at the account level in AWS Lambda. So basically, there isn’t any default limit applied at the functional level.

Q13.  What is meant by an elastic blockage in AWS Lambda?

It is essentially a virtual storage area where users can begin working on networking-related tasks. This storage can tolerate faults easily, and the user doesn’t need to worry about the loss of data even when the disk is damaged in the RAID. It also supports provisioning and allocating memory storage. 

Q14. How to get started with a serverless application?

Users need to console the AWS Lambda and download the blueprint to get started. The original file will then get downloaded and should have an AWS Sam file and a ZIP file. The AWS Cloud formation commands are used to package and deploy serverless application codes and perform documentation.

Add this to your list of important AWS Lambda interview questions, and prepare accordingly. 

Q15. List the advantages of using a server-less approach. 

Some of the major advantages of using the server-less approach:

  • This approach has simple operations that provide quick time to market and better sales.
  • Users need to pay just for the code when it is compiling, and many costs are saved by enhancing the profits.
  • It’s easy to handle the components of the broader application and have the required additional infrastructure.

Sample AWS Lambda Interview Questions for Practice

We don't want you to be anything less than fully prepared for your upcoming interview. So here are some more sample AWS Lambda interview questions to help you practice and cover all of the important topics:

Q1. List the disadvantages of a server-less approach.

Q2. Differentiate between the anonymous class and the Lambda function.
Q3. What is the Serverless application in AWS Lambda?
Q4. How does the AWS Lambda-based function stay available when the code or configuration is changed?
Q5. What is the limit to the quantity of AWS Lambda functions that can be executed at one go?
Q6. Define SQS in AWS Lambda.
Q7. Can you automate serverless applications?
Q8. Explain an elastic blockage in AWS Lambda.
Q9. List the types of storage provided by Amazon.
Q10. What are the best practices for security in Lambda?
Q11. How do you build an AMI?
Q12. What is meant by Configuration Management?
Q13. What are the Final Variables and Effectively final variables in Lambda?
Q14. Define Lambda Expression.
Q15. Is the infrastructure accessible on which the AWS Lambda runs?

Now that you've got a great set of AWS Lambda interview questions, it's time to dive in and get started. Keep the concepts discussed above in mind to ace your tech interview.

FAQs on AWS Lambda Interview Questions

Q1. What is AWS Lambda primarily used for?

With the help of AWS Lambda, users can add custom logic to AWS resources such as Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon DynamoDB tables so that they can easily apply to compute to data as it enters or moves through the cloud. 

Q2. List some use cases for AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda can be used for operating serverless websites, rapid document conversion, predictive page rendering, working with external services, log analysis on the fly.

Q3. How do you start AWS Lambda?

Sign in to the AWS Management Console. Go to Services Menu and select the IAM console. In the Navigation pane, go to Roles and then Create roles. In the Select type of trusted entity, choose AWS service, and then choose Lambda for the service that will use this role.

Q4. Can AWS Lambda be called a microservice?

If you’ve heard of terms such as serverless or functions as a service, it is Amazon’s implementation of these concepts, and a microservice architecture is one way that it can be used to improve your site or application.

Q5. How do you prepare for an Amazon AWS interview?

Research about the company. Train yourself to handle the different questions they might throw at you. Never skip fundamental questions. Be as detailed as you can be without being verbose. Prepare thoroughly using the best resources (Interview Kickstart is always an option).

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