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Best Online Coding Bootcamps to Prepare for Tech Interviews

Posted on 
February 15, 2021
Abhishek Som


Are you looking for a fitting resource or program that will help you nail technical interviews at FAANG and Tier-1 companies?

Well, signing up for a top coding bootcamp is the best way forward. That’s because they’re built precisely for this reason - to train software engineers and help them make career shifts to the biggest companies.

According to Course Report, several big companies prefer candidates who’ve graduated from bootcamps, mostly because they find them most suitable and qualified for programming roles. Any software engineer who graduates from the right bootcamp can usually expect to receive a 50% pay-jump on an average. So, if you want to take your career to the next level, signing up for an online coding bootcamp should be part of your to-do list.  

Here's what this article will cover:

  1. What is a Coding Bootcamp?
  2. What makes a Coding Bootcamp stand out?
  3. Why should you Join a Coding Bootcamp?
  4. Are Coding Bootcamps Really Worth the Money?
  5. When should you Join a Coding Bootcamp?
  6. Difference between Online Coding Bootcamps and Online Courses
  7. Interview Kickstart’s Coding Bootcamp and How it is Better than others

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a technical/coding interview training program that helps engineers ace coding interviews by teaching them practical tech skills that employers specifically look for. These bootcamps help students with average to good programming proficiency to focus on the right concepts, adopt the right prep strategy, and crack technical interviews in the process. 

Online coding bootcamps are less expensive than a college education, and often have employment support as part of their offering. Bootcamps are usually exhaustive and intensive, with students requiring to devote considerable time and effort during the program. 

The main idea of coding bootcamps is to enable programmers to take an analytical approach to problems and become good problem solvers, thereby equipping them with the right skills to solve real-world problems.  

Cracking tech interviews at the biggest companies isn’t easy and straightforward. It requires several hours of practice and training, coupled with the right guidance and curriculum. The competition is super-stiff too, with only 5% of engineers who apply making the cut. Putting all these pieces together, it’s quite clear acing tech interviews can be an insurmountable task without the right direction and prep strategy.

What makes a Coding Bootcamp stand out?

Any bootcamp that helps train engineers land offers at FAANG and Tier-1 companies at a high success rate, is one that stands out. In order to do this, the bootcamp must have an in-depth curriculum covering a wide spectrum of concepts that feature in tech interviews. 

Some coding bootcamps, recognized and reputed as they may be, fail to address the behavioral and soft-skills quotient of technical interviews. The focus areas of technical interviews have expanded over the last decade. Recruiters look for a lot more in candidates than just the ability to solve a couple of interview problems. 

So to answer the question, bootcamps that have an exhaustive technical curriculum focusing on data structures, algorithms and systems design, along with a framework to help candidates amp up their online brand (through optimizing their LinkedIn profile and resume) and land technical interviews, are the ones that stand out. 

Here are some essential elements that make a bootcamp stand out:

  • Understanding your career goals to customize the program for you
  • A curriculum that covers data structures, algorithms and systems design
  • Focus on behavioral interviews and boosting your personal brand
  • Mock interviews with trained and experienced professionals capable of giving the right feedback
  • Increased emphasis on problem solving and approaching problems through patterns
  • Trained and highly qualified instructors who’re abreast with developments in the world of tech interviews.

If you’re looking for a coding bootcamp that addresses all elements of present-day technical interviews, sign up for Interview Kickstart’s webinar.

Why should you Join a Coding Bootcamp?

The primary reason to join a coding bootcamp is to acquire the right skill-set to clear coding interviews. As a software engineer, you sure must be aware of how difficult it is to crack coding interviews at FAANG and Tier-1 companies. Owing to the significantly stiff competition, landing an offer is never easy. Even if you go about preparing all the important concepts, victory cannot be guaranteed, as multiple factors are taken into account by hiring managers before rolling out an offer. Joining a top coding bootcamp can help you polish your programming skills and focus on just the right areas, enabling you to give it your best shot. 

Are Coding Bootcamps Really Worth the Money?

Well, the answer is most definitely a “yes” if you consider the average salary increase you can expect. Statistics indicate that candidates can expect to receive an average salary increase of 51% according to Course Report, a popular bootcamp review platform. 

Coding bootcamps are generally intensive programs aimed at helping students become effective problem solvers. The best companies in the world are constantly looking for great problem solvers to help find solutions to existing problems and work on creative technological solutions. 

By not joining a good online coding bootcamp, you’re passing on the opportunity to give it your best shot. While self-paced courses do exist, they don’t quite do the job in helping you become great at problem solving and acing your next big interview.  

When should you Join a Coding Bootcamp?

You should essentially join a coding bootcamp when your next interview is around the corner. A lot of top companies, including FAANG, allow candidates to postpone their interviews on request, giving them sufficient time to study and prepare. 

Ideally, you must give yourself a minimum of 2 months to prepare for coding interviews, especially if you’re appearing for FAANG interviews. In these two months, you’ll have to devote considerable energy and time to solving coding problems on Data Structures, Algorithms and Design. Note that these three segments make up for the chunk of questions asked at coding interviews.

As a software engineer, joining a good coding bootcamp will help you adopt the right direction and structure your preparation. Bootcamps are particularly intense, and their curriculum exhaustive. Giving yourself enough time to learn concepts, absorb them, and solve tricky problems is absolutely necessary, simply because this cannot happen in a week or two, regardless of how good a programmer you are. 


Difference between Online Coding Bootcamps and Online Courses

Online coding bootcamps come with a higher price tag when compared to online courses owing to their intensive schedules and high success rates. 

Here are some other differences between them:

Online Bootcamps Courses

  • Cover all concepts/topics pertaining to tech interviews
  • Don’t necessarily cover all topics. There are courses that cover individual topics.
  • The approach is structured and calibrated
  • You can pursue the course at your pace and speed
  • Priced higher than online courses
  • Priced much lower
  • Metrics such as success rate and offers landed are measured
  • Metrics aren’t measured
  • Regular tests to measure progress
  • Don’t necessarily have regular tests like bootcamps
  • Offer employment support and training for behavioral interviews
  • Don’t offer employment support and training for behavioral interviews

Things to Consider Before Enrolling for an Online Coding Bootcamp

If you’re considering enrolling for a coding bootcamp in the near future, here are some things that you should consider:

  • Has the bootcamp incorporated an in-depth curriculum covering data structures, systems design and algorithms?
  • Does the bootcamp offer support with employment?
  • Does the bootcamp help you with building your online brand through proven ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume?
  • Does the bootcamp have qualified and experienced instructors?
  • Does the bootcamp offer specific training for behavioral interviews?
  • Does the bootcamp have a proven success rate?
    Does the bootcamp have a good network of Alums who’ve landed offers at Tier-1 and FAANG companies?
  • Does the bootcamp offer Mock Interviews?
    Does the bootcamp consistently upgrade its curriculum to line with the latest trends in technical interviews?
  • Does the bootcamp have good reviews from current students and alums?

If the answer to the above questions is a “yes”, then the bootcamp is definitely worth it. The truth is, there aren’t many bootcamps out there that are this comprehensive in their offering. But if you wish to nail challenging tech interviews, you need a resource that has proven its worth. So don’t go ahead until you’ve done your research. 

More about Interview Kickstart’s Coding Bootcamp and How it is Better than others

Interview Kickstart runs a coding bootcamp that helps software engineers to nail technical interviews. Here’s why Interview Kickstart runs the best coding bootcamp in the USA:

  • At IK, there is an increased focus on developing students’ problem-solving skills. Instructors train students to classify problems based on inherent patterns in them. This allows students to approach new problems by finding probable solution patterns. While it may seem convenient to mug up solutions to popular or commonly asked problems, Interview Kickstart does not encourage that. 
  • IK offers 15 live mock interviews with instructors who are actively working as hiring managers and technical leads at FAANG companies. These instructors are capable of giving the right feedback, enabling students to bring out their very best in FAANG interviews. 
    Most other mock interview resources fall short of giving the right feedback, putting candidates on the back foot during interviews. 
  • Interview Kickstart’s curriculum is exhaustive and in-depth, covering Data structures, algorithms, systems design, and behavioral interviews (focused and dedicated training). Most bootcamps do not offer dedicated training for behavioral interviews. 
  • IK offers a 2-month program with a 6-month support period. During the support period, students get access to highly experienced faculty to clarify problems/doubts, guidance on enhancing their online brand through LinkedIn optimization, and employment support to help them land interviews. 
  • Our instructors, owing to their close association to the interview process, constantly engage to upgrade the curriculum to meet the best standards in the industry. 


If you’re looking for the perfect technical interview bootcamp to take your career to the next level, sign-up for our webinar today.

Abhishek Som
Senior Content Specialist at Interview Kickstart
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