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Interview Process for Front-End Engineers at FAANG+ Companies

To be a front-end developer or a front-end software engineer is one of the most sought-after careers in the tech industry. FAANG+ companies hire front-end engineers through the year, offering lucrative compensations and many exciting benefits. If you are a front-end software engineer aspiring to land a tech job at some of the biggest tech companies, following a good prep strategy is paramount.

Cracking the front-end engineer interview is your first step to landing the job. The front-end engineer interview process at FAANG+ companies is fundamentally structured to test your core problem-solving capabilities. Your knowledge of concepts specific to front-end development and those around distributed systems design is also extensively evaluated in FAANG+ interviews.

Understanding the front-end engineer interview process is critical for acing front-end engineer interviews at top companies. That is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

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We’ll look at what the interview process for front-end software engineers looks like in FAANG+ companies. Here’s what we’ll discuss in this article:

  • What is the Interview Process for Front-end Engineers at FAANG+ Companies?
  • Prep Tips to Crack the Front-end Engineer Interview
  • FAQs on Front-end Engineer Interview Process

What is Interview Process for Front-End Engineers at FAANG+ Companies?

In FAANG+ companies, the front-end engineer interview process is divided into three rounds. The interview process may appear difficult, but it will be simple to crack if you prepare for it step by step.

Round 1: The Initial Recruiter Screen

The Initial Recruiter Screen is an informal round where a recruiter will get in touch with you to understand your interest in the position. A few basic questions around your front-end engineer skills, experience with past companies, and compensation expectations are asked. The idea of this round is to evaluate if your profile meets the expectations of the role. If it is aligned with the role, you’re invited for the technical phone screen round.

Round 2: The Technical Phone Screen Interview

This round tests your ability to solve coding problems in core data structures and algorithms. Your approach to problem-solving and your ability to write error-free code are fundamental aspects that are evaluated. 

To get an idea of the type of questions asked at the technical phone screen interview for front-end software engineers, check out these Front-end Engineer Interview Questions.

Questions around the basics of front-end development are also asked at times. This usually happens at interviews for senior front-end engineers and managerial positions in front-end development.

Round 3: The On-site Interview

The On-site is the ultimate test of your caliber as a front-end engineer. The hiring bars are significantly high at FAANG+ companies. Even engineers who boast healthy work experience sometimes fail to make the cut because of falling short in the On-site interview rounds.

The On-site interviews for front-end software engineers at FAANG+ companies predominantly have four rounds.

  • The Coding Round: Here, you’re given a few problems to solve on core data structures and algorithms. 
  • Systems Design Round: You’re asked questions about distributed system design in this round. Questions are focused on front-end design. Senior front-end engineers and managerial interviews can have more than one system design round. To know the type of questions asked at systems design rounds, check these systems design interview questions asked at Google’s front-end software engineer interview.
  • The Behavioral Round: Here, you’re asked questions around workplace conduct and ethics, professional experiences in the past, work-life balance, your expectations from the role, etc. To get an idea of the type of behavioral interview questions asked, practice these Behavioral Interview Questions for Software Engineers and Developers.

Prep Tips to Crack the Front-end Engineer Interview

Cracking the front-end engineer interview at FAANG+ companies requires an excellent prep strategy. Being consistent with your strategy is equally important. These prep tips will equip you with the right tools you need to crack front-end software engineer interviews

  1. Begin your prep in advance, at least eight weeks before your interview. 
  2. Solve at least 1-2 coding problems in a day. This will help improve your problem-solving skills.
  3. Classify problems with similar patterns. Use analogous patterns to then solve new problems. 
  4. Spend at least two weeks preparing for your systems design interview.
  5. Adopt a good prep strategy. Consider enrolling for a good resource to help you with your prep.
  6. Think out your solutions aloud to give recruiters a window into your approach and thought process.
  7. Practice Whiteboard coding, especially for the On-site interview. 
  8. Create a good project portfolio. List out all your important projects in the STAR format.
  9. Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume are crisp and concise.
  10. Practice mock interviews with industry experts and FAANG hiring managers.

We hope that you’ve understood the interview process for a front-end engineer. The interview process can seem grueling, but if you follow our prep tips and practice some mock interviews, then nailing the front-end engineer interview should be an easy task.

FAQs on Front-end Engineer Interview Process

Q1. How many systems design rounds do front-end engineer interviews have?

Front-end engineer interviews at FAANG+ companies typically have one or two systems design rounds. These rounds take place during the On-site interview. Questions asked are predominantly around front-end design. 

Q2. How many coding rounds do front-end software engineer interviews have?

Front-end engineer interviews usually have two coding rounds - one round during the technical phone screen interview and one round during the on-site interview. 

Q3. What type of questions are asked in coding interviews for front-end engineers?

Coding questions asked at front-end engineer interviews are fundamentally around core data structures and algorithms. The important topics include strings, arrays, recursion, hash tables, linked lists, graphs, trees, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming. 

Q4. What type of questions are asked at behavioral interviews for front-end engineers?

Front-end software engineer behavioral interviews mostly involve answering questions around challenging projects you worked on in the past, productivity, professional challenges, workplace-related situations, and work-life balance. 

Q5. Which are the important systems design concepts to prepare for front-end engineer interviews?

To ace systems design interviews for front-end engineers, you should cover - API modeling, sharding techniques, caching, load balancing, and network protocols.

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