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Uber Software Engineer and Developer Salary — All Levels

Uber has grown from being just a taxi and ride-sharing service to an all-encompassing transit platform that also offers food delivery, package delivery, and freight transportation. Uber even offers vehicles for hire, and (through its partnerships), it now provides electric bikes, pedal cycles, and motorized scooter rentals. The company has constantly been evolving its services to meet the demands of the people. Uber is always moving forward (pun intended) because it relies on technology, and this has created some of the best tech roles in the industry. 

With a growth-driven approach to hold its business value, Uber has four segments – Mobility (formerly Rides), Delivery, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), and Other Technologies Programs. These four segments and the nature of the business – the dynamic interactions, the collection, processing, and generation of massive amounts of data, and the digitalization of several of its operations, ensures that there is a constant need for talented software engineers, coding engineers, and software developers. 

In this way, the company has created a job space with plenty of benefits and growth opportunities. As per current recruitment stats, Uber is a regular recruiter of software engineers, software developers, data scientists, and product managers with a strong technical background.

That said, it’s important to know about the company’s pay scale and compensation structure before applying for a job or before interviewing for it. If you’re a software engineer who wants to work in the ridesharing industry, and you have questions about the compensation at Uber – we’ve got you. In this article, we will talk about the following:

  • Uber Software Engineer Levels and Salaries
  • Stock Benefit Option in Uber Software Engineer Salary
  • Software Engineer Salaries: Uber vs. Other Technology Companies
  • Benefits of Working at Uber
  • Skills and Qualifications Required to Be a Software Engineer at Uber
  • Uber Software Engineer Interview Process

Uber Software Engineer Levels and Salaries

As a software engineer at Uber, the compensation depends on years of experience (overall or within the company) and what level the role falls within. Here’s the detailed structure of the main compensation components for the various software engineer positions.

Stock Benefit Option in Uber Software Engineer Salary  

Uber pays its software engineers (irrespective of the job role and level) a portion of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) as per their performance. Here, RSUs are subject to 4 years vesting schedule as 35% vests in the first year, 30% in the second year, 20% in the third year, and 15% in the fourth year. The other option is to have 25% of stock vested every year for a period of four years.

Software Engineer Salaries: Uber vs. Other Technology Companies

Here’s a look at how a software engineer’s salary at Uber compares with the salary ranges of software engineers at Google and Amazon (all salaries are approximate annual salaries in the US).

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Benefits of Working at Uber

As a tech-heavy company, the software engineers at Uber love the fast pace and the flexibility the company offers. Based on employee reviews, some of the reasons people at Uber are happy are because of the work culture, internal mobility, chance to work on cutting-edge technologies, loads of perks, career growth, and more. Apart from that, here are some of the main benefits of working at Uber:

  • Insurance: Dental, health savings account, life insurance, medical, and vision insurance coverage
  • Wellness:  Gender-neutral bathrooms, on-site mother’s room, gym membership plans
  • Social: Leaves such as maternity and paternity leave (every 16 weeks), unlimited PTO (paid time off), family medical leave
  • Food: Free breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks, and drinks
  • Flexibility: Remote work options 
  • Perks/Discounts: They provide USD 197/month employee credit, 17% Employee Discount

Skills and Qualifications Required to Be a Software Engineer at Uber

The software engineer position in Uber requires data engineers, software developers, product analysts, and system managers of various experience and expertise levels. Though these positions vary as per the job role, these are some of the general skills and qualifications that Uber looks for while hiring software engineers:

  • A bachelor’s degree, master's degree, or a doctorate as per job role and valuation
  • Knowledge of database development and management
  • Knowledge of remote sensing and GIS
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms, cloud data, and computing solutions
  • Knowledge of Java, Distributed Systems, Python, C++, JaveScript, and other coding languages (as per the job role)

Uber Software Engineer Interview Process

Uber’s recruitment process is similar to that of Google and Facebook. The candidate first has a phone screening, followed by multiple rounds of interviews and aptitude tests, and then some background checks. There are two phone screening rounds, one with the HR, and the other will be a technical interview. Both can go on for one hour each. 

In your interview prep, apart from brushing up on the fundamentals, and revising some of the projects you’ve worked on, make sure you go through these Uber Interview Questions with tips and sample answers.

Get familiar with the interview process so you know what to expect. Usually, for software engineer recruitments, Uber interviews include these evaluation stages:

  • Phone screen, where your personal details, work experience, industry knowledge, and growth planning will be evaluated. They’ll trace your behavioral attributes, ideas, focus, genuineness, and other professional manners attached to the company’s business ethics. 
  • Technical phone screen, where you’ll be interacting with one of Uber Engineering Managers, who will interview you on your technical knowledge, ask you to participate in a coding test, and question you about your relevant work experience.
  • Onsite interviews, which can include 4-6 rounds, including interactions with Uber employees, coding, and technical evaluation.

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