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Top Java Microservices Interview Questions and Answers for Your Tech Interview

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Microservices are a key concept discussed in technical interviews for software engineers. Java Microservices interview questions are typically asked of experienced software engineers during coding and design interviews. In this article, we'll look at frequently asked Java Microservices interview questions for fresher and experienced developers to help you ace your tech interview.

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Let’s look at some popular Java Microservices interview questions that frequently feature in technical interviews. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Top Java Microservices Interview Questions and Answers
  • Java Microservices Interview Questions on Core Concepts
  • Security-based Java Microservices Interview Questions
  • Java Microservices Interview Questions on Inter-service Communication
  • FAQs on Java Microservices Interview Questions

Top Java Microservices Interview Questions and Answers

In this section, we’ll look at the most frequently asked Java Microservices interview questions and answers that you can expect at your Java developer interview. 

Q1. Which are some popular Java Microservices frameworks?

Some popular Java Microservices frameworks are:

  • Jakarta EE
  • Micronaut
  • Spring Boot
  • Spark Java
  • Axon Framework

Q2. What are the main features of Microservices in Java?

Some main features of Microservices are:

  • Component complexities are hidden from each other
  • The Data Management process is centralized
  • Microservices support Polyglot architecture
  • The architecture can be organized in accordance with business requirements
  • The application is made of small components or modules which can be easily managed
  • Microservices support implementation of DevOps

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Q3. How does communication take place between Microservices?

This is one of the most common Java Microservices interview questions asked in technical interviews. 

Communication takes place in two fashions:

Synchronous Communication - Synchronous Communication can occur through HTTP, FeignClient, WebClient, and Ribbon, using the RestTemplate. 

Asynchronous Communication - Asynchronous Communication occurs when the user doesn’t require an immediate response. This mode of communication can be achieved using Kafka, JMS Implementation, or RabbitMQ. 

Q4. When does Contract Testing become useful in Microservices?

 Contract testing is useful when multiple Microservices need to communicate with each other. It is mainly used to detect irregularities in application configuration and consumer workflow.  

Q5. What is the function of the Actuator in Spring Boot?

Actuators in Spring Boot are sub-projects used to provide Restful web services. Restful services are important to assess the current state of the application.

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Let’s look at some additional concept-based Java Microservices interview questions to help you prepare for your Java developer interview. 

Java Microservices Interview Questions on Core Concepts

  1. How do you handle disturbed transactions in Microservices?
  2. What is Sleuth in Microservices?
  3. What is Sipkin in Microservices?
  4. What do you understand about the Saga pattern in Microservices?
  5. What are independent operations in Microservices?
  6. What are some disadvantages of the Microservices architecture?

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Security-based Java Microservices Interview Questions 

  1. What do you understand about JWT?
  2. How would you go about configuring security at Resource Server Levels?
  3. What is a Resource Server?
  4. What do you understand about Token Relays? How do they happen?
  5. How does OAuth2 work?
  6. How does Spring security work in Microservices architecture?
  7. How do Resource Servers validate JWT tokens?

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Java Microservices Interview Questions on Inter-service Communication

  1. How does the Discovery Client work?
  2. What do you understand about Zuul?
  3. How does Load balancing work in Microservices?
  4. What are the main features of Spring Boot?
  5. What are the main features of the Axon framework?

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These Java Microservices interview questions will help you prepare for your next Java developer interview.

FAQs on Java Microservices Interview Questions

Q1. Why is Java a preferred language for Microservices?

Java is the most preferred language to write Microservices because its annotation syntax is the easiest to read among other OOP languages. Frameworks like Spring Boot and Angular make it easy to code Microservices applications. 

Q2. What do you understand about Microservices in Java?

Microservices are fundamentally a collection of software applications that perform limited, individual tasks in a modular format. Each individual component contributes to the program’s functioning, and each Microservice has its own code components.  

Q3. What types of Java Microservices interview questions can you expect?

You can expect Java Microservices interview questions at coding and systems design interviews, mostly for programmers with experience. 

Q4. Is Spring Boot built to write Java Microservice applications?

Although Spring Boot can be used to write Microservices, it isn’t built only to write Microservices applications. It can also be used to write advanced software programs in Java.  

Q5. What is the use of ZULL in Microservices applications?

ZULL is essentially an Application Program Interface Gateway application used to ensure optimal monitoring, dynamic routing, and resilience of applications. 

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