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InterSystems Software Engineer Salary in the US

The salary of an InterSystems software engineer is highly competitive among top tech companies. It hires the best software engineers who can use cutting-edge engineering strategies to help the company advance its applications for healthcare, finance, business, and government. The company is a driving force behind the world's most important applications.

The average InterSystems software engineer salary ranges from $90,000 to $128,000 per year, plus a variety of other benefits. Hundreds of applications are received in response to the lucrative InterSystems software engineer salary, making competition fierce.

If you want to work at InterSystems, you should know that the interview of the InterSystems software engineer is incredibly challenging. You must employ a solid tech interview preparation strategy to ace the interview. Continue reading to learn more about the InterSystems software engineer interview process, interview tips, InterSystems software engineer salary, levels, total compensations, benefits, and other important benefits and figures.

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You should understand the job levels of software engineers and their InterSystems software engineer salary package based on experience, company location, and skills.  

Here's what we'll cover:

  • What Does an InterSystems Software Engineer Do?
  • What Makes You Eligible for an InterSystems Software Engineer Position?
  • Average InterSystems Software Engineer Salary in the US
  • InterSystems Software Developer Salary by Levels
  • Top Skills That Can Help Elevate Your InterSystems Software Engineer Salary 
  • Benefits of Working as a Software Engineer at InterSystems
  • FAQs on InterSystems Software Salary

What Does an InterSystems Software Engineer Do?

Before moving on to the InterSystems software engineer salary, you must look at all that the role entails. You should check the official job description for position-specific software engineer roles and responsibilities. Here is an overview of some fundamental duties you will deliver as a software engineer at InterSystems.

  • You will design, test, modify, deploy, and debug software for client applications.
  • Write code in a programming language of your choice to create single-threaded, multi-threaded, and user interface event-driven applications.
  • Utilize visual development environments and source debuggers 
  • You should be adept in designing and developing cloud services (mainly Microsoft Azure) solutions.
  • You will be working with business stakeholders and catering to their requirements.
  • Develop end-to-end solutions
  • Employ software tools to automate and scale business systems and processes
  • You will participate in the documentation of technical design and functionality.
  • Learn, design, and develop innovative solutions using InterSystems HealthShare

The company adheres to the IRIS principle: Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive, and Scalable. You should be adept at creating products accordingly as this principle sets InterSystems apart from its competitors. The following points will help you understand the IRIS principle: 

  • Interoperable: It ensures applications are connected and information-rich. 
  • Reliable: The company aims at providing technologies that the clients can run 24/7 without interruption.
  • Intuitive: InterSystems architecture is based on simplicity and makes the code easy to employ and manage.
  • Scalable: The solutions can be scaled vertically and horizontally without compromising performance.

What Makes You Eligible for an InterSystems Software Engineer Position?

You need to understand the company's eligibility criteria and check whether you fit the requirements. If you wish to apply for a software engineer position, you must possess the following attributes: 

  • A bachelor's or master's degree without any running backlogs.
  • Preferred majors: Computer Science, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Engineering.
  • A proven record of prior coding experience in a language you choose, such as Python, Java, C++, JS, C#, AngularJS, JSON, etc.
  • Technical curiosity and creativity towards complex technical challenges

You must carefully scan the official job description to check the experience requirements, specific skills, and other details for the position you are applying to.  

Average InterSystems Software Engineer Salary in the US

The average InterSystems software engineer salary is $129,684 per year in the US (Source: This figure represents the total annual average salary in the US for software engineers, including the compensation components, such as houses, additional pay, stock options, and allowances.

Recommended Reading: Upskilling to Beat the Average Software Engineer Salary in the US in 2022

InterSystems Software Developer Salary by Levels

There is a marked difference between an InterSystems senior software engineer salary and InterSystems' entry-level software career. The InterSystems software engineer salary depends on various factors, including office location, years of experience, company experience, academic qualification, skills, etc. 

The various levels of InterSystems software engineer salary are mentioned here for your reference:


The following table includes the average InterSystems salary for various positions in the software engineering department:


Top Skills That Can Help Elevate Your InterSystems Software Engineer Salary 

Your skill-set can help you negotiate a higher InterSystems software engineer salary. Moreover, you can acquire a particular skill in your career and enhance your chances of getting promoted to a higher level with a bigger InterSystems software engineer salary. Here is a list of in-demand tech and soft skills to earn a higher than average InterSystems software engineer salary in the US: 

  • Proficiency in at least one popular programming language such as Python, Java, Go, Ruby, Scala
  • Demonstrated knowledge of InterSystems HealthShare/Ensemble/Cache
  • Expertise with scalable and secure cloud solution design and development
  • Front-end technologies such as CSS and JS 
  • Your proficiency in Version Control Systems (VCS), including Git, Apache
  • Strong experience in network, routing design, and implementation
  • Unix/Linux or Windows environments
  • Cisco ASA firewall experience
  • Cisco ACE load balancing module
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to respond promptly to complex technical support issues
  • Nexus switch configuration 
  • Proficiency in monitoring tools such as Nagios 
  • Scripting skills
  • Machine learning

You must check out the official job description for specific skills required for the software engineer position you are applying for at InterSystems. Incorporating those into your skill-set will help you land a higher InterSystems software engineer salary.

Benefits of Working as a Software Engineer at InterSystems

InterSystems offers a premier benefits package to its eligible employees in addition to InterSystems software engineer salary. It has several plans to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, and competitive package. Some of the benefits dedicated to the health, wellness, and security of software engineers their families are as follows:

  • Child care and parental leave benefits
  • Paid holidays and sick days
  • Retirement and stock option benefits
  • Vacation and generous PTO (a minimum of 23 PTO days per year)
  • Family medical leave
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Health, life, dental, disability, and pet insurance and mental health benefits
  • Wellness programs
  • 401(k) includes a profit-sharing program
  • Performance Bonus
  • Commuter benefits
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Adoption assistance
  • Company-sponsored family-oriented events 
  • Documented equal pay policy
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Professional development benefits
  • Continuing education stipend
  • On-site, company-wide new employee training
  • Mentorship program
  • Paid industry certifications

FAQs on InterSystems Software Salary

Q1. What is the salary range for a software engineer position at InterSystems?

You can expect your InterSystems software engineer salary to fall in the range of $90,000 to $128,000 per year in the US (Source:

Q2. What is the average hourly pay for InterSystems’ software engineers?

The average InterSystems software engineer salary is $52 per hour in the US, which is above the national average salary per hour for a software engineer position (Source:

Q3. What is the TET test in the InterSystems interview process?

The TET test is a part of the first stage of assessments in the InterSystems interviews. It consists of 20 questions that you must solve in approximately 35 minutes. You will be given a new concept of a (seemingly fictional) computer language for every question, and then you will have questions about applying all that you have learned. 

Q4. What is the InterSystems software developer salary in Boston?

The average salary for an InterSystems software developer in Boston is $1,10534 per year (Source:

Q5. How does the InterSystems software engineer salary compare to the national average for a software engineer position?

The average salary of a software engineer in the US is $121,203 per year, while the InterSystems software engineer salary is $129,684 per year, which is $8,481 more than the national average (Source:

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August 10, 2021

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