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Why Is Structured Learning Important for Technical Interviews?

Posted on 
February 27, 2020
Team Interview Kickstart

When it comes to levelling up, a lot of engineers try to make it on their own with the help of online tutorials and coding practice websites like LeetCode or HackerRank. But how effective are they? While this may do the trick for a few, most engineers strike out at technical interviews as they lack a tailored preparation methodology.

This is where bootcamps and interview-prep schools come in.

Here's what this article will cover:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum
  2. Plenty Of 1x1 Help
  3. Rigorous Mock Interviews
  4. Career Skills Development
  5. Salary Negotiation

Are they worth it? The data says yes! Think of it as joining a gym instead of trying to exercise on your own. The end result may be the same, but the former (a structured path with accountable coaching) tends to produce phenomenally faster and better results.

So, how do you pick a program that not only helps you nail tough technical interviews but also makes you fundamentally a better engineer? Two words—Structured Learning.

Let’s look at Interview Kickstart for example. Founded in 2014, Interview Kickstart has trained over 2500 engineers to become smarter and better at their jobs. It is an extensively structured, organized program which tells you where to start, where to end, how many modules to cover for what company, and how in-depth to go. The entire program is two months long, with a very long and active support period, enabling you to do the course in a timeframe that suits you.

Here’s how Interview Kickstart ensures their training methodology hits the mark every single time:


Interview Kickstart’s comprehensive curriculum covers the specific areas you need to touch upon to get through technical interviews at Tier 1 companies—data structures and algorithms, large-scale system design, soft skills, and more.


Get trained by the top instructors in the Bay Area. The intensive programs will give you the chance to get technical coaching, homework assistance and solutions suggestions from actual Hiring Managers and Tech Leads from coveted companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Box and many more.


Get the real-time interview experience through 45-minute mock interview sessions conducted by Hiring Managers and Tech leads from Tier 1 companies, where you will get a chance to answer questions, solve problems and gauge the time constraints and mental pressure involved.

Interview Kickstart has a three-tiered feedback reporting system which includes a grading rubric, a detailed feedback form and a recording of your mock interview. This structured report ensures that you get honest and precise feedback from the instructors regarding the areas you have should be improving. This process lets you improve slowly and steadily with each mock interview.


Attend live workshops and personal branding sessions to understand how you can make your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out in those 5 seconds the interviewers spend skimming through them. You can also get on-point suggestions from technical recruiters on how to position yourself and how to talk to recruiters.


Master the art of salary negotiation and get the offer you truly deserve based on reliable data. Find out whether you are in the ballpark of the offers you have received and get a clear picture of the leveling system of salary in all the companies in the Bay area, whether big or small.

In short, Interview Kickstart prepares you for it all! But you definitely have to do your part in terms of hard work and commitment. Rest assured, we will help you nail your next technical interview!

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