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What Is the Average Python Developer Salary? [2023 Guide]

Do you know why Python is stealing the spotlight among other computer programming languages? Well, it's all about its unparalleled versatility!
The language is used in many fields, including data science and engineering. Having a strong command of Python makes you a great warrior in the field of computer science, increasing your demand in the job market and promising a competitive Python developer salary

As you grow your expertise in the language with certain skills and experience levels, your prospects of acing interviews in FAANG+ companies soar. 

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In this article, we will provide you with an idea of the average Python engineer salary in the United States, along with how different factors, such as experience and location, possibly impact the total compensation.

Here is what we will cover in the article:

Factors Influencing Python Developer Salary

Have you ever wondered why Python developers who passed out from the same college earn variable salaries? Certain factors significantly influence a Python developer's salary, including. 

  • Experience Level: Companies hiring Python developers provide different salaries to individuals based on their level of experience. The average salary of entry-level, senior, and lead Python developers can never be the same. The higher pay is a reward for their dedication, expertise, and the value they bring to the organization.
  • Skills and Specialization: Skills are important to perform better among others. Certain certification courses enhance the abilities of Python developers. A skilled professional understands, distinguishes, and resolves the issue in a core framework. Thus, companies prefer professionals with honed skills over candidates who just have strong theoretical knowledge.
  • Location: Salaries differ with region and country. It completely relies on the country’s living standards and economic conditions. For instance, an entry-level Python developer's salary is higher in the United States in comparison to small countries where the cost of living is low or isn’t technically advanced.

Average Python Developer Salary

We always question how much Python programmers make on average. In the United States of America, the average Python developer salary is $102,807 per annum. However, the average additional cash compensation for Python developers is $6,040, which ranges from $4,530 to $8,456

The average Python programmer's salary fluctuates over time. The variation in salary relies on the employer’s experience level, skills, and specialization, along with other factors like location, brand name, and others. 

Python Developer Salary By Experience:

The more experienced the Python developer, the higher the salary. 

  1. Entry-Level or Junior Python Developer

An entry-level Python developer or junior Python developer salary is $1,04,987 per annum. FAANG companies are the highest-paying ones in the job market. For instance, the average Entry-level Python programmer salary is $106,255 per annum in Meta.

  1. Senior Python Developer

A senior Python coder's salary is $136,287 per annum on average. However, FAANG companies like Facebook (Meta) offer $153,046 to $212,152 per annum, Amazon offers $102,245 to $175,465 per annum, and Google pays $117,293 to $202,238 per annum to those with 7 to 9 years of experience.

  1. Python Developer IV

Python developer IV is the lead post and earns an average salary of $138,941 per annum. In addition, FAANG offers the most competitive salaries among other top tech companies. For instance, a Python developer with 15+ years of experience earns up to $187,349 per annum in Amazon, up to $216,160 per annum in Meta, and almost $211,742 per annum in Google. 

Python Developer Salary By Location

Location is one of the major factors that significantly influence a Python developer's salary. Let us explore the highest-paying cities in the United States for Python developers. 

Here, we enlisted top-paying locations in the United States with their average Python developer salary.

Location Salary of Python Developer
Chicago, Illinois $150,494 per annum
Houston, Texas $130,768 per annum
Charlotte, North Carolina $127,506 per annum
Fort Worth, Texas $127,204 per annum
New York City, New York $123,731 per annum

Python Developer Salary at Top Tech Companies

The type and the size of the company are other factors that impact a Python developer’s salary. Top tech companies pay more in comparison to low-size companies or start-ups. For instance, IBM pays Python developers an estimated average salary of $124,501 per annum.

Here, we have mentioned ten top tech companies that offer the best salaries in the United States for Python developers. 

Top Tech Companies Average Salary of Python Developer
Capital One $109,987 per year
Emonics $85,803 per year
APLOMB Technologies $73,090 per year
Precision Technologies Corp $93,367 per year
Google $204,151 per year
CyberCodes $102,679 per year
Xenon Infotek $105,293 per year
Pro-Tek Consulting $96,600 per year
Bank of America $100,381 per year
Career Soft Solutions $95,323 per year

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FAQs About Python Developer

Q1. How much time does it take to learn Python?

Python is easy to learn. It takes a minimum of two and a maximum of six months to learn the fundamentals of Python programming. Mastering Python involves the development of vast arrays of libraries, which take months or years to learn based on dedication.

Q2. Is Python worth learning for jobs?

Python is worth learning due to its versatility. It is simple and has better career opportunities in diverse tech fields. 

Q3. State the uses of Python in the real world.

Python is used in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development, web scraping, software development, and web development.

Q4. Is Python difficult?

No. Python is considered to be the easiest programming language to learn.

Q5. What skills are required for a Python developer?

Certain skills are important for the Python developer, including familiarity with Python libraries, a strong command of Python language, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Knowledge of Python frameworks, understanding of object-relational mapper (ORM), and understanding of multi-process architecture.

Last updated on: 
December 14, 2023

Vartika Rai

Product Manager at Interview Kickstart | Ex-Microsoft | IIIT Hyderabad | ML/Data Science Enthusiast. Working with industry experts to help working professionals successfully prepare and ace interviews at FAANG+ and top tech companies

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