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150+ Power Words to Make your Resume Stand Out

Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes during the hiring process. After a point of time, all of them start appearing repetitive since several candidates possess the qualifications required for the job, and all of them use the same overplayed terms like a team player, a critical thinker, a hard worker, etc. So how does one make sure that their resume catches the eye of the recruiter? This is where strong and compelling resume power words come into play.

These power words provide the employer with an idea about who you have previously worked with, how do you work, and what were the results that your work yielded. All of this can be effortlessly communicated through your resume with the help of action verbs.

Here's what this article will cover:

  1. What are power words in a resume?
  2. Why should you use power words in your resume?
  3. Finding out which power words to use in your resume
  4. What not to say in a resume?

What are power words in a resume?

The type of language you use in your resume plays a key role in helping the recruiter form a good first impression of you. Using stale and clichéd terms is definitely not the smartest way to go about it. This is why you need power words to use on your resume to upgrade the quality of your resume and save the recruiter from having to read about another “dedicated leader.”

Power words are quick and effective action verbs that showcase your skills and help the employer get a better understanding of you as a candidate. Using “Collaborated with the team” sounds much better than “worked with.” These minor changes can contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of your resume.   You can use these verbs anywhere in the resume. Some power words for your resume summary include amplified, advanced, delivered, created, etc.

Why should you use power words in your resume?

Your resume has to be tailored as per the job that you are applying for. If you are applying to a company that has an automated resume tracking system, you will be out of the race in case you haven’t used the right keywords. do not have the right keywords used in your resume. Here’s why using the right words is super important:

  • Improves the readability- While using specific industry terms is important, you do not want your resume to be impossible to be read by someone outside the industry. This is why you need to use power words that provide a better understanding of what your experiences job entailed.
  • Compelling language- Strong power words for resume skills can help you describe your skills without being repetitive. A resume with a more compelling language has a better chance of getting noticed by the employer.
  • Better descriptions- Power words are more descriptive, which makes your skills appear more impactful. The employer appreciates the efforts that you have put in for the position, and there are higher chances of you getting considered for the job.

You can add power words throughout your resume. Some power words for a resume objective include: accelerated, concluded, diagnosed, and discovered, among others. etc.

Finding out which power words to use in your resume

The first thing that you should do is carefully go through the job description of the position that you are applying for. Then you can browse through resume power words by category to find the ones that align with your own skillset and the requirements of the job posting.

Also, find out about the values of the organization that you are applying for and try to integrate that into your resume. Here are some power word categories that can help you pick out the right action verbs for your resume.

  • Leadership power words: If you have worked in a key leadership position, you could use the following power words to describe your day to day work.
  1. Authorized
  2. Chaired
  3. Coached
  4. Counseled
  5. Delegated
  6. Developed
  7. Educated
  8. Enabled
  9. Fostered
  10. Guided
  11. Managed
  12. Mentored
  13. Supervised
  14. Taught

  • Sales or customer service: A sales or a customer service position demands some special skills. You can highlight these using the following power words.
  1. Advanced
  2. Advocated
  3. Achieved
  4. Boosted
  5. Built
  6. Captured
  7. Convinced
  8. Earned
  9. Enhanced
  10. Expanded
  11. Fielded
  12. Performed
  13. Persuaded
  14. Stimulated
  15. Yielded

  • Communication or creative: For professionals with a communication-related or creative role, using the following power words can help portray the relevant skills and experience. You can also include certain resume power words for customer service to demonstrate your communication skills.
  1. Aided
  2. Authored
  3. Collaborated
  4. Constructed
  5. Conveyed
  6. Created
  7. Demonstrated
  8. Developed
  9. Drafted
  10. Edited
  11. Formulated
  12. Guided
  13. Interacted
  14. Modified
  15. Shared
  16. Showcased
  17. Transformed
  18. Translated
  19. Upgraded
  20. Visualized

  • Technical role: The following list of resume power words works best when applying for a technical role.
  1. Advanced
  2. Architected
  3. Automated
  4. Coded
  5. Deployed
  6. Designed
  7. Developed
  8. Discovered
  9. Engineered
  10. Implemented
  11. Programmed
  12. Tested
  13. Transformed
  14. Troubleshot
  15. Upgraded

  • Project management:  If you are applying for a project management position, use the following power words in your resume.
  1. Coordinated
  2. Delegated
  3. Executed
  4. Established
  5. Facilitated
  6. Forecasted
  7. Formulated
  8. Formalized
  9. Guided
  10. Implemented
  11. Inspected
  12. Initiated
  13. Introduced
  14. Launched
  15. Managed
  16. Organized
  17. Planned
  18. Processed
  19. Prioritized
  20. Proposed
  21. Reorganized
  22. Reported
  23. Represented
  24. Tested
  25. Tracked
  • Communication skills: To display your communication skills, use these action verbs:
  1. Campaigned
  2. Composed
  3. Instructed
  4. Performed
  5. Promoted
  6. Spoke
  7. Trained
  • Organizational skills: If you possess impeccable organizational skills, this is how you can add it to your resume:
  1. Accomplished
  2. Charted
  3. Constructed
  4. Condensed
  5. Integrated
  6. Modified
  7. Revitalized
  • Management skills: Power words that can help better portray your management capabilities include the following:
  1. Aligned
  2. Augmented
  3. Championed
  4. Cultivated
  5. Identified
  6. Implemented
  7. Integrated
  8. Leveraged
  9. Optimized
  10. Reconciled
  11. Restructured
  12. Sustained

Some other resume power words by category

  • If you introduced or developed a project for your company by yourself, here are the power words that you should use in your resume.
  1. Charted
  2. Built
  3. Administered
  4. Engineered
  5. Founded
  6. Established
  7. Formed
  8. Formalized
  9. Pioneered
  10. Spearheaded

  • Led a Project in the past? Awesome, but it’s better to steer clear of the term “led” and use the following power words to use on resume to shine amongst all the candidates.
  1. Headed
  2. Operated
  3. Oversaw
  4. Coordinated
  5. Controlled
  6. Chaired
  7. Executed
  8. Organized
  9. Orchestrated
  10. Produced

  • If you have saved the company time or money, you’ll automatically be the employer’s favorite candidate. Here’s how you should word it:
  1. Conserved
  2. Reduced
  3. Yielded
  4. Deducted
  5. Consolidated
  6. Decreased
  7. Diagnosed

  • In case you were an employee that helped increase the efficiency, sales, revenue, or customer satisfaction in any way, you can use the following power action words for resume to humblebrag.
  1. Accelerated
  2. Amplified
  3. Capitalized
  4. Delivered
  5. Expanded
  6. Expedited
  7. Enhanced
  8. Gained
  9. Maximized
  10. Outpaced

  • You can also talk about the changes or improvements that you brought about.
  1. Clarified
  2. Converted
  3. Customized
  4. Influenced
  5. Modified
  6. Overhauled
  7. Redesigned
  8. Refined
  9. Simplified
  10. Standardized
  11. Upgraded
  12. Transformed

  • Instead of using the plain old “led a team,” use the following eye-catching words in your resume.
  1. Aligned
  2. Cultivated
  3. Directed
  4. Guided
  5. Hired
  6. Inspired
  7. Mentored
  8. Supervised
  9. Trained
  10. Unified

  • If you were able to bring in partners, funding, or any other resources for the previous organization, you could add the following words to your resume:
  1. Acquired
  2. Navigated
  3. Negotiated
  4. Partnered
  5. Secured

  • Some resume power words for customer service that can be used instead of “supported customers”:
  1. Advised
  2. Arbitrated
  3. Consulted
  4. Fielded
  5. Informed
  6. Resolved

  • If you were particularly involved in research, analysis, or fact-finding for the company, you could add the following terms to properly communicate it.
  1. Analyzed
  2. Assessed
  3. Audited
  4. Evaluated
  5. Examined
  6. Forecasted
  7. Investigated
  8. Mapped
  9. Surveyed
  10. Tested

  • Use the following words to convey to the recruiter that communication skills are your strong suit.
  1. Briefed
  2. Composed
  3. Convinced
  4. Corresponded
  5. Counseled
  6. Defined
  7. Documented
  8. Persuaded
  9. Publicized
  10. Published
  11. Reviewed

  • In case you oversaw or regulated any aspect of the business, use these power words to showcase that.
  1. Authorized
  2. Delegated
  3. Enforced
  4. Ensured
  5. Inspected
  6. Monitored
  7. Screened
  8. Verified

  • Any other achievement of yours, any department awards that you bagged, or the goals you accomplished should also find a place on your resume.
  1. Attained
  2. Awarded
  3. Completed
  4. Earned
  5. Outperformed
  6. Reached
  7. Showcased
  8. Succeeded
  9. Targeted

What not to say in a resume?

While we have talked at lengths about what should be included in your resume, there are some overused terms that you should steer clear of.  These are the terms that are overused in every resume and can make it come across as boring or repetitive.

  • Go-getter
  • Hard worker
  • Expert
  • Innovative
  • Team player
  • Results-driven
  • Detail-oriented
  • Focused
  • Great
  • Super
  • Excellent

There are several other resume dictionary power words that can help you land the job of your dreams.  The above-given words can help you with your professional branding and come across as a better-informed candidate to the hiring manager. While these power words are extremely helpful in getting the attention of the employer, you do not have to stuff your entire resume with these. Being repetitive with these words will end up causing you more harm than good. This is why you should stick to only limited usage of the power words in your resume.

Just being educationally qualified for a job isn’t enough to get the position. You should be able to recount your skills and capabilities in the best possible manner. The most effectual way to do so is by creating a well-crafted resume that provides the employer with a clear idea of all your skills and strengths. Use these resume power words to stand out from the thousands of people applying for the same position as you.

Last updated on: 
October 26, 2023

Vartika Rai

Product Manager at Interview Kickstart | Ex-Microsoft | IIIT Hyderabad | ML/Data Science Enthusiast. Working with industry experts to help working professionals successfully prepare and ace interviews at FAANG+ and top tech companies

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