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AI Jobs Salary Guide: How Much Can You Earn in Various AI Roles?

AI Jobs Salary Guide: How Much Can You Earn in Various AI Roles?

Though blamed for taking up human jobs, experts predict a 9% increase in all future jobs due to the AI industry by 2025. ⅓ of businesses have already taken the smart move and incorporated AI into their system. With AI-powered chatbots leading the list, followed by predictive behavior analysis, the quick-paced adoption creates room for experts and skilled AI engineers capable of flawlessly executing the tasks.  But here’s the kicker– top companies are getting more selective with every passing day. However, if you possess the right blend of skills and proven ability to fulfill the requirements, you can expect remunerative AI jobs salary. For instance, the average OpenAI salary ranges between $1.3 to $1.8 lakhs per year. Learn about various rewarding AI roles as you explore our AI Jobs Salary Guide.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Who is an AI Engineer?

AI Engineer is a wide term that covers all the positions concerning the design, development, research, implementation and maintenance of AI models. With numerous types of AI models with different specializations, AI engineers are widespread. They can be data scientists, software engineers, machine learning or deep learning engineers, business intelligence developers, computer vision engineers and more.

Characteristics of an AI engineer include the presence of one or a combination of:

  • A degree in the computer field involving a subject, course or specialization of computer science, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning or another similar field.
  • Knowledge of programming languages, their libraries and frameworks
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning and deep learning, mathematics and statistics
skills of AI Engineers

Skills Required to Earn High AI Jobs Salary

The industry holds the following demands from candidates expecting high AI jobs salary:

  • Educational qualification with clear concepts and basics in your field of interest. Head forward to gain bachelor’s and master’s degrees with certifications relevant to your interest and expertise
  • Technical proficiency in any one or combination of machine and deep learning, programming languages, data manipulation and analysis and solid foundation of important concepts of mathematics and statistics.
  • Specialization in Natural language Processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning or any other specialized AI field, depending on the industry or research field
  • Industry-specific expertise with familiarity with ethical considerations and regulations
  • Soft skills with an emphasis on problem-solving capabilities, critical thinking, collaboration and communication

What do experts say?

While some worry that AI may take their jobs, someone who's an expert with AI will.

- Jensen Huang

President and CEO of Nvidia (A leading corporation in Artificial Intelligence Computing)

AI Jobs Salary for Different Roles in US and India

The entry-level AI engineer salary and their promotion role are as follows for both US and India:

AI Jobs Salary for Different Experience Levels

AI engineers can expect the following salary in the US as per their experience level:

  • Freshers with 0-1 year of experience can expect $127,533 per year
  • Medium-level experienced individuals with 1 to 3 years of exposure can expect $144,277 per year
  • Higher experienced individuals with expertise spanning between 4 to 6 years make around $162,638 per year
  • The experience of 7 to 9 years will lead to an annual income of $168,979.
  • Individuals with 10 to 14 years as an AI engineer gain a salary of around $181,492 per year.
  • Greater than 14 years of experience tends to provide an annual income of $197,086.

AI Jobs Salary for Distinct AI Job Roles

The salary differs for different roles in the industry. The following tables cover the average annual salaries of candidates in different AI roles in India and in the US:

In India

In the United States

Top High-Paying Companies in AI Sector

Alt-text: Companies with high AI Jobs Salary

The top-paying companies for the role of AI engineer in the United States are:

The top-paying companies for the role of AI engineer in India are:

RoadMap to Success in AI: How to Become An AI Engineer?

Earning a high AI engineering salary is a deal of constant effort over multiple years with dedication and passion. Here is a roadmap to guide you in the journey:

Subject choice: Based on the current level, passion and interest, making a well-informed and conscious choice in the direction of AI engineering pays off in the long run. The most basic choice begins at the school level by opting for computer applications or studies as the subject. Carry it forward with a Bachelor's degree to enter the field. Ensure building a strong base to remain competitive in the field and have rational thinking capabilities.  

Get a Master’s Degree: Master’s degree is not necessary but adds to a significant advantage in landing a decent and good pay job. It not only increases the education level but provides an in-depth understanding of the field with better updates on the real world, which undergraduates generally lack. It outshines in the resume and provides room for negotiation during salary discussions.

Gain practical experience: Always look for and capture the opportunity to gain practical experience. Be it your senior’s or professor’s guidance or your enrollment in paid or unpaid internships. Ensure to get written proof or a certificate of your experience to showcase the same on your resume.

Choose the Career Path: The AI industry is vast. Narrowing down helps to gain specific and relevant skills while excelling quickly in your career. The focus remains on one field, thus aiding in gaining experience, which is one of the most important requirements in both industry and academics.

Build skills: Focus on technical, analytical and soft skills. The common ones include learning programming languages like Python or R and gaining familiarity with tools and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and others. Always exhibit a unique feature about you or be one step ahead in the skills to make yourself a preferable candidate over others fitting the criteria. Exhibit some project, working knowledge of an updated and additional tool or techniques or showcase hands-on experience on an algorithm or modeling systems suitable for the job role.

Network: Networking is a necessary act important in every field. Connect and keep in touch with the professionals, seniors, colleagues and others from your field. Further, look for connections on professional networking sites, conferences, workshops, webinars and industry.

Keep Learning: The field of AI is undergoing constant development and advancements with regular new updates. Keeping up to date in the industry provides exposure and opportunity for growth, development and upskilling. It also helps in earning salary and position increments.

Earn Your Dream Salary with Interview Kickstart

Do you have your AI interview scheduled, or are you planning for it? The right guidance stands you the chance for negotiation. Industrial interviews do not judge the technical aspects solely; however, they expect the candidate to easily blend into their environment and possess the right mix of skills as per the requirements.

Working in this field for years, Interview Kickstart brings you live training and mock interview sessions with hiring managers of top companies. Designed by more than 500 FAANG experts, our courses have led to candidates boasting of offers from top MNCs like Amazon, Oracle, Swiggy, Microsoft, Google, Zomato and many more common yet difficult-to-crack names.

FAQs about AI Jobs Salary

Q1. What is the average salary of an AI scientist in the UK?

Ans. The average salary of an AI scientist in the UK is around £71,033 per year.

Q2. Is AI a high-paying job?

Ans. The entry-level AI engineer's salary in India lies at around INR 10 lakhs, making it an actually high-paying job.

Q3. What degree do you need to be an AI engineer?

Ans. AI engineers require at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer-related fields. They can upgrade themselves with higher courses and certificates.

Q4. How long does it take to become an AI engineer?

Ans. The time depends on one's background and learning abilities. However, a three or four-year program or 6 to 12 months of certifications provide relevant skills to become an AI engineer.

Q5. How much do Tesla AI engineers make?

Ans. The average Tesla Artificial Engineer salary in the United States is around $235,997.

Q6. Are AI engineers in demand?

Ans. Yes, with an increasing number of businesses introducing AI into their workforce, the jobs for AI engineers tend to increase.

Last updated on: 
December 27, 2023

Utkarsh Sahu

Director, Category Management @ Interview Kickstart || IIM Bangalore || NITW.

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