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What should I do after failing at Amazon's on-site interview?

Last updated on: 
February 9, 2024
Isha Chakraborty
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About The Author!
Isha Chakraborty
Isha Chakraborty

Failure acts as an added advantage; it allows you to have a thorough idea of what does and doesn’t work in an Amazon interview. Figuring out do’s is comparatively easier now. Post failing the interview, take your time to decide on a structured path towards your journey while performing better preparation, developing enhanced strategy, and taking deep insights into strengths and weaknesses. Now are the better chances to reappear and crack the interview. Also, don't forget the relevance of expert advice. 

What Experts Say:

For the longest time, I was horrified to hear the word 'failure,' but I've come to realize that we all fail. It's just a part of life. We all fall. It's how you rebound that shows the type of person you are. 

- Johnny Gargano

(American professional wrestler)

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Uncovering Amazon’s On-site Interview

The individuals applying at Amazon have to go through four rounds of evaluation to be accepted or rejected for the respective position. With the on-site interview being the last round, it is both exciting and intimidating. It is exciting as you have been capable enough for the position till now, and intimidating because it’s the final deciding process. 

The on-site interview at Amazon comprises up to 5 rounds, where the first four rounds focus on technical knowledge and the ability to deliver the specific requirements for the job role. There is an additional Bar Raiser round where recruiters will judge your behavioral attributes. While the other rounds are more about your skill and application judgment, the Bar Raiser speaks for your individuality, mentality, and behavior. 

Categories of Amazon On-Site Interview Questions

The category of on-site interview questions varies depending on the post being applied for. Here are those: 

Behavioral Questions

These are designed to understand the candidate’s past behavior in their work environment, their ability to adapt, and their performance level in previous organizations. The candidates are expected to address this by expressing themself and their thought process. They can be hypothetical for past or present or real experiences. 

Strategic Questions

The strategic questions judge the candidate's company-specific knowledge with a focus on the company’s technical and skill-based competency. Further, recruiters also evaluate the candidate in problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities. 

Coding Questions

These questions will evaluate the ability to analyze and manipulate the data. The coding tests are done on whiteboards through the provided problems. However, recruiters may also carry this round verbally, analyzing your communicative abilities. The coding questions will assess the candidate’s knowledge of modeling, data structure and algorithms, SQL, and others. 

System Design Questions

These require system design, and it is highly recommended to take cues and feedback from the interviewer. Not only does it increase the chances of success, but it also informs about the right aspect to focus on in the interview. Utilize the experiences and be vocal about assumptions and choices. Remember, these questions are more about testing your approach and lack any right or wrong answers. 

Machine Learning Questions

In scenarios of the constant evolution of problems, recruiters analyze the candidate’s innovation in the solution. They must come up with ideas that allow insights into their conceptual knowledge

Statistical Questions

The candidate’s analytical abilities, such as drawing inferences from results and complex datasets, are assessed here. Here also, clarity in the basics of applied statistics and probability is a fundamental requirement. 

Management Questions

These questions are specifically designed to understand the candidate’s alignment with Amazon’s leadership principles. It also assesses their working methods and ability to handle the teams while meeting the organization’s deadlines. 

Interview Tips For Amazon

The Amazon important tips to consider while preparing for an on-site interview are: 

  • Preparation: Never undermine the importance of preparation for dealing with any type of questions. The behavioral questions require equal efforts and a strategic approach as the technical ones. Additionally, they can be the deal-breaker, which further increases their importance. 
  • Think Out Loud: Your thought process, assumptions, and logic to discard one option over the other are important for recruiters to judge your efficiency and ability. Ensure that you express the pathway to reaching the solution. 
  • Express the failures: One of the important Amazon in person interview tips includes talking about the situations when you failed. You don’t need to hide your failures or take risks. They are meant to improve and offer lessons. Do ensure to accompany your failures with learned lessons and positive sides. 
  • Understand: Oftentimes, the knowledge gap or lack of clarity in answering and interpreting the questions becomes the reason to fail. Avoid memorizing the concepts and information. Rather, gain conceptual clarity and refine it with revisions and practice.  
  • STAR Method: Amazon recommends using the STAR method to tackle the behavioral questions. Be descriptive in answers with emphasis on the complete problem scenario, the actions taken to overcome it, and the actual outcomes obtained. 
  • Specifications: Another suggestion from Amazon is to be specific rather than give generalized answers. Further, it also focuses on the importance of straightforwardness in the answers rather than the omission of details. 
  • Fulfill their criteria: Amazon looks for the following characteristics in candidates: intelligence, customer obsession, and thoughtfulness. Develop them beforehand and grab the opportunity to exhibit these characteristics during the interview process.

Post Failing Personalized Amazon Recruiter’s Strategy at Interview Kickstart

What could be more effective than recruiters from your dream company training for their requirements? This is possible only with Interview Kickstart. We house recruiters from FAANG+ companies as experts to design your curriculum and train you for the dream job at Amazon. With the ability to train and actually succeed the candidates, our career impact section states nothing but truthfulness. 

Join the best team at Interview Kickstart now to nail your second attempt with Amazon. Rember failure is the opportunity to understand yourself and face the situation again. The mentors, guidance, and structured curriculum are all set to meet your busy schedule regardless of the existing position you are in. Register now to join our webinar for FREE. 

FAQs About Failed Amazon Interview

Q1. How long does it take to crack an Amazon interview? 

The time duration varies depending on your knowledge level, expertise, and ability to learn. Around 2 months of dedicated technical preparation is recommended, along with a focus on other aspects of the interview. 

Q2. How does Amazon select its employees?

Amazon selects its employees from a wide variety of sources, such as universities, colleges, fairs, and summits, through partnerships with organizations and other sources. 

Q3. Why are Amazon interviews so hard?

Being an IT giant, Amazon sets a high bar to identify candidates with innovative and problem-solving capabilities. It assesses the candidates suited to the organization’s behavior and mindset. 

Q4. Is it OK to repeat stories in an Amazon interview?

It is recommended to keep the core of the story the same while adapting it depending on the situation and type of question being asked in the interview. The emphasis on certain aspects of the story should depend on the type of ability being assessed. 

Q5. How likely are you to get hired at Amazon? 

The acceptance rate at Amazon is highly competitive and matches similar to other FAANG companies. 

Q6. When can I apply at Aamzon after rejection?  

The company accepts applications from rejected candidates after every 90 days. 

Q7. Will Amazon hire someone with no experience?

Based on the specific job requirements, there are multiple entry-level roles that accept candidates without any experience. Candidates can apply for the same. 

Posted on 

Isha Chakraborty

Senior Content Specialist

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