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Amazon Data Engineer Salary

Amazon is one of the biggest technology companies with a massive consumer base. The amount of data the company deals with is humongous, especially considering that it has its wings spread across different sectors spanning e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, enterprise software, and aerospace. 

It is no surprise that Amazon needs the services of seasoned data engineers to leverage data for improved consumer experience and business success. Data engineers at Amazon enjoy a rewarding work environment complemented by lucrative compensation packages. 

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Through this article, we’ll discuss::

  • Role of a Data Engineer at Amazon
  • Preferred skills that Amazon looks for in Data Engineers
  • Qualifications and Experience Required for Amazon Data Engineer Roles
  • Data Engineer salaries at Amazon
  • Additional benefits offered to Data Engineers at Amazon
  • Amazon Data Engineer salaries: A comparison with other top companies
  • Prepare for your next Data Engineering interview

Role of a Data Engineer at Amazon

Data engineers have a crucial role to play at Amazon. Here’s what they typically do:

  • Analyze and process magnitude volumes of data
  • Develop internal applications to process data more efficiently and improve business intelligence
  • Leverage analytics to improve the scope of Amazon’s business operations
  • Work closely with developers and ML engineers to develop algorithms that automate data processing
  • Automate and scale data analysis to make it more actionable and relevant to Amazon’s business efforts 
  • Solve problems and eliminate roadblocks in data analytics to enable other teams to run their operations without hiccups

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Preferred Skills That Amazon Looks for in Data Engineers

Take a look at some skills that Amazon looks for in Data Engineers: 

  • In-depth knowledge of visualization tools like Quicksight or Tableau.
  • Working knowledge of technologies integrated with AWS.
  • Proven experience in data warehousing and data modeling.
  • Working knowledge of SQL.
  • Working knowledge of an Object-Oriented Programming Language, preferably Java or Python.
  • Proven knowledge of coding methodologies, agile methods, testing, and operations.
  • Proven experience in developing automated operational processes.

Qualifications and Experience Required for Amazon Data Engineer Roles

Listed below are the qualifications that Data Engineers need to apply for a job at Amazon:

  • A degree in Computer Science, IT, Analytics, Data Engineering, or a closely related field.
  • Four or more years of experience as a Data Engineer or in a related role.
  • Proven experience in working cross-functionally and interacting with remote engineering teams.
  • Proven experience in solutions development, systems configuration, and technical design.

Data Engineer Salaries at Amazon

The average base compensation for Data Engineers at Amazon is $113,224 per annum. The total average compensation of Data Engineers at Amazon is $119,996 per annum.

The average bonus salary offered is $25,730 per annum, while the average stock bonus offered to Amazon Data Engineers is $20,330. 

Depending on the seniority of the role, data engineers at Amazon can make upwards of $300,000 per annum. 

Additional Benefits Offered to Data Engineers at Amazon

The following are some additional benefits offered to Data Engineers at Amazon: 

  • Insurance benefits: Health, dental, accidental, and vision
  • Health savings account
  • Transportation to the Amazon campus
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Paid leaves and sick leaves to employees
  • Mental health and counseling services

Amazon Data Engineer Salaries: A Comparison With Other Top Companies

Here’s how Data Engineer salaries at Amazon compare with other top tech companies.

Data engineering roles are significantly rewarding at Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (FAANG) companies as far as the compensation and other benefits are involved. 

These companies also offer stock options to senior Data Engineers. Stock options come with fixed vesting periods, usually stretching up to 4 years, and mostly dependent on the seniority of the position. 

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Prepare for Your Next Data Engineering Interview

The most important thing to ensure you land the Data Engineer job at Amazon is to prepare well. During your preparation, make sure you research well about the company and its vision. You can also read through the following articles to learn more about the Data Engineer role and interview process:

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