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Interview Kickstart - Curriculum

What Does It Take to Crack FAANG Tech Interviews?

Technical interviews at FAANG+ companies are highly competitive and difficult to crack. The interview processes at these companies filter in less than 2% of software engineers who apply. To land FAANG+ offers, your problem-solving, design, and career skills need to be spotless. 

FAANG companies pay 50% higher salaries than most other tech companies. Therefore, they naturally attract a sea of talent. Given the stiff competition and the ardent interview process, nailing these interviews is only possible by adopting the right strategy complemented by the right guidance from the right professionals.  

That’s precisely what the Interview Kickstart curriculum achieves.

At Interview Kickstart, our courses have an exhaustive curriculum, covering in-depth concepts and problems in data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems design, along with domain, behavioral, and career skills.

Through years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to nail the most challenging tech interviews — the Interview Kickstart Curriculum reflects just that!

Interview Kickstart Technical Interview Prep Course Curriculum

Interview Kickstart’s technical Interview courses are built by software engineers for software engineers. 

We offer 17 interview prep courses, each tailored to a specific engineering domain or role — the most in-demand and highest-paying domains and roles, including:

Each course is designed in consultation with Hiring Managers, Tech Leads, and Technical Recruiters from FAANG and other top companies.

The Interview Kickstart Curriculum covers every aspect of software engineering interviews, everything from data structures and algorithms to systems design and domain concepts, along with behavioral and leadership skills. Here’s what you get when you enroll for an Interview Kickstart prep course:

An Exhaustive Curriculum

Depending on your role or domain, you get access to a 7- to 18-week exhaustive curriculum that covers: 

1. Data structures and algorithms

2. Systems design

3. Domain skills

3. Behavioral skills

4. Career skills

Focus on Power Patterns

Coding problems are a big part of tech interviews, and they trouble even the most experienced software engineers. Our courses help you tackle tough coding problems with the help of Power Patterns — a proven method for identifying patterns in problems to solve even unseen coding interview problems. 

A 6-month Support Period

All of our courses include a 6-month long support period. During this phase, you will:

1. Attend 15 mock interviews with tech leads and hiring managers from FAANG+ companies

2. Receive mentorship from FAANG+ instructors

3. Polish your career, leadership, and behavioral skills

4. Retake any of the live classes 

5. Optimize and leverage your LinkedIn profile to unlock FAANG interviews

6. Get salary negotiation support from professional career experts 

A Quick Look at Interview Kickstart’s Curriculum

Our data structure and algorithms curriculum covers:

Our systems design curriculum covers:

  • Sharding techniques, caching, and loading
  • Network protocols
  • Systems design case studies
  • Concurrency
  • API modeling
  • Online processing systems
  • Databases 

Our career skills curriculum covers:

  • Answering behavioral and leadership questions optimally
  • Using the STAR method to craft the best answers
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and resume
  • Boosting your online portfolio
  • Mock interviews with industry and domain experts

Note that the exact curriculum will differ based on the domain- or role-specific course you choose. Register for our FREE pre-enrolment webinar to learn which course will work best for you.

How Can Interview Kickstart Help You Nail Tech Interviews?

Interview Kickstart’s primary focus is on helping you boost your problem-solving and design skills, optimize your career profile, and land high-paying FAANG offers in the process.

Interview Kickstart’s Unmatched Curriculum

At Interview Kickstart, we’ve worked with over 12,000 engineers since 2014, helping them crack tough technical interviews at FAANG+ companies. Here’s why our curriculum stands out from the rest:

The FAANG Advantage: Each Interview Kickstart Masterclass is designed in consultation with Hiring Managers, Tech Leads, and Technical Recruiters from FAANG and other top companies

Comprehensive Coverage: Our curriculum extensively covers all core concepts that feature in technical interviews

Learn From the Best: Get trained by FAANG+ hiring experts who are tech leads and hiring managers at FAANG+ companies

Unmatched Teaching Methods: Tried and tested methods that have proven to be successful — our alums consistently land big offers from top tech companies, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla, Lyft, and more

The FAANG+ Instructor Edge

Our instructors are technical leads and hiring managers driving hiring for engineering profiles across the board at FAANG and Tier-1 companies. 

The instructors at Interview Kickstart are well-versed with the interview processes at FAANG+ companies and know exactly what recruiters are looking for in candidates. 

As hiring managers and members of hiring committees at top tech companies, our instructors are trained to maintain the hiring bar at companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix, among other top companies.  

With Interview Kickstart, you get the opportunity to learn from and practice mock interviews with these industry experts who have 25+ years of experience and how to navigate tech interviews to land lucrative offers. 

Proprietary Teaching Methods

At Interview Kickstart, we help you boost your problem-solving skills through Power Patterns. We focus on how these patterns work and how you can use analogous patterns to solve new and more complex problems. With Power Patterns, you’ll be able to seamlessly approach tough coding problems at the interview. 

The course is fully remote and includes live classes, self-paced study materials, weekly assignments, and periodic tests. Built specifically for working professionals, classes take place on weekends and a few weekday evenings.

Here’s what our typical course schedule looks like:

  • Thursday: You’ll receive the pre-class study material on foundational concepts
  • Sunday: Live class on the week’s topic with a FAANG+ instructor
  • Monday to Wednesday: Solve the curated question sets and run test cases
  • Thursday: Simulated tests and instructor-led calibrated discussions

Success Stories of Interview Kickstart Alums 

We’ve trained thousands of engineers to land lucrative offers at the biggest tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Microsoft. Here are some reviews from our alums who’ve benefited from IK’s technical Interview Masterclass:

“How I received 14 offers, including FAANG, after completing Interview Kickstart’s Program” — Rupesh Dabbir

Interview Kickstart (IK) provides you a solid platform to not only strengthen your algorithm and interview game, I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the best/brightest minds in the industry (faculty and students included). It was a humble experience, to say the least.

If you are looking for more than just a Bootcamp to improve your algorithmic skills or interview skills, I would wholeheartedly suggest IK.

Soham and their team have done a phenomenal job in making sure students get the right resources to set their path for success!

I was part of their2017 batch and got 14 offers, including FAANG!

“How I got an offer from Google after completing Interview Kickstart’s program” — Derek Chung

I enrolled with Interview Kickstart after going through many interviews that didn’t work out and couldn’t find the root cause. I found my experience at Interview Kickstart very useful in a few aspects:

1) Feedback from interviewers at the kind of companies I wanted to get in, both good and bad. Having failed many interviews, I was eager to find out what I was missing. After going through a number of mock interviews, I learned that it was not what I had thought it would be. Having this understanding of my strengths and weaknesses helped me maintain an objective view on my performances.

2) Support in doing lots of coding questions with good coverage. For someone who’s organized and disciplined, this benefit probably wouldn’t apply. I lacked both in my preparation, so getting assignments helped me focus.

3) Support and guidance in going through actual interviews. Soham kept close touch with me and offered a lot of guidance and encouragement navigating the interview scene. This was quite helpful, as it was not smooth sailing right after the program.

Check out more Interview Kickstart reviews to learn about how IK has influenced the success of thousands of software engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What courses does Interview Kickstart offer?

Interview Kickstart offers 17 technical interview courses, such as backend engineering course, engineering manager prep course, networking course, full-stack developer courses, cyber security course, machine learning Course, Android course, iOS course, and more. Registe for our FREE pre-enrolment webinar to learn which course will work best for you.

2. What does IK’s curriculum cover?

Broadly, our courses include data structures, algorithms, distributed systems design, domain topics, and soft skills training. However, the curriculum differs based on the requirement of the domain or role you’re preparing for. 

To learn more about your domain course and what it entails, register for our webinar. 

3. What concepts do Interview Kicstart’s courses cover?

Some concepts that Interview Kickstart courses cover include technical interview processes at different companies, android developer interview questions, iOS developer interview questions, backend developer interview questions, front-end developer questions and answers, full-stack developer interview questions, data structures, algorithms, and systems design. 

4. What is Interview Kickstart’s pricing?

The pricing of our courses varies based on the domain and role. To learn more about Interview Kickstart’s courses and their pricing, ‍register for our FREE webinar.

5. Who are the instructors who train students at IK?

Interview Kickstart has a formidable team of instructors, who are currently employed as technical leads and hiring managers at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and other leading tech companies. 

These instructors have a comprehensive understanding of the interview processes at big tech companies and know exactly what it takes to nail interviews at these firms. 

6.  How can I enroll for Interview Kickstart’s Technical Interview Masterclass?

You can enroll for Interview Kickstart programs by registering for our pre-enrolment webinar, where you get insights on which program/course is best suited for your requirement.

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Manoj Krishnan
Omkar Deshpande
Yuval Scharf

Expert Led

Our Instructors are Tech Leads and Hiring Managers at Coveted Tech Companies
Manoj Krishnan
FAANG Company, VMWare
Ph.D, Washington State University
Manoj Krishnan

Expert Led

Our Instructors are Tech Leads and Hiring Managers at Coveted Tech Companies
Omkar Deshpande
Interview Kickstart, Kosmix (acquired)
Ph.D, Stanford University
Omkar Deshpande

Expert Led

Our Instructors are Tech Leads and Hiring Managers at Coveted Tech Companies
Yuval Scharf
Google, Box
M.Sc, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Yuval Scharf


Our alums talk about how IK helped them succeed

Neelesh Tendulkar
Each instructor-led session was packed with information and there were lots of problems to practice. The course was intense, but it was a great use of my time.
Neelesh Tendulkar
Google, Intuit
Swapnil Tailor
Interview Kickstart is like a fitness coach which guides to achieve your dream job. It can help you identify your weak points and also suggest steps to improve them.
Swapnil Tailor
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
Flavia Vela
The classes, workshops, quizzes, practice problems, and mock interviews provided me with the knowledge, tools, and the feedback that I was missing. Interview Kickstart showed me how to prepare for success.
Flavia Vela
LinkedIn, Amazon
Michael Huston
I can't think of a better recipe for tech interview success than combining the Interview Kickstart program with hard work. The program made my prep much more effective and eliminated surprises from the interview process.
Michael Huston
Databricks, Amazon, Airbnb
Kushal L
IK provides a nice, structured way to prepare for interviews while having a full-time job. Mock interviews helped me get better and the problem sets alleviated the need for me to source problems externally.
Kushal L
Davide Testuggine
“The course was very intense. During the two months it lasted, I would easily work 2+ hours every day, weekends included, on the homework problems. This course is just practice, practice, practice. And it works! Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I accepted my offer with Facebook.”
Davide Testuggine
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