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Machine Learning Career Path: 5 Job Types

Last updated on: 
December 27, 2023
Abhinav Rawat
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About The Author!
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat
Product Manager at Interview Kickstart. The skilled and experienced mastermind behind several successful product designs for upscaling the ed-tech platforms with an outcome-driven approach for skilled individuals.

The global machine learning market is set to undergo remarkable expansion, soaring from $7.3 billion in 2020 to an impressive $30.6 billion by 2024, achieving an astounding compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43%. The remarkable rise propels the demand for skilled individuals in various machine learning job roles. Discover five different job types that could open doors to a lucrative career in this booming field. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in the article

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning, abbreviated as ML, is the subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on the improvement of computer performance through algorithms and statistical models. It makes machines learn from data without explicitly programming for each task. Machine Learning is a rapidly evolving field with applications expanding to multiple industries. 

Components of Machine Learning 

Identifying the components of Machine Learning is of prime importance when considering a career path in machine learning. Some of the key concepts of the field are: 

Data: The Machine Learning algorithms rely on datasets for learning and identification of patterns, trends and relationships. 

Training: Training replaces traditional programming to teach the machine. It involves parameter adjustment and optimization techniques for error minimization between the predicted and actual outcomes. 

Features: These are variables or attributes significant for predictions. It further involves selection, transformation or creation of relevant features for improving the performance of the model.

Algorithms: These are the mathematical and computational techniques that are responsible for machines to learn from the data. They include supervised,  unsupervised and reinforcement learning.

Model evaluation: The models trained through algorithms are evaluated for performance assessment. Different metrics are utilized like recall, F1-score,  precision, accuracy and others. 

Deployment: The created machine learning model needs to be applied to the real world. They make predictions, automate decision-making, and perform other tasks requiring scaling and maintenance. Further, they need to be scaled and maintained. 

 Components of Machine Learning

5 Types of Jobs in Machine Learning

The career path for a machine learning engineer is open to a vast number of opportunities. We've outlined five significant options to help you explore and decide on a successful career in machine learning. 

#1. Machine Learning Engineer

They apply the concepts they've studied during their coursework. Employing direct usage of knowledge with a practical approach, the scope is seen in a wide range of industries. The Machine Learning Engineers are expected to handle the data for designing and implementing the ML models. The datasets can be complex, adding challenging aspects to the job role. They also work on recommendation systems by applying their expertise in identifying trends and predicting patterns. 

#2. Business Intelligence Developer

The job of a Business Intelligence Developer is to leverage their conceptual understanding of data analytics and machine learning. Their work is to completely utilize all the information in data by studying it through different aspects and perspectives. The specific knowledge of relational and multidimensional databases, along with Power BI, serves the best delivery of tasks. 

#3. Data Scientist

The primary focus is handling data, but the role extends beyond data. The aspects are gaining valuable insights, taking action according to the present information, researching well and solving complex problems. Their work expands towards providing insights and recommendations and actively participating in decision-making owing to their interpretation of data. The job role is among the highly respected ones. The data scientists use predictive analytics along with different technologies important for data handling. 

#4. Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer

These designers focus on developing Machine Learning solutions where the focus is on user ethics, needs and accessibility. These designers train machines to operate in a user-centered manner, prioritizing user preferences. They work through pattern recognition and information processing. Their developments serve multiple industries through autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics and recommendation systems. 

#5. Natural Language Processing Scientist

It is the core of all the regularly used technologies such as search engines, chatbots, virtual assistants, conversational AI, AI translators and much more. It is a vast and challenging field that has contributed a lot to AI advancement and usage by the general public. Natural Language Processing Scientists use machine learning to develop algorithms for pattern identification and evaluation. There are multiple subfields to choose from in this specific field, which includes automatic speech recognition and computational linguistics, machine translation and many others. 

Machine Learning job roles
Business Science

Journey Towards Machine Learning At Any Time in Your Career

Assessing existing knowledge is critical before embarking on the learning journey. It helps save time and effort while increasing confidence. It also provides a strategic approach and direction to ease up the learning process when you opt for a specific career path machine learning. Here is the list of ‘what’ and ‘why’ of foundation courses and skills you must gain for transition: 

  • Programming: Model building and deployment need an understanding of programming languages, such as and especially Python, which is used to write code for data manipulation, model development, and deployment. 
  • Mathematics and statistics: Concepts like linear algebra, calculus, statistics and probability help to understand and develop ML algorithms, model optimization and result interpretation. 
  • Data handling: It is important to be able to handle and understand the process of data handling. The process includes data cleaning, feature extraction and transformation to prepare for utilization in model training. 
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: The Machine Learning Engineer career path choice must be taken with full awareness of the requirements. Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning and deep learning techniques are critical to solving specific problems in this field of career.
  • Data visualization and model evaluation: Practical knowledge of Matplotlib and Seaborn for visualization and understanding of model evaluation metrics and techniques to assess model performance and improvements is significant. 
  • Machine Learning frameworks: Familiarity with scikit-learn and TensorFlow is crucial for building, training and evaluating ML models efficiently. 

Nail Your Next Machine Learning Interview with Interview Kickstart

Picturing yourself working successfully in a Machine Learning career is no longer a far-fetched idea. 

With the right guidance tailored to your unique experiences, skills, and abilities, you're closer than ever to realizing your aspirations. At Interview Kickstart, we're dedicated to illuminating the path to your dream career. Our goal is to provide accurate guidance right from the recruiter’s point of view to help you understand the interviews rather than fearing them.
Join the ML Masterclass by Interview Kickstart and embark on a journey that transforms your Machine Learning ambitions into a tangible reality. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Career Path to Machine Learning

Q1. What is the ML lifecycle?

The ML lifecycle includes different stages like data collection, preprocessing feature engineering, model selection, training, validation and testing, deployment monitoring and maintenance. 

Q2. Can I learn Machine Learning on my own?

Yes, it is possible. The requirements are the passion for remaining consistent and choosing the right guidance available through online platforms, books, tutorials or any other trusted knowledge imparting material. 

Q3. How has machine learning influenced the effect on society?

The effect of Machine Learning on improving society is seen in the healthcare sector, finance, retail, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment and much more. 

Q4. What are the big 3 of Machine Learning?

Supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning are the big 3 of Machine Learning. 

Q5. Which is the best source to learn machine learning?

The best source to learn depends on one’s style of learning. While some are comfortable with offline mode, others prefer offline mode. Additionally, some are more example and practice-based learners, while others grasp the concepts with practical applications within a short span of time.

Posted on 
October 6, 2023

Abhinav Rawat

Product Manager @ Interview Kickstart | Ex-upGrad | BITS Pilani. Working with hiring managers from top companies like Meta, Apple, Google, Amazon etc to build structured interview process BootCamps across domains

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