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How to Write the Best Career Objective in Your Resume: With Examples and Tips

A resume objective says a lot about your intentions and ambitions for the organization and your career at large. In order to catch the attention of recruiters, it is super-important to have a crisp and telling resume objective.

In this article, we look at some proven tips to write the best resume objective. Here's what we'll be covering:

- Why do you need an objective on a resume?

- What is a resume objective, and why is it essential?

- How to write a good objective for resume, or what should you include in your resume objective?

- Resume objective type

- Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Resume Objective

- Resume objective examples by job title

Why do you need an objective on a resume?

If you are wondering if indeed “do I need an objective on my resume,” you should know that a resume lists your experience, personal details, and of course, your professional skills and achievements. However, it does not give a personalized perspective of what you are good at, or what you excelled at in your last job, or maybe where you are just an exceptional performer.

All of these make an objective on a resume a must and almost an indispensable part. The employers get to know what you have achieved, and sometimes, can even fathom what you can achieve, being a part of the organization. So, to answer the question “does a resume need an objective, yes. It is a definitive yes.

The objective, in essence, throws the ball in the recruiter’s court, as you have put forward what an ace you are already, and now it is on him/her to decide what is best for the company.

Convincing what is best for a company is not the hardest job, but to let them know that you are the best person for the job is. The objective of your resume is your cue to flaunt your best cards and win the pot.  

What is a resume objective, and why is it essential?

When you are perplexed about how to write an objective for a resume, you can always pen a few words which talk about your skill and experience, and of course, strengths that enable you to perform your tasks. All of these are an effort to make sure that the employer knows what you can bring to the table.

Recruiters are always in search of catalysts for positive business growth, and the requirements do not really fit someone who is unable to understand the importance of time.

Efficiency plays an anchor role in portraying how well you can handle your tasks, which makes resume objective so integral and critical in the journey of job search and success - exactly what Apple interview questions intend to find out. Knowing what to include is something you are going to learn in the course of this article. For added advantage in behavioral questions, you can always opt for mock interview online and be on your way to glory.

How to write a good objective for your resune?

If, in case, you are wondering do you need an objective on a resume and what to include in it, there are a few things that you need to care about in order to materialize your objective with style and panache. The key mission of this section is to let your recruiter know about your specialties and make a strong case for yourself as the best candidate for the post.

Shawn is looking for a new job and decides to make a new resume objective, which will inform of the recent project that he worked at in his last organization. In fact, he needed to take over the project as his project manager suddenly fell ill. It is a completely new experience for him, and his first stint at handling a team, which he passed with flying colors. Including these along with his time management, man-management, and workflow maintenance skills, he has done it all. He dreams of becoming a leader in a reputed software developing company. The interviewer knew that Shawn could be an ideal candidate with his quick adapting skills and ability to lead on short notice, making him a versatile suit for the job. A quick glance at the resume objective relayed it to the interviewer.

Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don’t think you can, you won’t. - Jerry West

If you are unsure about what to put in the objective section of the resume, the same are elucidated below:

  • Your professional goals: This is the first on the list of things to include in a convincing resume objective. Like Shawn, it will be beneficial for you to add your professional goals to let the interviewer know what you are planning to achieve in life and the steps you have already taken towards the realization of those goals. It signifies the effort you are willing to put in order to make yourself an ace for the job.
  • Your experience levels: The metric of judging what you know and how much you can implement them on the job depending on your experience level. Without it, an employer will not be easy to convince about the proficiency you have mastered, and if you cannot, the mission immediately meets a premature end. Mentioning how ably you can perform with your skillset due to the vast experience you have gained with all the various types of tasks which you have successfully dealt with. Ample evidence of your achievement or work does the trick.
  • Your most relevant skills: It will be kind of redundant if you are getting up on a bus without really knowing the route of the bus or the stops it is going to make. Similarly, the result of a resume objective that does not flaunt your skillset is practically a null and void resume. Ensuring you enlist the most relevant skills is your top priority. Skillsets are your tickets to efficiency and success, and it only makes sense to make it a mandate on your resume to gain maximum traction in the job interview.  

Making yourself a potential winner is an aim you need to achieve through this section, while adequate interview practice online can naturally get you the extra edge over others.

Resume objective types

  • Entry-level Applicant: For an entry-level applicant, the preliminary message when considering his options as to what to put in the objective section of a resume is your ability to be apt for the job. You can always choose the content of the objective based on the requirements published by the hiring company and streamline some of your successes or accomplishments with the published requisitions.

An apt example of how to write an objective in a resume is:

I am a dynamic individual with excellent knowledge of Java, C++, and MySQL. I look forward to working as a systems engineer and achieve success within a company framework for the betterment of my skills and the organization.

  • Switching careers: In the hubbub of the corporate jungle, it is a regular occurrence that people are looking for a job switch and even switching careers altogether. In such a case, it is best to shuffle your previous experiences and only mention skills that are relevant for the job you are applying for.  Listing your accomplishments is an infallible strategy to gain your interviewer’s attention. All this must be kept brief, as it is not about telling stories but about stating facts in a concise manner.

If you are looking for an example of how to write a good objective for a resume while applying for a career switch, here you go!

An experienced professional at software development with significant knowledge in programming languages like Python, Java, and C++. Developed multiple applications for Android for entrepreneurs, with over a million downloads. I am applying to SDF Digital Media to contribute vitally with my requisite past experience and proficiency in handling tasks under pressure, with unwavering quality and dedication.  

  • Re-entering the Workforce: If you are indeed wondering about what to include in an objective that will describe a person re-entering a workforce of an organization he/she has already worked with. It is true that your employer is already aware of what you bring to the company, but nonetheless, it will be in your best interest if you do mention why it is beneficial for the company to hire you and what you specifically add to the workforce. Never forget to remember that it is an attempt to engross your potential employer on what are the things which you do, rather than what you have already achieved.
  • High School Student: Although you do not have much experience as of yet, it never hurts to let the employer know about the uniqueness of your abilities and skillsets, which make you an ideal suit for the job. Do not shy away because you are unsure of how to write an eye-catching resume objective. Mention what you excel at, even at a preliminary level. Your employer understands that you have no acquired skills yet, but to let him/her know what you have got is what you need to take care of yourself.
  • College Student: If you are a college student and applying for a part-time job, a resume is always handy to have at your disposal, which talks about the qualities which you have and the benefit of the organization by hiring you for the post. Since you are at a phase that is more of a learning phase than an execution face – remember to mention your flexibility and intermittent intent towards learning and catching new concepts and implementing them at the work you do can make a convincing call of your readiness to imbibe the new.  
Supervisor resume objective example

If you are a supervisor and looking for an apt example of what to put in the objective section of a resume, take a look:

Highly motivated supervisor with proven experience of critical problem-solving skills and specialize in delivering a project on deadline without failure, at all costs. I intend to be an impetus for the growth of both organization and myself and work towards achieving the company goals with dedication and sincerity.  

Manager resume objective

Many seeking jobs are unsure of what to put in the objective section of their resume. An example is listed below for your reference.

I am a performance-driven manager in search of an organization where I can realize my full potential and be a catalyst for business growth.  My previous stint at ABC Digital is instrumental towards my skilled leadership and innovative approach in problem-solving, and consistent efforts at maintaining team spirit with an organized approach. Dedicated to meet deadlines, work pressure drives me to perform better.

Director resume objective example

With years of proven excellence, I’m looking for the challenging position of a director to be an active initiator of organizational success at MNO Inc. Prolonged experience in full-cycle project management, 6years of experience at multiple clients handling business operation management is ideal for the post in a mutually benefitting work culture to achieve company missions.

Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Resume Objective

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. – Henry Ford

Sometimes, you get all flustered about what and what not to do when you are trying to figure out how to write a resume objective. In case you are still in search of the basic do’s and don’ts, or what to put in the objective section of a resume, you can refer to the below-mentioned tips to write one:

Keep it simple: It is extremely important to keep the language of your resume objective simple. Keeping it to the point, without excessive dragging of the issue is your primary lookout. You are trying to inform your recruiter about your skills, not your story. Keep it relevant; keep it short, and keep it simple.

Language: Using unnecessary jargon can contribute to lower your chance, as the employers are not exactly looking for your knowledge in the words which are not in use. Rather, using simple words and complete sentences to get your objective across to the other side of the table is what you want.

Tailor-make for every job: It is wise if you are choosing to tailor-make your resume objective as per the job you are applying for. Mentioning your skills in the kitchen has no utility in a job application for an android developer. The skills you enlist along with your previous experience must all be in alignment with the job role you are applying, and the duties it entails.

Time management: While it is important to make a personalized resume objective for the position you are applying for, you must also actively make an effort to not invest too much time in this. Ensuring the basic things go right, such as the skills, experiences, and achievements are all you need to ensure. Write in crisp language for better readability.

Evidence: Hearing from your mouth alone is never enough. Providing enough evidence to back your words is an ideal way to convince of your efficiency and ability to handle job-specific tasks. Including your notable contributions and their effects is the key to write an eye-catching resume objective that can help you go places.

Be a realist: John is working as an associate software developer at MNO Pvt. Ltd. and is looking for better options. However, John is always dreaming of becoming the director of the organization but lacks intensity in efforts. His resume has not yet gained that traction, so he tried to compensate with an over-enthusiastic resume objective. However, it backfired when the interviewer directly asked that on what basis he thinks he can ably direct a company, with all of its complications. Dumbfounded, John could not answer and cost him the job.

The bottom line of this story is to always be aware of what you bring in to a company and what your abilities are to back it up. Setting yourself unrealistic dreams and mentioning it on the resume can only push you towards your doom. Make sure your aspirations are realistic and do not sound like a story from a utopian world when you are going for a FAANG interview process. It only shows your ability to self-analyze and working on it accordingly, a quality favored by most recruiters.

Include objective: Including an objective can give you the added traction you need to make or break in your career. It only conveys what you excel at and gives a sneak peek at your work style, approach, and of course, its results. Including objective in your resume can pay dividends, but knowing when and where to use it as your arsenal is one of your key concerns, which you can overcome by doing considerable research on the company, its employee reviews, and the likes.

Exclude objective (yes, it depends!): Some organizations do not prefer including the objective on the resume. In such a case, it might backfire if you include an objective in your resume, and it can immediately make a negative impression. Thus, it is in your best interest if you can check what the company is asking for in its requirements section or in an email, which will entail what you need to do to get an interview.

Do not do it half-heartedly: An absolute must for everything you do – give your complete effort, and leave no stone unturned to ensure it is a top-of-the-shelf work. Delivering quality work is an attribute often found, but completing work with absolute dedication and putting your 100% is something which is preferred even more.

Similarly, when you are writing a resume objective, give an honest effort in composing it, and the results will be bound to reflect. Start testing your mettle with a mock interview online. Trying your luck with Google interview practice can also pay you dividends in your success journey. Employers are experienced enough to successfully identify the differences between the two.


It is no rocket science that one must have a considerable grasp of the English language to compose a compelling resume objective. It will also require adequate grammar skills to enhance the piece. Some amazing tricks on brushing up your command on the language are:

1. Read, read, and read some more.

2. Go through the basics. Yes, even if you already know.

3. Listen intently to others and what they are saying.

4. Writing always helps the cause.

5. Proofread – always helps to put the finishing touches.

Resume objective examples by job title

  1. Software engineer resume objective

In search of a challenging role as a software engineer at Just Codes and looking to utilize my skills in software development life cycle management and computer language. With 5 years of experience, I expect to be working in a rewarding environment which can recognize my continued efforts.

  1. Business development manager resume objective

With 15 years of experience in stack development and team handling, I am looking for a managerial role that will entail team-coordination and client dealing. Going forward to facilitate better company growth is my objective.

  1. HR resume objective

Looking to enhance the workforce of a reputed organization with streamlined employee management and dedicated efforts to maintain a healthy work environment within an organizational framework. Ample past experience in maintaining a content workforce and enhancing work culture are proven examples of my honest efforts.

  1. Manager resume objective

In search of an organization where I can use my skills of man-management and leadership and can be a crucial clog for operational growth. Looking to put into use long 18 years of experience into full use to ensure quality and dedicated project delivery on time, an attribute recognized in all of my previous stints.

  1. Customer service resume objective

With my impeccable communication skills, I can be a valuable addition to any process. With the prolonged experience to deal with customer issues, I have adequate empathetic and listening skills to bring about a better name for myself and the organization.

  1. Leadership resume objective

A capable leader is looking to broaden her approach and gain experience with handling a variety of projects with distinctly different client demands. I have proven experience and success in full-cycle project management and team leading in my previous job for more than 5years.  

  1. Caregiver resume objective

I want to help as many people as I can with the help of my empathetic and listening skills. My caring and understanding nature helped me to be a person on whom people can depend. I am looking to make changes to help make a better society, with the help of the company.

  1. Law enforcement resume objective

Want to be a part of the system which can help make a safer place to live in. My unrelenting dedication and acquired skills to maintain law and order make me tailor-fit for being a police officer.

  1. Professor resume objective

6 years of previous experience of serving as a lecturer at multiple universities, now looking for a professor role in an esteemed institution to contribute to the young generation. My past stints testify to my proficiency in inculcating crucial knowledge to the learners for a complete understanding of the concepts.

  1. Information technology resume objective

I’m looking to work in a leading information technology company to put into use my knowledge in trouble-shooting and justify my knack for pursuing quality in my work. Previous experience has made me equally capable of handling sudden demand surges without any fall in quality.

Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will. – Venus Williams

  1. Data entry resume objective

I’m looking for a data entry job because of my fast and accurate typing skills. Adequate management experience will also be a positive catalyst for the company towards achieving success, seeking a place that can recognize and appreciate my unrelenting efforts.

  1. Graphic designer resume objective

With in-depth knowledge of print and digital design, I am thoroughly acquainted with web solutions, along with experience in design software, which makes me an apt choice for the position of a graphic designer. Coupled with my dedication and eye for detail makes me efficient and quality-oriented work.

  1. Project manager resume objective

Experience in project management for 3years, looking for a better growth opportunity to put into use my skills as a project manager and team leader. An expansive project life cycle experience with immaculate priority to quality and timeliness has made me an integral part of project handling.

  1. Bartender resume objective

Expert at making the best drink even for the absolute drunk makes me a favorite in all my previous stints. My knack for understanding what the customer may like makes me a positive contributor to the business, and with dedicated efforts on my part, I can bring about absolute customer satisfaction.

  1. Call center resume objective

Incredible listening skills added with quick problem-solving skills make me a suitable choice for the post of a call center executive. Previous experience in handling customer issues rapidly has made me ideal for the job.

  1. Network engineer resume objective

Aspiring to become a network engineer and possess prolonged experience in network solutions. Looking to influence business expansion positively. Have immaculate communication, analytical, and IT skills in DNS, DHCP, and the likes, coupled with the ability to pull of security protocols. These are a few of my attributes I have acquired in my four years of experience.  

  1. Supervisor resume objective

Highly motivated supervisor with proven experience of critical problem-solving skills and specialize in delivering a project on deadline without failure, at all costs. I intend to be an impetus for the growth of both organization and myself and work towards achieving the company goals with dedication and sincerity.  

  1. Housekeeping resume objective

My relentless drive to keep everything organized and in a systematic order makes me an apt choice for the job. My previous experience in the hospitality industry with proven excellence has made me a reliable person for housekeeping tasks.

  1. Electrician resume objective

My interest and knack for fixing electric circuits and relevant experience in working with high voltage meters, wire dollies, and other tools make me capable of handling even the most complicated electrical jobs, looking for a place where I can enhance my skills and provide better service to the community.

  1. Cook resume objective

In-depth knowledge and experience in various genres of food, and exceptional culinary skills; I am looking to deliver unique and commendable dishes to add versatility to any top-of-the-line multi-cuisine restaurant.

In a world of an eternal race for excellence, it is normal that different people will have distinguishable qualities that make them unique. What matters are the steps you take to achieve success and where you put the required efforts.

Making an apt resume objective is the first step, and for more, you can always take some interview preparation tips and be on your way to glory.

Last updated on: 
October 30, 2023

Ashwin Ramachandran

Head of Engineering @ Interview Kickstart. Enjoys cutting through the noise and finding patterns.

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