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Interview Kickstart Reviews

See what Students & Instructors are saying about Interview Kickstart

A. Ma

I am really happy I have taken Interview Kickstart! I have been working at the same company for over 15 years, so I took this course to help give me a structured interview preparation and see what is expected in interviews. After going through Interview Kickstart, what I expected was well delivered. I learned how to solve problems using patterns which helped me solve difficult problems. The course provided many different topics such as sorting, recursion, graphs, and dynamic programming that provided me multiple avenues for learning different concepts of topics that were asked in interviews. Also, the instructors were amazing! Omkar and Manoj were my favorite instructors. Lastly, the mock interviews were very useful. It helped me understand what is expected in interviews and showed me what I needed to work on. After completing the course, I accepted an offer at Dolby.

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