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Practice Interviewing with FAANG Hiring Managers

Highly realistic, live mock interviews, conducted by current FAANG hiring managers, in any domain of your choice.

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What makes our Mock Interviews the best

  • Hiring Managers from Tier 1 companies like Google & Facebook - Interview with the best. No one will prepare you better!
  • Detailed Personalized Feedback - Never heard back from a hiring manager on why you weren’t selected? Now you’ll know & can do better.
  • Domain specific interviews - Practice for your target domain - front-end, iOS, machine learning or any other domain of your choice.
  • Transparent, Non-Anonymous Interviews - Because real interviews are never anonymous. Get the most realistic experience possible.

Interviewers from FAANG and Top Tech Companies

All our interviewers are tech leads and hiring managers at Google, Facebook, Amazon and other Tier 1 tech companies. Here are profiles of just a few of them.

Adrian Fernandez
M.S. - Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
LinkedIn, ex-Google
Qiuping X

Chandra Garre
M.S. - Loyola College
Microsoft, ex-Amazon, ex-Uber
David García Quintas
M.S. - Universidad de Oviedo
Waymo, ex-Google
Ke Li
B.S. - University of Michigan
Google, ex-Amazon
Matt Baron
B.S. - Cornell University
SeatGeek, ex-Apple
Murali Sangubhatla
M.S. - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Microsoft, ex-Box
Niloy Mukherjee
M.S - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Startup founder, ex-LinkedIn
Ning Tantai
M.S - Carnegie Mellon University
Google, ex-Amazon
Nikhil Mahajan
M.S - University of South Carolina
Google, ex-Bloomberg

Key Features

  • Flexible schedule - Family or work pressures? No problem - you choose the time
  • Remote interview experience - Mirrors the current format of 100% remote interviews at all tech companies.
  • Detailed verbal and written feedback - All the feedback you’ve ever wanted - documented and recorded.
  • Technical and behavioral interviews - Choose what you want to focus on.
  • Level - specific interviews -  Because an L4 interview at Google can be quite different from an E7 interview at Facebook.
  • Select an interviewer of your choice - Based on company and/or domain of your choice
  • 1 hr duration for each interview - Sufficient time to conduct the interview and get feedback.
  • Schedule any time within 3 months of purchase - No need to hurry. Interview when you want.

Student Reviews of our Mock Interviews

Mock interviews have been an integral part of our flagship Live Masterclass Program for Technical Interviews. They have been a critical factor in helping the vast majority of our 4000+ students get over 5000 offers, with the highest offer being $780,000. Here’s what some of our students say about our mock interviews.

"The truly best part of the program are the mock interviews with folks from top tech companies that really let you know where you stand in terms of interview prep and helps you focus your efforts and improve in areas that you are lacking.
Tushar B
Feb 1, 2020
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"As I prepared for interviews my mock interview score also improved. It kept me motivated to keep on doing more preparation. I was able to get feedback which nobody receives in real interviews. The entire interview panel are from top class companies. Their feedback helped me a lot.
"Students have many mock interviews on any topics they want. These interviews mirror the real interviews at top companies, and they are great opportunities to get practice.
Tuan Dang
Mar 5, 2018
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"Another great benefit of IK are the mock-interviews. A lot of times, we feel that we know the solution to a problem but fail miserably when communicating it to others. The mock-interviews help you practice in a similar environment and give you a very detailed feedback of what went right and what did not work so well.
Suraj M
November 30, 2019
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Why should I opt for Mock Interviews?

Mock interviews, when conducted by actual hiring managers and tech leads as is done at Interview Kickstart, are excellent practice for the real thing.

Tech interviews at top companies are really tough. Just getting an interview call is a big deal. Don't blow these precious chances by not practicing. Mock interviews ensure you maximize your chances of clearing every stage of even the most rigorous interview process.

Also, the detailed feedback which we give after each interview helps you become better; not just at interviews, but also as an engineer.

I haven’t interviewed a lot earlier - is this still right for me?

Many of our students haven’t had recent interviews and want to get a good idea of how interviews at top-tech companies are conducted. That helps them prepare for the real interviews. So it’s perfectly fine if you haven’t interviewed a lot before.

What kind of questions can I expect?

You can get mock interviews for both technical interviews and behavioral interviews.

In technical interviews, questions will be on core computer science fundamentals, data structures, coding, algorithms, and systems design.

Behavioral interviews will focus on a variety of aspects depending on the company/role you want to interview for - leadership skills, teamwork, ability to deliver under constraints, and culture fit amongst others.

Can I request an interviewer from a specific company or role?

Absolutely. We have interviewers from a variety of backgrounds and from all the top tech companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox, Netflix, and LinkedIn. So we will try to ensure as close a match as possible.

How much time do I have to complete the mock interviews?

Whether you have purchased 1 interview or a bundle of 3 interviews, you need to schedule and complete them within 3 months from the date of purchase.

What are some of the main benefits of technical mock interviews?

  • Get detailed feedback on all aspects of the interview
  • Helps you pinpoint your weak areas so you can work on them
  • Allows you to make all your mistakes before the actual interview
  • Learn how to answer difficult tech interview questions
  • Practice solving tough coding questions in front of an interviewer
  • Develop effective interview strategies
  • Reduce stress before actual interviews

What are the top mistakes people make in tech interviews?

Following are some of the top mistakes candidates often make in tech interviews at top companies:

  • No or little preparation: Questions asked in tech interviews are very different from what you would expect in your day-to-day job. On-site interviews can be especially tough. So going for one without any preparation, thinking you can crack it based on how well you do at your current job, is one of the top mistakes.
  • Jumping to code prematurely: Many candidates try to go straight to coding without thinking through the full solution and asking clarifying questions. Sometimes, they misunderstand the question itself and start coding the solution to some other problem.
  • Not explaining your solution: It’s not enough to just come up with a solution to a coding problem - you need to explain your thought process. This way, even if your thinking was good but you couldn’t arrive at a solution, you still get credit. It also allows you to showcase your communication skills.
  • Messy whiteboard coding: Coding on a whiteboard is very different from coding on your laptop in your chosen language. If you haven’t prepared for it, you can make any or all of these mistakes - incomplete code, not validating your inputs, bad naming convention, bad handwriting, redundant code
  • Bad communication: Many candidates don’t communicate effectively during the interview - some crack under the pressure, while others appear passive or avoid eye contact. Yet others lack enthusiasm. Doing mock interviews helps you improve on all these areas