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Top Lyft Interview Questions for Software Engineers and Developers

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Lyft offers multiple technical positions for software engineers, developers, tech leads, and engineering managers. To ace technical Lyft interview questions, it is important to understand the crucial programming concepts. You must thoroughly prepare Lyft interview questions on system design, SQL, data science, algorithm, coding, and other software development topics. 

Lyft provides opportunities to work on various complex, highly technical systems that have an immediate and profound impact on millions of people worldwide. Lyft is always on the lookout for exceptional engineers to join its expanding engineering team. 

It is looking for professional software engineers who can assist with scalability issues, optimize the network of passengers and drivers, and make complex products clear and easy to understand. Practicing Lyft interview questions will help you prepare for your next technical interview.

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Here's what we'll cover in this article:

  • What Is the Lyft Interviews Process for Software Developers?
  • Lyft System Design Interview Questions and Answers
  • Lyft Interview Questions on Coding and Programming
  • Lyft Interview Questions on Data Science
  • Behavioral Lyft Interview Questions
  • FAQS on Lyft Interview Questions 

What Is the Lyft Interview Process for Software Developers?

You need to understand the Lyft interview process to prepare well for Lyft interview questions. Lyft interviews are typically divided into four stages: recruiter screening, technical phone screening, On-site, and team matching.

Round 1: Screening with Recruiters

The recruiter phone screen is quite simple, consisting mainly of questions based on your resume and suitability for the software engineer post. Then, the recruiter will guide you through the interview process at Lyft. It is a 30-minute conversation.

Round 2: Technical Phone Screen 

In a technical phone interview, you need to spend one-hour answering technical questions with a Lyft software engineer. The questions on the technical phone screen are often less in-depth. However, they will cover any of the categories of questions discussed in the following section.

Round 3: On-site Interview

The Lyft software engineer On-site interview comprises four rounds:

  • System Design Interview - You can either use a whiteboard or a laptop for these questions. It would help if you clarified with your recruiter beforehand. This is a 60-minute interview.
  • Coding Interview - Interview for Computer Science fundamentals, including problem-solving, data structure, and algorithms. There are two coding rounds. 
  • Laptop Assignment - This assignment simulates the type of work you would do at Lyft day-in and day-out. You will have 90 minutes for this assessment.
  • Behavioral Interview - This comprises behavioral and situational questions concerning your previous work experiences, which helps an interviewer predict your future behavior.

Round 4: Matching Teams

After completing the On-site interview, you will be matched with possible teams and have exploratory calls with the managers on those teams. These future meetings will be more like chats than interviews, where you may get to know the team. This round simulates the working environment and helps determine the mutual fit for the role. 

Lyft System Design Interview Questions and Answers

Lyft system design interview questions include API, databases, and more. Lyft SQL interview questions form a major portion of these interviews. In a 60-minute interview, the hiring manager at Lyft asks you to design a large system relevant to Lyft's operations. 

You can use Google Draw as it allows you to collaborate in real-time to create, edit, and share drawings online. The interviewers can view your work, and you can also chat with them to explain your concepts. This process involves developing a way to communicate your strategies, proposing an API, and modeling database tables.

You will be given two system design questions. Through these Lyft interview questions, the hiring manager checks:

  • If your structure takes a systematic approach
  • Does your approach cover all requirements?
  • The feasibility, i.e., whether your answer is practical and could be implemented

Some common Lyft interview questions on System Design include:

Q1. Design a cab-hailing system from scratch

This Lyft interview question is very open-ended. Cab-hailing apps can have any number of features. You ought to distill the question down to 2-3 core features. Then design a system around those first. You can add more features later. The primary features can be:

  • User (Rider) and Driver Profile
  • The rider can hail a ride. A rider can find a nearby driver, and the driver can give a ride.

To prepare for System Design Lyft interview questions, practice and watch system design mock interviews. It would be best if you got familiar with Google Draw before the interview. 

Q2. How would you build a tourist-friendly bicycle rental app?

This Lyft interview question aims at analyzing your understanding of the primary requirements of a tourist-friendly app design. The following features can be incorporated into a tourist-friendly bicycle rental app.

  • Create a multilingual app that prompts the user to choose a language after installation.
  • Every bike will be fitted with a GPS device, and the bikes will be displayed to the user in a map view.
  • Payment in advance - Set up a payment wallet, a credit card, or a debit card.
  • Activate the bicycle - Scan the QR code to unlock the bike, start the trip automatically and record and display the rider's time.
  • Safety - Each bike will have a helmet affixed to it.
  • Parking spaces will be displayed to app users to guarantee that bikes are parked in densely populated city sections.

Q3. Design a dashboard as Lyft's product manager to monitor the app's health.

Software engineers have to primarily deal with Lyft application and structure. This Lyft interview question is commonly asked in Lyft system design interview rounds. The dashboard will include the following:

Buyer Side: 

  • Number of new downloads
  • Number of new first users
  • Number of total active users
  • Total distance driven
  • Funding

Driver Side:

  • Number of new drivers onboarded
  • Number of active drivers churn
  • Distance driven per active driver
  • Number of rides per active driver


  • Number of customer support calls/tickets
  • Number of location sharing or safety feature usage rides
  • Number of active drivers per MAU active user
  • Number of app crashes 

Q4. Create Lyft for deaf drivers.

Consider the following to answer this Lyft interview question:

  • Drivers can text passengers before arrival, indicating their impairment and asking for their patience.
  • If users wish to be dropped off somewhere different, they can send quick, personalized messages requesting that the driver drop them off somewhere else. 
  • When the driver's phone receives a message from a passenger, it will vibrate, and the screen will blink for a few seconds to grab the driver's attention.
  • Passengers can spot the car using a brightly colored blinker and the license plate number.

Lyft Interview Questions on Coding and Programming

There are two coding rounds in the Lyft interview. Lyft interview questions include Hackerrank and LeetCode type of questions.  

During the interview, a Lyft software engineer will present a problem. You will have to write an algorithm or program to solve the problem. You must practice problems on data structure and algorithms to ace Lyft coding interview questions. 

Lyft Interview Questions on Array

  1. For a given array containing positive integers, write a code to return the sum of the elements of the array.
  2. For a given array of size N, write a code to print the reverse of the array.

Lyft Interview Questions on Strings

  1. Write a code to reverse the string without disturbing the individual words for a given string S.
  2. Write a code to remove successive duplicate characters recursively for a given string S.

Lyft Interview Questions on Algorithms

  1. For a given Directed Acyclic Graph, write a program that finds the topological sorting in the graph.
  2. Write a program to perform its vertical traversal for a given binary tree.

To practice coding problems for your next interview, check out coding problems with solutions.

Lyft Interview Questions on Data Science

If you're applying to a data scientist position at Lyft, you can expect a round dedicated to testing your data science fundamentals. Here are a couple of sample Lyft Interview Questions on Data Science: 

  1. How would you effectively represent data with multiple dimensions?
  2. Using multiple regression, how would you validate a model you created to generate a predictive model of a quantitative outcome variable? 

Behavioral Lyft Interview Questions for Practice

Here are a few behavioral and situational Lyft interview questions for practice.

  1. Determine the root reason for a 10% drop in rides?
  2. What drives your interest in this position at Lyft?
  3. Assume Lyft is considering entering the delivery market. What strategy should it take to this concept?
  4. How can there be enough drivers to handle the number of deliveries at any particular time and location?
  5. Build a car-sharing network for persons with disabilities?
  6. Lyft plans to introduce Shared Saving rides. What criteria will you take into account when determining passengers willing to pay? What experiments will you conduct to put your notions to the test?
  7. Create the Lyft app for the visually impaired.
  8. The ride scheduling capability is one of the ideas added to your backlog. Analyze this scheduling feature from a product standpoint and suggest whether to move on with the implementation stage.
  9. What are your relevant previous experiences for the role?
  10. How would you handle team members who do not work up to their full potential? 
  11. Do you care about impact and action-oriented solutions?
  12. How do your experiences align with Lyft's values?

FAQS on Lyft Interview Questions

Q1. How to prepare for the Lyft interview questions?

To prepare well for Lyft interview questions, you must research the primary fundamentals of the company. Practice programming for Lyft coding interview questions. It would help if you were prepared to use standard input and output in the scripting language.

Q2. What are Byteboard Lyft interview questions?

The Byteboard Lyft interviews are used in place of one or more of your pre-on-site technical interviews. Byteboard Lyft interview questions concentrate on core software engineering skills through practical, real-world problems. 

These include technical aspects such as algorithms, data science, SQL, system design, and more. This gives a thorough overview of your software engineering abilities and allows employers to make confident judgments about which individuals to bring on board.

Q3. What types of Lyft interview questions are asked in software engineer interviews?

Lyft interview questions for software engineers cover four categories: programming fundamentals, system design, practical coding questions, and behavioral questions.

Q4. What topics are important for Lyft interview questions for mobile software engineers?

Mobile software engineers must prepare SQL, React, JVM, Ruby, and other Android technologies for Lyft interview questions. Practice coding and advanced questions on programming languages, especially Python and Java.

Q5. How many rounds are there in the Lyft interview?

The interview process at Lyft mainly has three rounds. Round 1 consists of a phone interview with a recruiter. Round 2 consists of two case study interviews with the Product team. Round 3 consists of two case study interviews plus a behavioral interview with the product team. There were prep calls, videos, and articles to help candidates prepare in between rounds.

Get Ready for Your Upcoming Technical Interview

Interview prep for companies like Lyft can seem overwhelming. They require strategic planning, dedicated practice, and much hard work. 

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