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Best Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting a Job

Last updated by Abhinav Rawat on Apr 01, 2024 at 01:09 PM | Reading time: 17 minutes

'Failure is the stepping stone to success.'

You are sitting by yourself in the corner of your room, disappointed by getting rejected for the umpteenth time.

Several thoughts are coursing through your mind. 'Why am I being rejected?' you ask yourself forlornly, 'What am I NOT doing right?'

You wish somebody would tell you how to increase your chances of getting a job, or better still, what went awry at those interviews.

Dry your eyes and raise your chin! Good things come to the brave! You know you can ace that tough technical round!

Here, you will find out how to improve your chances of getting a job.

And you will also get to know how to prepare for an interview while simultaneously gaining some essential career advice.

Let's get started!

Here is a lowdown on what this article is about.

- How to get a job that’s right for you

- Habits to improve your chances of getting a job

- How to become more hireable

- How to find new job

- How to prepare for a Job interview

- How to prepare for technical interview

How to get a job that's right for you?

Before you shoot off a frenzy of applications to every job under the sun, consider these three tips, which can help you to streamline the process and help to improve your chances of getting a job.

Tip #1: Be very, very picky about the jobs you apply for

The first tip to ace those interviews is to be selective. Are you interested in social networks, backend programming, or game development?

If you are aimlessly scouting for a job and are content with just about any line of work, employers may turn skeptical about you. Are you serious about your career or not? Better to have a career path that reflects your definite interests rather than a jumble of past experiences from various fields of work.

Tip #2: Organize your job search

As a programmer, you are most likely to be an INTP (shout out to Myers-Briggs), and you know how tough it is to remain organized as one. Stay prepared when it comes to job-seeking. Nothing creates a worse impression of you than forgetting the date or turning up at the wrong job interview. Use simple sticky notes or Google calendar to stay reminded and ready.

Tip #3: Fill in applications quickly

If you are looking for jobs across portals, then upload your most recent resume in a classy resume format and save time having to draft out a resume individually for each site. Also, keep your details accurately so prospective employers meet the most updated online version of you.

You program to make peoples' lives easier. So, use those same game plans and smoothen out your applying process.

Habits to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

Here are some more tips on how to increase your chances of getting a job. These are habits that you should pick up as you climb the career ladder.

  1. Dress According to the Company

In an interview, nothing speaks louder than your attire. Are you classy or crummy? Are you well-groomed or mangy? While nobody judges a book by its cover, they do prefer to choose the copy which looks better.

It's the same with jobs. Everybody is as qualified as you. What makes you stand out is your first impression, and the dress is a big part of that. Dress according to the company. Some places do not mind informal wear, while some are sticklers for formal dressing. Go with the crowd choice.

  1. Know everything about the company

Why would you even turn up for an interview without knowing a jot about the company? Yet that is what several people, unfortunately, do! It is both rude and insulting to the company. Knowing everything about the company is the first item on how to prepare for an interview. Don't turn up for an interview at Google with no knowledge of how diverse their products are. (Surely you know Google, that monstrosity on Amphitheatre Parkway?)

Give them the respect they deserve and research them like you would for a term paper. Mostly try to find the company's raison d'etre.

Are they in it for the money? Or are they looking to do meaningful work? If your goals do not align, do not go to work for them. It’s honestly as simple as that.

  1. Ask meaningful questions that show up your worth

Why? Because you want the interviewer to sit up and take notice of you. Usually, there comes the point in the interview when they ask if you have any questions for them. Answer 'plenty' and start shooting off a detailed list. Be clear. Be concise. But most of all, be insightful. 'What was your approach to so-and-so problem? Why did you choose to take so and so line of action? When you came up with this idea, did you believe it would be impactful? Questions help you discover them. More importantly, it helps them discover you.

  1. Don't be late

Want some sound career advice? Please do not be late for an interview. You are jeopardizing your chances. But what if the unthinkable happens and you do get late? Call the company up, explain yourself. Ask for a reschedule. Appease them. Admit it was your fault. But most of all, try not to be late. Be early, but not late. Saw how Jesse Eisenberg turned up late for the meeting with prospective advertisers in The Social Network? Do not imitate.

  1. Watch your behavior while waiting

Companies nowadays read into body language and facial clues much more than they used to. You won't be so easily forgiven if you behave uncouthly while waiting for your turn to be interviewed. The kind of words you use, your body language, your attitude, everything counts. Not to drive you paranoid, but while you are waiting, know that you are being watched. And judged.

  1. You can ask for the job

Interviewers like confidence in a candidate. But more so, they love it when a candidate shows interest in the position. If you're keen on the post, it gives you a brownie point against someone who fails to mention his desire for the job. You can be cheeky. You can be quirky. Just do not sound greedy.

  1. Prepare for the 'Weakness' Question

You do know that the 'weakness' they ask you for must never be answered with a genuine weakness, right? Disguise strength into a liability. Or else, answer honestly but always with the apparent subtext that you are committed to personal growth.

Take a couple of interview prep courses just to be ready for this particular section.

  1. Why should they hire you?

Here is a nugget of wisdom for you, which can drastically increase your chances of landing a job. Ask yourself: why should they hire me? Seriously. Ask yourself this question in the mirror before you set out for the job. You have to got to add value to the company, or else you are merely wasting their time. You should be skilled, motivated, and an asset to have. If you doubt this, you seriously need to boost your self-esteem.

  1. Appear Focused and Sound Confident

Always answer questions to the point. And if you don't know the right answer tell them the truth. However, you can add the portions that you do know. Do not flub. Do not ramble. Ask them if you should continue or hold your horses.

Sound confident when answering technical questions, but if you are not, then it's time for technical interview prep mock classes. A mock interview will help ease your nerves and get you polished on the very rudiments of your subject.

  1. Pay Close Attention to Your Voice and Tone

Make sure you have not got a strong accent and that you articulate your words carefully. Nobody likes the use of filler sounds like 'um's and 'ah's. It reflects that you are under-confident and unsure of what you wish to say. Also, avoid sounding haughty, rude, arrogant, or lost. Do not whine, mutter, or make witty wisecracks to “you.” Be above reproach.

  1. Switching Jobs? Explain why in a Positive Manner

No matter what your past working experience was, always portray the situation in a positive light. If you want to know how to increase chances of getting a job, remember not to diss your past employers. Speak respectfully of them even though the situation might have been the worst experience you ever had. Nobody likes dirty laundry being washed in public, least of all at an interview.

  1. Prove That You Fit the Company Culture

As the one joining the ship, you have got to alloy yourself into a worthy crewman, and the vessel can't change itself for you. Always assure the board that you will do whatever it takes to imbibe the company values and be a journeyman your colleagues can count on. You will try to seamlessly merge into the already existing structure without creating any negative ripples. Once the job is yours, prove it to them.

  1. Engage with the Interviewer

One trick to remember when wondering how to increase chances of getting a job is always to engage with the interviewer. An interviewer is a person like you. Treat him like a fellow human. Occasionally throw in some questions. Ask her why she chose the job, what she likes about it, and what perks does it have. Striking up a conversation will help you to relax and get familiar. However, if you notice resistance from the interviewer, abort the plan.

How to become more “hireable”?

You may be qualified, but are you hireable?

There is a subtle difference between the two. Being hireable means being worthy of the company.

Want to know how to improve the chances of getting a job? Take a look.

  1. Have a 'clean' online presence

While no one can tell you how to conduct yourself in your spare time, know that if you do conduct yourself in an unbecoming manner, have an explanation to justify it. When a company hires you, they want a finished product, not a wild child they have to tame. You represent the company, and your views should be above board. If you have something on your online presence you can't explain, remove it.

  1. Curate a LinkedIn account

This gives an impression of being both serious about your work as well as passionate about the job. Connect with others in your field of work and translate that into winning a position of command and respect in your domain.

  1. The resume matters! So, keep it updated.

Download any free resume format template, or else make an excellent resume format yourself. Anyone should be able to find the important points at just one glance. The resume must never ramble. Instead, it should gently highlight your qualifications. Always update your resume to reflect the present state of affairs.

  1. Understand the job and practice what you're going to say.

Here is something you should do before the interview. Read up on the job description. Many people applying for a job do so without so much as considering what the job demands. See if you fit the role.

Also, if you need interview prep courses, do not be ashamed to take them. Technical interview prep mock classes can help a candidate improve in leaps and bounds.

Once you are through with preparation, practice, it can be in front of a mirror preferably, so map out what you're going to say to the panel.

  1. Question the interviewer (politely, of course)

While at the interview, ask the interviewer many relevant questions. This will help project an image of you as a curious and interested contender. Your questions must not be asked for the sake of asking, though. Prepare some questions beforehand and slowly bring them out when necessary.

  1. Humility is a rare virtue

The best piece of advice on how to improve the chances of getting a job is to stay humble. While humility does not come easily to many, there is one way to evoke it before an interview. Right before you enter the room, think of Socrates. The wise ancient philosopher was amazed by what he did not yet know! You should be too. Be astounded by the unknowns in life, and humility will come to you naturally.

  1. Hunt for jobs in rare places

Do not try the usual places to get a job. Try seeking jobs from other fields. The job may be a close match to your street but in a different domain. For example, think of a data analyst position for a fashion company. Weren't expecting that one, were you? Or else try something off-beat like social networks. Social networks are also tech.

How to find a new job?

As a new job-seeker, you might be wondering how to land a job in the first place. Here are some ways you can land the position of your dreams, whether it be a coding job or a management post.

  1. Word of mouth

Often, it is easier to land a job through your social and family circle than it is through any other means. The best form of advertising for a job is through word of mouth. Have an engaging social life and meet up with friends, ex-bosses, and colleagues to gather information on the latest offerings.

  1. Referrals

Companies like referrals. They value the opinion of their existing employees and reimburse them for their troubles. So, if you know someone who is already working at a place, try to gain an entry into the workforce via a referral.

  1. Job Boards and Career Websites and Job Fairs

There are several job boards where prospective seekers can look up vacancies, and there is plenty of career websites out there as well. Job seekers can also visit job fairs which are held by respective industries.

  1. Websites of Companies

Often time, the easiest way to know about the openings is to scour the company websites. Every company usually posts any openings they have on their 'Careers' section. So if you have your heart set on a particular job, keep your eyes on their website.

  1. When all else fails, try cold calling

It is not advisable to go cold-calling since you may not be welcomed. Cold calling means personally reaching out to the company of your choice and sending them your resume. It works in rare cases.

  1. Headhunters and recruitment from third parties and colleges

Usually, your college will have a wing dedicated to recruiting, and sometimes companies offload the recruiting process to third parties for a commission.  In both these cases, stay aware of the exact method of hiring.

  1. Temporary jobs or Internships translating into offers

Sometimes, you might be lucky when a temporary offer turns into a permanent offer or an internship into a job. So, keep all eyes open for an internship, and do not turn your nose up at the humble beginnings.

  1. Creative methods

While some people go to extreme lengths to get a job, you can try something quirky without being too boisterous. The plan is paramount here; so, if you are trying to impress some big-shots, try some fun methods.

How to prepare for a Job interview

Preparing for a job interview can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Here are some ways you can prepare for your job interview.

  • For coding interview preparation, do not try revising anything the night before. Only go through the nuanced questions on essential concepts of the language.
  • Download a great resume format template and use it. Your resume should stand out from the crowd.
  • Practice in front of a mirror what you are going to say to the panel.
  • Take inputs from friends and family
  • Relax. You give it your best shot, and you are sure to crack it.

How to prepare for technical interview

The technical round determines everything. A company will always seek to hire only the best. So, brace yourself for a power-packed round of grilling.

  • If you are not great at the technical, then try a couple of coding interview preparation classes. These will help you to polish your knowledge.
  • In technical rounds, do not out-argue your interviewer. While you can make your point, there is no need to sound like it's the law. Coding follows certain practices, and you should respect that.
  • Spend ample time a day preparing for the interview.
  • Brush up on the basics. Most interviewers go for the jugular when it comes to the technical round. So, build a solid framework.
  • It's not possible for a human being to know everything. But whatever you do know, know it well.

With this so many great tips, tricks, and pearls of wisdom, it’s time to dry your tears and get cracking!


Abhinav Rawat

Product Manager @ Interview Kickstart | Ex-upGrad | BITS Pilani. Working with hiring managers from top companies like Meta, Apple, Google, Amazon etc to build structured interview process BootCamps across domains

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