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Accenture Software Engineer Salaries — All Levels

Last updated on: 
September 6, 2023
Vartika Rai
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About The Author!
Vartika Rai
Vartika Rai
Product Manager at Interview Kickstart. With exceptional experience with tech giants like Microsoft, she is a curious lady for the vast scope of NLP, Big data analytics, ML and data science.

The average software engineer salary for experienced candidates hovers around $100,000. The compensation is higher for senior software engineers who make $115,000 a year on an average.

The demand for software engineers is on a persistent rise, especially with the exponential growth of technology in recent times. It is evident that this growing demand is encouraging FAANG companies and other esteemed firms like Accenture to hire highly skilled software engineers for basic and advanced roles.

This guide will give you a comprehensive idea about software engineer salaries in Accenture  along with the added benefits of working at this company. Also discussed are some key tips to help you ace your Accenture interview without breaking a sweat. Take a look! 

Table of Content

  1. Accenture Salary Levels
  2. Accenture Software Engineer Levels 
  3. Accenture Software Engineer Salary: How Much Can You Earn?
  4. Accenture Software Engineer Stock Options
  5. Benefits of Working at Accenture
  6. Insurance and Wellness Benefits
  7. Transportation Benefits
  8. Home, Financial and Other Benefits
  9. How to Become a Software Engineer at Accenture
  10. How to Crack Coding Interview at Accenture
  11. About the Company 
  12. What Are Popular Skills for Software Engineers?

Accenture Salary Levels

Accenture salary levels start at  around $65,000 for fresh graduates in the software development  sector. However, senior software developer salaries in Accenture range  between $110,000 and $175,000, depending on the job role and experience required. Some of these roles, along with the salaries, are discussed below. 

Accenture Software Engineer Levels 

  • Associate Software Engineer L4

An associate software engineer in the L4 category needs to be fluent in programming, debugging, and testing. He/she must also be acquainted with troubleshooting as well.. An engineer of this category should also be efficient in complex technical tasks and business development strategies. L4 engineers may also be required to take up leadership roles if necessary, preparing them for bigger leadership roles in the future. Fluency in a range of programming languages like Java, Scala, Docker, Go, Ruby, C++ is expected of engineers in this category.. 

Years of Experience: An Associate Software Engineer needs to have around 5-7 years of experience to be in the L4 category, making it one of the advanced roles in the company. 

Compensation: Typically, L4 software engineers in Accenture draw anywhere between $85,000 and $100,000 annually. A host of benefits include health insurance, family healthcare, and  employee stock purchase programs. 

  • Software Engineer Analyst

The primary responsibility of a software engineer analyst at Accenture is to design and develop technology solutions to meet client requirements. He/she needs to ensure analysis and implementation, along with challenges associated with  digital disruption of client businesses. A person working as a software engineer analyst is directly involved with Accenture Technology. An ideal candidate needs to have a bachelor's or master’s degree in computer science or a relevant field . Proficiency in multiple programming languages along with strong analytical  and communication abilities is a must. 

Total Compensation: Typically, a senior software engineer Analyst takes home a salary of anywhere  between $100,000 and $125,000, depending on job role and level. Moreover, the perks of a coding engineer at Accenture will also include financial stock investment benefits, along with other financial investment and retirement plans. 

  • Senior Software Engineer L6

A senior software engineer needs to have fluency in AWS components. SSEs are involved in developing creative solutions in collaboration with the SDEs.. Further, Accenture also looks for fluency in CICD pipelines, SQL knowledge, along with experience in agile methodologies and more. Ability to work with a team as well as work independently are things that  Accenture demands from its senior software engineers. Analytical skills and the ability to tackle problems with a critical approach are also must-haves for someone looking to work at Accenture. Expertise in multiple programming languages is a given. 

Years of Experience: One needs to have at least 5 years of experience working in C#.Net or object-oriented methodologies, along with back-end developing expertise. They must also possess 3+ years of experience in building AWS cloud-native services with the help of ECS, EC2, or API gateway. Experience in pipeline configuration is also preferred. 

Compensation: Senior software engineers in Accenture draw salaries ranging between $150,000 and $250,000, depending on the level. The company also offers equity between $75,000 and $150,000. A Software engineer’s  salary in Accenture is nearly $8000 more than the national average in this sector. 

  • Associate Manager (AM)

As an associate manager at Accenture, you are required to contribute to sprint planning, staffing, interface, and other aspects. Ability to create and develop new or support features, rolling out major or minor modifications and their maintenance, are all part and parcel of an Associate Manager’s job role. An associate manager also needs to collaborate with the Client IT division to analyze user and system requirements and work on developing and integrating them into existing systems. 

You also need to be acquainted with the Software Development Life Cycle through Guidewire or Mainframe. You may also need to create technical and functional designs of Claims processing applications. A degree in Computer Applications, Computer Science, Information and Technology or any other related field is a mandate. 

Years of Experience: Accenture demands at least 3 years of experience in analysis and technical based critical reviews of Claims processing systems. A similar experience is needed in JCL, CICS, and COBOL. One also needs to have equivalent experience in working with stakeholders, business process heads, and collaborating with teams to meet end-user needs.  5 years of progressive experience in prior companies also holds priority during the recruitment process . Working with Integrated Master Schedule to ensure project development cycles stay  on track is also one of the duties of an associate manager at Accenture. 

Compensation: An associate manager working for Accenture will have a package ranging between $100,000 and $600,000, depending on how advanced the job role is. Moreover, a host of benefits are included in the package, like health and life insurances, along with the stock investment options of Accenture at a 15% discount. The company also provides dental insurance, PTO, and a health savings account.

  • Manager (M)

An application development manager has a number of roles, which include tasks like project execution, adhering to budgets and understanding the scope of ongoing and proposed projects. Another responsibility of the role is to maintain SLA dependent applications. A manager at Accenture will also need to approach complex problems and critically evaluate variable factors  before strategizing solutions for implementation. Formulation of project plans in technology, information, systems, staffing, and funding, among others, are all duties of a manager. 

Additionally, a Manager needs to have  a bachelor's or master’s degree in computer science or information and technology, or relevant fields. 

Years of Experience: A candidate looking to apply for the role of a manager in Accenture must have 5 years of progressive experience after post-graduation. About 3+ years of experience in working with data model specifications and business processes in the retail energy utility division, is also necessary. In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Power BI Desktop along with domain and accounting reconciliation of customer databases is also required. Integration, Reporting services, database engines, along with analytical services for SQL servers are also requirements for Managers. A minimum of 6 months of experience in SAP HANA BW Edition is compulsory.

Compensation: Average salary of managers at Accenture is around $125,000, which is nearly 111% higher than the national average. Salaries of managers can go up to $750,000, depending on the complexity of the role and experience. Benefits include work flexibility along with retirement plans. Moreover, travel reimbursements are also provided to a certain limit as per the job level. Free meals and insurance covers for health and wellness are some other perks managers at Accenture enjoy. 

  • Senior Manager (SM)

A senior manager at Accenture needs to act as an advisor to clients and oversee execution of business strategies and transformation agendas. Additionally, digital disruption, growth, global operating models, and innovation, along with sustainable cost management, are duties of a senior manager. Navigating through the Accenture Global network, analyzing strengths and weaknesses of clients, effective C-level communication with the help of success stories are also a part of the job description of Accenture's senior managers. 

Laying blueprints for Technology Strategies, along with collaborating and coordinating effective teamwork, are some other responsibilities of senior managers. A master's degree in a relevant field besides networking and leadership acumen some qualifications required for the role. 

Years of Experience: A senior manager must have  10 years of experience in the Technology Strategy division, along with the ability to work with client-facing project work. They must also possess an in-depth understanding of IT and Government software strategy frameworks. Prior experience in the Electronic or tech industry, or in the financial services sector is preferred. 

Compensation: Salary packages of senior managers at Accenture vary between $175,000 and $900,000 or above, depending on the experience and efficiency level of the employee. Salaries of senior managers at Accenture   are 56% higher than the national average, making the position quote coveted. Prime benefits include  working on challenging projects in a stimulating work environment, experiencing the green mobility program, and Flexrewards, Accenture’s reward system.. Holiday allowance, company laptop, and a phone are also provided.. Accenture Software Engineer Salary: How Much Can You Earn?

Software engineer salaries at Accenture can vary depending on your role and designation. A graduate with experience as an intern can get a salary of $55,000 - $65,000, while an experienced software engineer can take home nearly $120,000 on an average, annually. When you go up the ranks, your salary  can change significantly, going up to $300,000 when you  become  Senior Executive at the company. Software engineer salaries at Accenture are  nearly 24% higher than the national average. 

Accenture Software Engineer Stock Options

Accenture offers an ESPP or Employee Stock Purchase Program, which allows employees to contribute up to 10% of their salary to buy Accenture stocks. Employees get a 15% discount on every company stock that they purchase. 

Benefits of Working at Accenture

Working at Accenture does not only fetch a lucrative salary but also comes with a bunch of benefits. These include:

Insurance and Wellness Benefits

Software engineers at Accenture, both junior and senior, enjoy a load of health and wellness benefits. The company provides dental insurance, which includes PPO and DMO plans. Health and life insurance covers are also available for employees. Accenture allows personal vacation days of up to 25 days along with sick time, varying with the level one holds in the company. 

The company also provides a health savings account or HSA where it  contributes $500 annually towards employees’ health benefits. It also provides 16 weeks of maternity leave for  primary caregivers and 2 weeks for secondary caregivers. The former can also work locally for a year after childbirth or adoption. Paternity leave of 8 weeks is available for primary caregivers and 2 weeks for secondary caregivers. 

Transportation Benefits

Accenture provides monthly travel reimbursements up to certain limits based on the job level.. The company also provides transportation services in some countries. 

Home, Financial and Other Benefits

Senior software engineer salaries in Accenture comes with quite a few home and financial benefits. They include adoption and fertility assistance along with a wellness program that has an app that monitors physical fitness, stamina, and nutrition, with the best performers getting  cash rewards. Accenture also has provisions for 401(k) with a 100% match on 6% of base salary. How to Become a Software Engineer at Accenture?

If you are looking for a job as a software engineer at Accenture, on the education front, a bachelor's in computer science or information technology is mandatory. CCNA approved Cisco certification is also a requisite to get a job as a software engineer at Accenture. Further, acquaintance with routine protocols like EIGRP, MPLS, BGP, ATM, and the likes is also preferred. 

As a software engineer, you may also need to work with tools like Hummingbird Exceed, Putty, and the likes. An aspiring candidate must prepare himself/herself to analyze and deploy physical and logical communication networks. Preparing work designs and understanding of networking technologies are also required. Addressing specific client solutions is also part of the role. Fluency in Visio is also needed for network design illustrations. 

How to Crack the Coding Interview at Accenture?

  1. Carry a portfolio: It is imperative to carry your portfolio when you are attending an interview for Accenture. It acts as a testament to your efforts in previous stints and displays what you can bring to the table.
  2. Know the basics well: It is crucial to know the basics of algorithms and data structures – codes. Knowing how to solve problems in the fastest and most effective way is what interviewers look for.. Knowledge of multiple programming languages will give you bonus points in the interview. r 
  3. Practice: Practicing and developing your skill set is an ideal preparation ploy to crack Accenture interviews for software engineers. Getting accustomed to technical interviews can sometimes be a stressful task and may give rise to performance issues, which is why practicing and rehearsing your introduction, and the skills you wish to focus on, will help you make the right impression. 
  4. Communicate: Communicating crisply and effectively is a determining factor in technical interviews at Accenture.  K. As recruiters look for individuals who can engage effectively with clients and also seamlessly coordinate with cross-functional teams, your ability to articulate clearly should be evident in the interview. 
  5. Be inquisitive: Do not back down from asking questions about the company to your recruiters.. You can ask about the inclusivity policies of the company or can ask about which division you may have to work for and what the job entails, in more specific detail.

If you’re looking to crack tough technical interviews at FAANG and tier-1 companies, sign-up for Interview Kickstart’s webinar on cracking coding interviews. 

What Are the Popular Skills for Software Engineers?

The most in-demand skills relevant for software engineers and developers are:

  • Expertise in programming languages: If you are working in an advanced role as a software developer, you are no stranger to languages like Java and Python. However, equal fluency in newer languages like Go, Ruby, Kotlin, and the likes are also necessary to stand out  in your interview and your professional career. 

Matter of fact is there are more than 4 million software engineers in the US, and presenting yourself as an ideal candidate for the job makes all the difference. 

  • Testing and debugging: Testing is about verifying intended functionalities. Identifying the internal module changes and module responses during an error and working on fixing these, are essential skills of an advanced software engineer or developer. 
  • Innovation and development: Accenture senior software engineer salary comes with a host of benefits, but it also demands your sincere effort to innovate and work on AI advancements and any other role you are entrusted with. Developing self-optimizing systems is one of the basic responsibilities for software engineers who are a part of the development process. 
  • Problem-solving ability: It is of utmost importance that any software engineer has the ability to recognize a problem and is proactive about solving it without cracking under the pressure of delivery deadlines. Coming out with a strategy to critically deal with the issue and making necessary changes by taking help from other teams are signs of good problem-solving ability. 

From Data analytics to  cyber-security specialists, irrespective of which sector you are working in, problem-solving is the stepping stone to the evolution and innovation of existing technology.  

  • Communication: Communicating between collaborating teams and informing them of errors or other information needs to be seamless. This requires impeccable interpersonal communication skills and the ability to put across complex instructions in a more comprehensible and easy-to-understand manner. This needs to couple with transparency on  project developments. Further, top-notch communication abilities help you maintain good rapport with your colleagues and reporting authority.

Accenture software engineers are among the nation's top earners, making the company one of the go-to places to work for software engineers. A Software engineer’s salary at Accenture comes with a host of benefits for every role, which promote enhanced employee satisfaction and retention. 

Julia Sweet, the CEO of the company, has a 91% approval rate from the employees making her quite a popular leader in the corporate world. Further, a motivating workplace and a flexible work schedule also make it a desirable organization to work for software engineers in the USA. 

Do you have what it takes to be a part of this dream organization?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much can a software engineer earn in the United States?

A software engineer in the USA, on an average, earns $92,000, higher than any other sector in 2020. Compensation packages at FAANG companies and other large MNCs like Accenture, IBM and the likes are significantly higher by around 15% - 20%. 

  1. Do software engineering jobs have a healthy-work life balance? 

Most companies have a flexible work schedule for software engineers in the United States. Remote working is available in almost all tech companies to ensure a satisfied and comfortable workforce. As such, software engineers do enjoy a healthy work-life balance in tier-1 companies.

Posted on 
March 3, 2021

Vartika Rai

Product Manager at Interview Kickstart | Ex-Microsoft | IIIT Hyderabad | ML/Data Science Enthusiast. Working with industry experts to help working professionals successfully prepare and ace interviews at FAANG+ and top tech companies

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