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I felt coaching for cracking an interview is madness, and I changed that mindset after joining the IK.

I started my job hunt in March 2019. I knew my current company was not doing good financially and I could foresee layoff soon. Being on H1b I always fear of losing a job and getting kicked out of the country. So, I wanted to go back to my three favorite books viz., Cracking the Coding Interviews (CTCI), Algorithms and Data structure made Easy and Elements of Programming Interviews (EPI) to jump-start my interview process.

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The lectures, guidance, awareness about system design at IK was nothing short of phenomenal.

If you have not interviewed at FAANG companies before or failed multiple times, then IK makes you aware of the expectation at these companies. To succeed at these top companies, it is imperative that you are aware of the expectation these companies have and be able to perform at that level.

They cover all the essential topics in coding, system design, concurrency, behavioral.

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Interview Kickstart helped me finally snag a top offer for my level. I am really thankful to the IK team.

I always struggled with interview questions. I struggle with Leetcode questions, strategizing my interview preparation, understanding all sorts of algorithm problems, and understanding how system design even works. This lead me to a couple years of continuously being rejected by top tech companies. Most online materials are not really good and to get access to receiving help from a FAANG engineer attuned to the interview process is difficult. IK helped relieve me from all those issues and helped me finally snag a top offer for my level. I am really thankful to the IK team.

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If you put in the hard work along with Interview Kickstart’s program, I think you can get a very good job. I am a real example.

Without a doubt, I don’t think I would have succeeded the way I wanted without IK. I joined in Feb and got an offer in October so just about 8 months (including the course duration). I got 3 offers in all and chose Roku. I got a great increase in my compensation so it was pretty good.

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