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  • An inside look into the FAANG hiring process
  • Proven strategy for cracking FAANG interviews
  • 4 key areas to prepare for tech interviews
  • How to accelerate your prep with FAANG experts
Hosted by our founding team
30,000+ Candidates have taken this webinar

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Hosted by our founding team
30,000+ Candidates have taken this webinar

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IK was great because its structure helped me really understand each problem in my interview. Also, it was super helpful to do the mock interviews. The instructors were very helpful in finding my weaknesses and was very helpful in my interviews.

Mike Kane

Offers from :

I was able to get an offer at Google! All of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. Overall, this program was really well put together. Kudos to Soham and the team for creating this great program.

Jaime Lichauco

Offers from :

Interview Kickstart provides you with a solid platform to strengthen your algorithm and interview game. If you are looking to improve your algorithmic skills or Interview skills, I suggest IK. I've gotten 14 offers, including FAANG, after the course!

Rupesh Dabbir

Offers from :

I particularly loved Mr. Omkar's sessions which helped in increasing my coding speed.I had a one on one with Technical coach Nick & he gave me good suggestions on handling difficult situations. Overall had a very happy ending to the programme.

Divya Ranga

Offers from :

The experience with Interview Kickstart was phenomenal. It was worth it. After so many years of interviewing, Interview Kickstart helped me a lot in orienting myself and getting into the rhythm. Had a transition from Goldman Sachs to Facebook.

Akshay Lodha

Offers from :

Omkar was my favorite instructor and his sessions did help me a lot to understand the concepts in a well structured manner. The way he used to apply the concepts in solving problems and the general structure of his approch was really fantasitc.

Sujay Ghosh

Offers from :

“IK helped me get into Facebook! I interviewed at Apple, Google, and Facebook, and aced all of the algorithms questions because of IK’s help. Omkar’s teaching was amazing and really helped me understand each concept.”

Ahmet Alptekin

Offers from :

All the instructors were really helpful and Omkars classes were exceptional. It helped me get offers from Apple,Facebook and Google.The flexibility of the program was really good because the recordings of the classes which were provided after the class did help me a lot to cover the potions that I missed.

Vikram Subramanya

Offers from :

My favorite instructors at Interview Kickstart were Niloy Mukherjee and Nikhil Kolekar as they really helped me understand Distributed Systems and Object Modeling. After Interview Kickstart, I was able to get into Salesforce.

Ajay Eppili

Offers from :