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Facebook UX Researcher Salaries

Decoding user behavior, resolving software issues, monitoring and analyzing user data are some things UX researchers are expected to do. Everything Facebook does revolves around its user base. This makes UX researchers important in assisting them in improving the user experience. And as the digital age progresses, the demand for their expertise is just going up, not to mention the competitive Facebook UX Researcher salary.

In this article, we’ll look at how much a UX researcher at Facebook earns. We’ll also learn about the roles and responsibilities of a UX researcher.

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In this article, we’ll be covering:

  • What Does a UX Researcher at Facebook Do?
  • UX Researcher at Facebook: Skills and Responsibilities
  • Average Facebook UX Researcher Salary
  • Facebook UX Researcher Salary Based on Experience
  • Facebook UX Researcher Salary Compared to Other FAANG+ Companies
  • FAQs on Facebook UX Researcher Salary

What Does a UX Researcher at Facebook Do?

A UX researcher is responsible for researching user experience features present in computer software as well as other applications. They’re expected to come up with new ways to better end-user interaction using computer programs to maximize satisfaction and overall use.

They put together reports on market trends, user surveys, and analyze the data and report what they’ve deduced to their reporting manager. UX researchers also provide information and new ideas on what changes the user experience team and the other designers can make to the existing computer features and graphics.

As their main motive behind all that research is improving the user experience, they work on innovative solutions to resolve any existing issues. Creating strategies to carry out user experience changes, doing task analysis, troubleshooting remote applications, and implementing prototype testing are some other things that UX researchers do.

Researcher at Facebook: Skills and Responsibilities

In order to start working as a UX researcher at Facebook, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field that this post requires. Previous experience in a related role is also required.

Some important skills you’ll need to have:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to work well with minimal supervision
  • Good analytical skills

Responsibilities of a UX researcher:

  • Interacting with clients to see what the requirements are and set expectations accordingly
  • Analyzing and reporting user data they come up with during research to the design team
  • Coming up with different scenarios as well as stories and then coordinating with the other teams
  • Designing and leading user focus groups and data collection to elevate the user experience 

Facebook Average UX Researcher Salary

As you may already know, the average Facebook UX Researcher’s salary depends on a number of factors such as experience, educational background, location, and so on. The average Facebook UX researcher's salary is $118,745 per year. This includes a base salary of $101,245 plus a bonus of $17,500. This total pay is $21,499 more than the national average for a UX Researcher. UX Researcher salaries at Meta can range from $90k to $135k, with equity ranging from $10k to $100k or more. (Source:

If you want some help cracking the Facebook phone screen round, read Facebook Phone Interview Questions.

Facebook UX Researcher Salary Based on Experience

A lot of factors are considered when determining the salary of a UX researcher. One of the most important factors is experience. Based on experience, the average Facebook UX researcher salary has been listed below:


Facebook UX Researcher Salary Compared to Other FAANG+ Companies

To give you a clear sense of how the average Facebook UX researcher salary fares when compared to other FAANG+ companies, we’ve put together a table:


As you can see, while Facebook pays a competitive UX Researcher salary than most of the other FAANG+ companies, Apple pays the most. So when you start applying, keep these in mind and prepare accordingly. Note that these are the base salaries and don't include bonuses.

FAQs on UX Researcher Facebook Salary

Q1. What is the average salary of a UX researcher at Facebook?

On average, the average base salary of a UX researcher at Facebook is $118,745 per year.

Q2. Does Facebook pay a good salary?

The average base salary at Facebook is $120,000 per year. This is pretty good, as per industry standards.

Q3. Do UX researchers get paid well?

On average, UX researchers in the US make anywhere between $88,000 to $134,000. The salary varies from company to company and depends on a number of factors such as location, experience, and so on.

Q4. Is UX researcher a good career choice?

If you’re someone who has an inquisitive mind and likes to learn about things in-depth, being a UX researcher might just be the perfect job for you. Further, it’s an in-demand job in a highly popular industry.

Q5. Which pays better, UX or UI?

On average, UX designers in the US make $115,743 per year, while a UI designer makes $73,040 per year. Clearly, UX pays better than UI.

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Last updated on: 
August 10, 2021

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