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How to Write a Personal Mission Statement - With Examples

A personal mission statement plays a crucial role in helping you determine your objectives and beliefs. It essentially helps you understand your professional priorities. It further gives you a chance at making well-versed and informed career decisions.

A personal mission statement is quite easy to write. In fact, you can write a pleasing personal mission statement in minimal time. This article will help you understand some of the pro tips on how you can write an engaging personal statement.

Here's what this article will cover:

  1. What is a personal mission statement?
  2. Why write a personal vision statement?
  3. Personal mission statement examples
  4. Steps- How to write a personal vision and mission statement
  5. Talk to your peers
  6. Identify the legacy you want to leave
  7. What are good vision and mission statements?
  8. Personal mission statement template
  9. Some Tips To Keep In Mind
  10. Wrapping It Up

What is a personal mission statement?

A personal mission statement, as previously stated, is a small yet precise statement that includes your core values, the kind of individual you are, and what success means to you. A personal mission statement is a one-stop solution to getting clarity on your goals, making reliable decisions for yourself, and even staying focused and motivated to accomplish your short and long-term goals. A personal mission statement thus helps in defining the line between decision making.

Why write a personal vision statement?

A personal mission statement is an extremely vital source of information that you must have to make precise and influential decisions for your career as a whole. It can help you create a strong foundation for your core values and objectives. A personal vision statement, moreover, plays a collective role in helping you distinguish your personal and professional life. From the way you wish and choose to spend your time, how you engage with people in your surroundings, and even how to do your job, a personal mission statement helps massively.

Personal mission statement examples

Given below are some of the prime personal mission statement examples. Go through each one of these personal vision and mission statement examples to get clarity on what exactly your personal mission statement should consist of.

  • To make a positive impact on every person I meet
  • To generate positive energy on every individual I interact with
  • To motivate and encourage every individual I come across
  • To establish new and developed opportunities for the millennial youth
  • To make a positive mark on the lives of people I love
  • To inspire people to create a life for themselves that they most desire
  • To utilize my writing skills to motivate people to make a change
  • To inspire children around the world to be better than yesterday
  • To relish my life's journey and learn crucial lessons along the way
  • To always be kind to me and others
  • To be a source of inspiration for others
  • To be a responsible leader to my team to live a healthy and balanced life
  • To utilize my gift of speech to boost the self-esteem of others
  • To always help anyone and everyone
  • To make vital healthcare policies, so others lead a thriving life
  • To be an honest and encouraging leader so that our group can formulate technologically advanced solutions
  • To be a source of  inspiration to my students and impart important values to them through my teaching
  • To use my privilege to educate women around the world
  • To bring prosperity and happiness to people across the globe
  • To be a source of hope for men, women, and children
  • To create change by means of teaching
  • To help others identify their greatest strengths
  • To equip everyone around me with essential resources to accomplish their dream goals
  • To celebrate and support my loved ones
  • To give children the right raw materials and support for growing into their best potential
  • To help improve the quality of life of people around me
  • To help students become inspired enough to go after their dreams
  • To share motivating stories with children to boost their motivation to achieve their goals
  • To share essential insights and my knowledge with people to educate them
  • To make use of my skills and gifts in the best possible way to improve the lives of the others
  • To make use of technology in the best way possible to improve the lives of others
  • To leave the world behind in a much better place than I initially found it
  • To respect myself enough to reach my highest potential
  • To inspire and educate the young youth and make them more empathetic, kind, and efficient individuals
  • To treat every individual with kindness, love, and compassion
  • To create an influential impact on the lives of my loved ones
  • To help people appreciate every small thing in life.
  • To build hope among individuals to push them to achieve their dreams.
  • To inspire my friends and family in every way I can
  • To spread positivity, optimism, and humility to everyone I go
  • To offer moral support and motivation to everyone around me
  • To share my wisdom with others to helps them become considerate and compassionate individuals
  • To make use of my gifts and skills for enhancing the wealth and self-worth of women across the world
  • To never stop going after my life goals
  • To offer my complete empathy and compassion to every individual I encounter

Steps- How to write a personal vision and mission statement

Now that you know the mission statement definition, let’s read more about some essential steps on how to write a personal mission statement. These steps can help you make your personal mission statement as clear as possible.

  • Identify your achievements in the past

Take a significant time off of your schedule to determine your previous achievements. While creating a personal mission statement, keep in mind that you have to write a statement in a way that helps in determining your goals and dreams better. Jot down a few of your recent successes into a paper and ask yourself the following questions- Are you more successful than you were? Did you enjoy your success journey, or was it forceful and stressful?

Note that this doesn’t necessarily have to involve your professional life questions only. Cover even the least essential aspect of your life, starting from relationships, career, health, lifestyle, and so on. This activity is essential to understand your strengths and identify your weaknesses.

  • Make Note of the core values and objectives you wish to cultivate

The next step of creating a personal mission statement is to note down your values as a person. Every individual grows with their values. Values not only shape your life but also help you introspect on who you were as a person and how you’ve evolved ever since. Your core values and core goals go hand in hand. Most of us don’t just aim to accomplish our goals but also to grow our core values to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Your personal vision statement shouldn’t incorporate more than two values. Thus, make a list of all the values that define you as an individual and choose two of them that are more valuable than the rest.

  • Write down what’s most important to you

Another exceptional and helpful step for writing a personal mission statement is to reflect on the most crucial and vital aspects of your life. Give yourself some time to thoroughly think about who you want to be. Take down some notes on everything that’s important to you. This can be anything from your personal as well as professional life. Write about people and things that are most valuable to you and connect them to each other to understand how they make your life better.

  • Note down the differences you can make around your surrounding

Coming to the more precise elements, identify how you make an impact on some of the most focal aspects of your life. For instance, these focal aspects maybe your family, community, friends, world, employer, and so on. This is to help you determine how you can impact the lives of people around you and the world in general. This can help build a sense of gratitude for the life you have. Further, it can build your motivation to accomplish your life goals. If you’re appreciative and grateful for everything you have, the more impact you’ll make on the above-mentioned aspects.

  • Articulate your most important goals

Now that you’ve determined your imperative goals, it’s time to understand a bit more about yourself. Jot down all your prime goals into one single paper. Write about why your goals matter so much to you and how you can accomplish these long and short-term goals.

Ask yourself questions like where you see yourself five years from now. Questions like this can help you draw clarity between the life you have and the life you want. A few other questions that you should reflect on include, where would you like to see yourself on a professional level? What do you want to accomplish personally? What are some of the qualities that help you stand out as an individual?

Talk to your peers

Another crucial step on how to write a personal mission statement is to engage with your peers. Your mentors and peers know you the best. They know your greatest strengths and even your potential. Thus, asking them what makes you distinctive from the others and what skills you possess can help you identify your core strengths. Human beings thrive on validation. We all like to be validated by our mentors, friends, and everyone we know. Thus, a great way to boost your confidence and identify your goals is to engage with your peers.

Identify the legacy you want to leave

Each one of us wants to leave a mark behind on the world. If you’re one of those people who want to be remembered for all your good deeds, you might want to start determining the legacy you wish to leave behind. Identify how the skills you possess make you an influential individual in this overly competitive world. Given below are some questions you should start asking yourself.

  • What do you wish to establish, alter, or regulate for the long term?
  • How exactly do you want the world to change when you leave it?
  • Which skill set is one of your greatest assets?
  • Who would you like to influence with your capabilities and skills, and how?
  • What are some of the abilities, personality traits, qualities, and achievements that you possess?
  • What vision or mission motivates you the most?

  • Prepare your mission statement

The above-mentioned steps contribute to helping you understand what needs to go into writing a personal mission statement for yourself. Once you confirm your vision, it’s time to put it into words. Write down the ‘how’ for the respective goal. In a nutshell, the most simple way of doing this is to combine everything you learned from the last few steps. Let your achievements and goals create a mission for yourself. Introspect on the above steps and design a purpose for yourself. On doing this, you will have written down a vision mission statement for yourself.

  • Review your vision and mission statement

The last and final step of writing your vision and mission statement is to ask for feedback. You can show your statement to someone you feel comfortable with. Get feedback and make relevant changes if any of the suggestions are beneficial. Make sure to avoid going overboard and modifying your vision and mission statement obsessively. Make use of feedback as constructive criticism, but also believe yourself enough not to modify your statement entirely.

What are good vision and mission statements?

Vision and mission statements shouldn’t exceed more than 50 words. As suggested, the statements must be precise, crisp and should summarize your core values and purpose as an individual. An impressive tip to enhance your vision and mission statement is to write a compelling yet realistic vision and mission statement. They should include your values and goals that balance out your personal and professional life. The three chief questions that your vision mission statement should direct include- What are your passions?, What is something that sets you aside from the rest of the people? What are some of your core values?.

Remember that the very purpose is a personal purpose statement is to inspire you to accomplish your core life objectives. Write a highly inspiring, accurate, and passionate vision mission statement that motivates you to work hard.

Personal mission statement template

Along with learning how to write a personal mission statement, you should also take a look at a template so that you can come up with compelling statements. A standard personal mission statement template that might come in handy is as follows-

‘I aim to/ action/ for/ respective audience/ by/ skill sets/ to/ desires outcome’

Some Tips To Keep In Mind

Here are some excellent ways to improve your personal purpose statement. Make sure to read the above mentioned personal purpose statement examples and these tips to excel at writing a personal mission statement. You can also make use of a personal mission statement generator to frame a statement for yourself.

  • Make it short and precise-

The most vital tip that you should adhere to is to write a short yet relevant personal mission statement. As showcased in the above mentioned personal mission statement examples for work, make sure to write a brief sentence that describes your values and purpose. Short statements are easier and more engaging to read. Thus, they will inspire you to do more in your life.

  • Be realistic-

Do not, in any way, write falsified information in your personal statement. The statement serves the purpose of boosting your motivation to improve your professional and personal life. Thus, being true to yourself is essential to growing as an individual.

  • Make proper use of constructive criticism-

As previously suggested, feedback can tremendously help you improve your personal statement. Thus, make the best use of it.

Wrapping It Up

These were some guidelines on how to write a personal mission statement. Use these tips and instructions to formulate a remarkable vision mission statement for yourself.

Last updated on: 
October 27, 2023

Ashwin Ramachandran

Head of Engineering @ Interview Kickstart. Enjoys cutting through the noise and finding patterns.

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