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Interview Kickstart Reviews

See what Students & Instructors are saying about Interview Kickstart

Gaurab Paul

This is an amazing program: if attended sincerely it will uplevel the thought process towards software development! The foundational videos by Omkar were unique and exceptional in the sense that it provided something not found in medium articles or other online programs or in any single textbook on Data structures and Algorithms. And the lectures for the coding sections were by industry veterans bringing in actual interview perspectives and rating procedures.

Before IK there were a lot of things I knew from my Computer Engineering classes, but IK brought in patterns around various industry relevant topics not assimilated anywhere . For example, the way combinatorial enumeration/optimization/counting problems are taught here, using DP versus graphs versus greedy versus branch-and-bound techniques by Omkar, no other online programs gives that perspective. As well as learning different algorithmic techniques like divide-and-conquer, decrease-and-conquer, transform-and-conquer etc. So that was clearly the best part of the program for me.

Last but not the least, hats off to the overall approach to the program; systems design recipes by Niloy plus Aniruddh's TC sessions - systems design is a vast area and depends on the individual's past experience; the TC sessions by Yuval, Sushanth, Akshay and others; and the mocks and behavioral by Nick, Tasneem, Harshit, CG as well. Definitely worth the time for upleveling.

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