Nailing Technical Interviews


Jayce Tan

(IK Alum, Software engineer at Amazon)
02 Dec 2020
6:30 PM PST
8:30 PM EST
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Learn how Jayce went from failing interviews to nailing a software engineering role at Amazon

Guest Speaker

Jayce Tan
Engineer, AMAZON

Jayce spent over 8 years of his career as a technical project manager at many mid-sized companies.

He always aspired to work at a FAANG company and tried leetcode and also enrolled for a bootcamp. However, because of his prior experience as a project manager, large companies continued to reject his resume.

After preparing with Interview Kickstart, Jayce bagged multiple top offers. He chose Amazon. He's now part of a team, where, as he puts it, he works with some of the brightest engineers he's ever met. Come hear how he prepared for these interviews and landed his dream job!

Save your spot
Seats running out

Insights from Jayce

  • What it really takes to get into AMAZON
  • How to negotiate top offers
  • Why you need structure to prepare
  • How to transition from a TPM role to a core software engineering role
  • How to stay motivated while preparing
  • How to prepare while working a full time job

"Top company interviews are tough."

Hearing how other people like you prepared and nailed these interviews is an invaluable tool in your interview prep journey.

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Hosted by Ryan Valles
Founder, Interview Kickstart

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