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Interview Kickstart Reviews

See what Students & Instructors are saying about Interview Kickstart

R. Or

Interview Kickstart is really awesome. I enrolled in Interview Kickstart because I wanted to get into a platform role position for the first time and wanted a structured interview preparation. By the end of the course, I felt very confident in my interviews and was able to get into Atlassian. Foremost, the curriculum was really great. Interview Kickstart shows you how to think when solving a problem using fundamentals. The foundational videos and system design template from Niloy helped me learn how to approach problems. Using this strategy, solving complex problems became manageable. The mock interviews were also very helpful. One of my mock interviews was led by someone at Atlassian which was very helpful. The IK Connect feature also helped me find an alumni at Atlassian which helped me get valuable insights into management roles. I also enjoyed the various workshops around Interview Kickstart. Soham and Ryan’s session helped me understand more about the industry. The most valuable part of the program for me was the career coaching and technical coaching sessions. Nick’s advice of using tier 2 companies as practice companies helped me excel in my interviews. The technical coaching sessions were very informative because I got to see how different people approached problems in different ways. Overall, I was very happy with the course.

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