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Google Front-End Engineer Interview Prep

Getting a job as a Google Front-End Engineer is truly an achievable goal with the right amount of preparation. Software developers targeting software engineering roles at Google need robust tech interview prep to have a real shot at clearing Google’s coding interviews. It is also crucial to develop interviewing skills that will serve you well even when you apply for roles such as an engineering manager or tech lead in the future.

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In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What Does a Google Front-End Engineer do?
  • What is the difference between a Google Front-End Engineer and a Back-End Developer?
  • What to expect in Google Front-End Engineer interviews?
  • How to become a Front-End Engineer at Google?
  • Typical Google Front-End Engineer interview structure
  • Sample Google Front-End Engineer interview questions 
  • Google Front-End Engineer interview tips
  • Google Front-End Engineer career FAQs

What Does a Google Front-End Engineer Do?

Expectations and responsibilities associated with the role often include:

  • Analyzing design requirements
  • Creating project plans
  • Working across teams and being a great team player
  • Documenting code
  • Programming in multiple languages with a knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Being skilled at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and knowledge of web libraries and frameworks like AngularJS, Polymer, Closure, or Backbone
  • Debugging websites 
  • Suggesting technical solutions to boost scalability, maintainability, and efficiency
  • Helping ensure all hardware and software works properly
  • Handling stress well and Managing complex project details

What Is the Difference Between a Google Front-End Engineer and a Back-End Developer?

While both need a background in programming and involve problem-solving and analysis, here are some differences between a Front-End and a Back-End Engineer:

What to Expect in Google Front-End Engineer Interviews?

Being a good enough software engineer at Google is a subset of what Google expects from you as a Front-End Software Engineer. Keep that in mind while preparing for the Google Front-End Engineer interview. Sometimes they could go easy with the coding questions for Front-End Engineers compared to Back-End Engineers. 

Additionally, you need to show domain knowledge as a Front-End Engineer. Be ready to answer any questions related to UI design, the tools you have used in the past, or may need to for this role. 

How to Become a Front-End Engineer at Google?

To ensure you nail the interview and land the Front-End Engineer role at Google, here are a few things you’ll need to do: 

  • Develop your skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Get some experience of using Angular/Polymer.
  • Practice various types of data structures and algorithms related questions. You will most likely encounter more software engineering questions than just specific front-end-related questions. 
  • Be prepared to solve problems in an OOP language of your choice on a whiteboard just as you would in any other Google software engineering interview.
  • Learn more about Google’s values and see how your experiences align with them.

Topics to Prepare for a Google Front-End Engineer Interview

Here are a few topics you could go through for your Front-End interview at Google: 

  • Data structures and algorithms, with a focus on trees and graphs
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript concepts and implementation
  • System design
  • OOP concepts and their application in at least one language

Skills Required for Google Front-End Engineer Interviews

See below the skills that are required for a Front-End Engineer interview at Google: 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Angular/Polymer/Backbone/Closure
  • C++/Java/Python
  • Problem-solving in limited time
  • UI Design, System Design

Typical Google Front-End Engineer Interview Structure

Your Google Front-End Engineer interview prep would benefit from knowing what the interview structure usually looks like. You can expect:

  • One phone interview with the recruiter
  • Three coding interviews that test your knowledge of data structures and algorithms as well as your domain expertise as a Front-End Engineer
  • One system design interview
  • One behavioral interview

Understanding the interview process in detail can help you better prepare for your  Google Front-End interview. 

Sample Google Front-End Engineer Interview Questions 

To help you prepare well for your Front-End Engineer interview at Google, we have listed some sample behavioral and technical questions. See below: 


  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What can you contribute to this team?
  • What would you do on your last day on Earth before going to live in space?


  • What is a closure, and how/why would you use one?
  • Explain the JavaScript module pattern. When would you use it?
  • Explain hoisting.
  • What is the width of an inverted binary tree?
  • How would you check if two binary trees are identical?

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Google Front-End Engineer Interview Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you ace your Front-End Engineer interview at Google: 

  • Prepare for your Google Front-End interview like you would for any other software engineering interview. You can expect coding questions involving data structures and algorithms that a BackEnd Engineer would encounter in Google interviews. 
  • Expect questions on tools/skills that your resume says you have experience in or those that are relevant to the role. Expect conceptual questions as well.
  • Ask about the future career path of people who have previously worked in this role to see if it fits well with your plans for your future.

Google Front-End Engineer Career FAQs

Q. What are some other top companies for a Google Front-End Engineer?

Successful e-commerce and social media companies tend to pay their Front-End Engineers quite well. This salary increase occurs because customers’ experience with their apps and websites depends significantly on the UI design. The general idea is that the more valuable a Front-End Engineer is to a company, the more you’re likely to be paid. 

You can also check out openings for Front-End Engineers at companies like Facebook, Apple, Target, and Walmart, where the compensation is great. The average salary for a Front-End Engineer in the US is around $107,617. You’re likely to earn more as a Front-End Engineer in places like Seattle compared to the amount you’d make in Atlanta or Boston.

Q. How can IK help you to be a Google Front-End Engineer?

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