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Intel Software Engineer Salary — All Levels

Headquartered at Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California, Intel Corporation is one of the most preferred IT companies to work for by software engineers globally. 

Intel was ranked 45th in a Fortune 500 list featuring the largest corporations by total revenue in the United States for the fiscal period 2007-2016. 

Intel is known for its work culture, which encourages employees to function at their best. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a tech career at Intel, you might wonder about the typical wages at Intel. You might also wonder how the company remunerates its software engineers vis-a-vis other tech companies. 

As a preferred company to work with, you may also wonder about how to get through the tech interview to land a good offer at Intel. 

In this article, we delve into the following key aspects of software engineering salaries at Intel:

  • Intel Software Engineer/Software Developer Salary
  • Intel Software Engineer Salary — Stock Options
  • Intel Software Engineer Salary — Benefits
  • Intel Software Engineer Salaries by Location
  • How to Become a Software Engineer at Intel
  • How to Prepare for a Software Engineer Interview at Intel

Intel Software Engineer/Software Developer Salary

According to Indeed, the average annual pay for a software engineer at Intel in the United States is approximately $107,654 (which meets the national average).

Intel Senior Software Engineer Salary vs. Junior Software Engineer Salary

Salaries at Intel vary according to seniority and experience. 

Salary, here, refers to a combination of components viz. base salary, stock options, and bonus. The value of each component varies according to the level.

Outlined below are the salaries software engineers earn at Intel as entry-level/junior software engineers and senior software engineers.

  • Intel Senior Software Engineer Salary: A senior software engineer at Intel earns an average yearly compensation of $357,000 (approximately).
  • Intel Junior Software Engineer Salary: A fresh graduate or junior software engineer at Intel earns an average yearly compensation of $125,000 (approximately).

Intel Software Engineers — Salary Levels

Intel levels range from Grade 3 to Grade 14, with Grade 3 signifying entry-level and Grade 14 signifying the highest level.

Outlined below are salaries for software engineers at Intel based on job grades or job levels. (These salaries can vary based on location, experience, and roles).

Software Engineer Grade 5 (early-career)

  • Experience Required - 2 years 
  • Total Compensation - $125,000

Software Engineer Grade 6

  • Experience Required - 3 years
  • Total Compensation -  $136,000

Software Engineer Grade 7

  • Experience Required - 8 years
  • Total Compensation - $164,000

Software Engineer Grade 8

  • Experience Required - 10 years 
  • Total Compensation - $203,000

Software Engineer Grade 9

  • Experience Required - 9 - 13 years 
  • Total Compensation - $277,000

Software Engineer Grade 10

  • Experience Required - 20 years
  • Total Compensation - $357,000

Intel Software Engineer Salary — Stock Options

In addition to the two key salary components viz. base salary and bonus, stock options also form a major component of compensations paid to Intel software engineers and software developers. Intel issues stock options at all levels to reward employees for their performance.

Listed below are the annual stock options granted to software engineers at various job grade levels.

  • Grade 5 - $11,000
  • Grade 6 - $12,000
  • Grade 7 - $16,000
  • Grade 8 - $26,000
  • Grade 9 - $42,000
  • Grade 10 - $62,000

Intel Software Engineer Salary — Benefits

Intel offers attractive employee benefits programs. The IT giant offers a range of benefits to its software/coding engineers and software developers. 

Below is a compilation of benefits based on information provided by Intel employees on Glassdoor. 

Insurance, Health, and Wellness
  • Life Insurance 
  • Health Care / Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance
Financial and Retirement
  • Stock Options / Equity 
  • Performance Bonus 
  • Retirement Plan 
Family and Parenting
  • Childcare
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave 
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours 
  • Unpaid Extended Leave
  • Work From Home 
Vacation and Time-off
  • Sick Leave 
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Vacation and Paid Time-off 
Perks and Benefits
  • Employee Discount 
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Gym Membership 
Professional Support
  • Apprenticeship Program 
  • Job Training and Tuition 
  • Diversity Program 

Intel Software Engineer Salaries by Location

The average salary of a Software Engineer at Intel differs based on location. 

Given below are the average base salaries of five different Intel office locations in the US. 

  1. California - $152,407
  2. Chandler - $114,648
  3. Arizona - $107,895
  4. Florida - $106,112
  5. Colorado - $90,590

How to Become a Software Engineer at Intel

According to Intel, software engineers and developers who are successful within the organization generally possess the following educational qualifications: 

A bachelor’s degree in one or more of the following fields:
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • A master’s degree or Ph.D. for positions in certain technical areas

Intel also looks for engineers with sound experience in the following areas:

  • Software development and the latest computer languages
  • Sound knowledge of 
  • Agile programming
  • New technologies
  • Object-oriented design and analysis
  • Software development life cycle practices and methodologies
  • Software development process i.e., initiation to launch
  • Software security 
  • WRT coding

Software engineers/coding engineers/software developers at Intel should possess the ability to:

  • Develop sound code
  • Develop and implement ideas
  • Deal with the most difficult software problems
  • Function effectively with top talent
  • Understand applications for various devices, e.g., desktops, tablets, servers, in-car infotainment 
  • Project / present achievements via various channels viz. forums, whitepapers, blogs

How to Prepare for a Software Engineer Interview at Intel

Landing a job at Intel can be quite competitive, given that Intel Corp. is a leading global tech company.

Getting through technical interviews or coding interviews at Intel requires sound interview prep. This includes: 

  • A structured interview preparation plan
  • Focused practice on core tech concepts and interviewing skills 

Mock Interviews for Intel Software Engineer Interview Prep

Mock interviews are an effective way to prepare for technical interviews. 

Understanding and simulating the Intel tech interview experience will enable you to deliver a strong, role-relevant interview performance.

Practicing interviewing skills with tech industry professionals can better your chances of cracking the Intel software engineer interview. 

If you don’t have access to quality industry professionals to guide you through your interview preparation process, join our network of tech professionals.

Our team at Interview Kickstart includes instructors, counselors, and career coaches, who are hiring managers and tech leads from FAANG and other top tech companies.

With firsthand experience, knowledge, and a proven track record of helping over 9,000 software engineers crack the toughest tech interviews, Interview Kickstart can take your career to the next level. 

Avail professional guidance on how to get through the Intel coding interview with winning interviewing strategies and tips.

Join our free session to learn all about how you can nail your next tech interview.

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Last updated on: 
August 10, 2021

Swaminathan Iyer

Product @ Interview Kickstart | Ex | Business Management - XLRI Jamshedpur. Loves building things and burning pizzas!

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