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WWCode: Interview Kickstart Series — "Thank You"

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Team Interview Kickstart

In case you missed it, we wrapped up our global 2-part virtual series with our friends at Women Who Code (WWCode). 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers at WWCode and, of course, all of the attendees who tuned into this 2-part series. We have collaborated with WWCode for more than two years now and we are always fortunate to host these events with an organization that is driven on representation for women in the tech industry from all different backgrounds.


Our two-part series event covered best practices for resume building as well as breaking down trees and coding algorithm problems. 

Kicking off the virtual event series was the resume building workshop led by Nick Camilleri, our Head of Career Coaching. Nick has worked directly with more than 2,500 students in supporting their transition into their dream companies. Nick has also worked in-house for LinkedIn and ran his own career coaching practice. He has been invited to universities like Stanford, UC Davis, and Santa Clara University to speak to student organizations on topics related to recruiting, career development, entrepreneurship, and communication.

Many workshop attendees shared their positive feedback around the tips and tricks he presented,  while others praised his choice of engaging background music. 

In this session, attendees learned about how recruiters think about resumes at a glance, how to construct a resume that stands out, and had the opportunity to make live edits to their resume. Nick shared a recruiter’s perspective on some student concerns related to educational background, the advised length of a curriculum vitae (CV), how to write about their experience, and much more.

In part 2 of the series, we explored sample problems and demonstrated how to produce the best solutions to algorithm problems. Gaurav Gargate, who spent his early career in startups and Microsoft, is now a Director of Engineering at Box and led this part of the series with everyone.

Gaurav immediately dove into trees by defining the concept and writing out an example while answering questions. To build on top of that, he introduced two templates: a standard traversal and an insertion. He then ended the session with a real-world example for Breadth-First Search (BFS). Throughout the session, Gaurav shared advice on how to approach problems during onsite technical interviews such as the importance of writing out pseudocode, effectively communicating your thought process while solving problems, recognizing patterns, and more!

Final remarks:

We’d like to once again express our gratitude towards WWCode and their attendees for making these sessions a pleasure to host. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with WWCode and growing an inclusive community inspired to excel in technology careers.

Learn more about WWCode’s organization and other events by visiting their website here.

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