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Current Openings

Part-time Computer Science Instructor
Part-time Career Coach
Part-time Machine Learning Instructor
Part-time Embedded Systems Instructor
Part-time Data Engineering Instructor
Part-time Test Engineering Instructor
Part-time Frontend Instructor
Part-time Data Science Instructor
Part-time Cloud Instructor
Part-time Product Management Instructor
Part-time TPM Instructor

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Our Core Values

Build a platform where anyone can Uplevel

Be an Owner
You don’t need a fancy title to help move the needle. Everyone’s ideas are created equal.
Be Curious
You are with us because you are smart. Ask questions, explore the realms outside your team and expand your sphere of influence
Be Willing to say “I Don’t Know”
That’s why students come to us, and that’s how the best learning journeys begin.
Be a Wanderer
We are fully remote, and we love seeing where you are logging in from. Make a difference from anywhere around the world.

Life @ IK

Interview Kickstart is a company that truly cares, both for its employees and its customers. It's very reassuring to see the founders care so deeply about things that help boost employee morale and the wellbeing of their families.

The company is truly mission-driven, whatever I do, I can see the positive impact of it on customers every single day. Like any other fast-growing startup, it has it's quirks too, no lavish parties or fancy offices but if doing good work is what drives you, this is the place to be.

There has not been one single day where I have not been thankful for the fact that I am part of this wonderful organisation.
Santosh Rout
Head of Sales
Interview Kickstart is an amazing place to work and grow.

When I met the founders, I could not help but get excited by the prospect of building a mission-driven company that would empower the world's professionals to take control of their career growth. At that time, we were a single-cubicle operation, serving roughly 20 students per month.

Fast-forward a few short years later, we are an international operation with over 80 full-time employees, serving nearly 500 students a month. Watching this growth has been one of the single-greatest adventures of my life.

Over the last 4.5 years, I have been challenged in ways that I could not have imagined in other work environments. I have been empowered to find creative solutions for our students, build a team of incredible career coaches, and have formed relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you are ready to put in the work to build a world in which professional opportunity is truly accessible by all, I encourage you to apply!
Nick Camilleri
Head of Career Curriculum
Every week provides an opportunity to think about how to innovate new trails in computer science education, coupled with messages of gratitude from students who feel deeply impacted by the work we do, both before and after getting offers. This is real, meaningful work for me.
Omkar Deshpande
Head of Technical Curriculum

Our Culture

Watch Ryan, our cofounder, talk about the culture at IK