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Mock Interviews to Nail Your Next Technical Interview

Realistic mock interviews taken by FAANG hiring managers and tech leads are the best way to simulate real tech interviews at Tier 1 companies.

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Key benefits of Mock Interviews

Get detailed feedback on all aspects of the interview
Helps you pinpoint your weak areas so you can work on them
Allows you to make all your mistakes before the actual interview
Practice solving tough coding questions in front of an interviewer
Develop effective interview strategies
Reduce stress before actual interviews 
Anya Oleinikova
B.A. - UC Berkeley
Manoj Krishnan
Ph.D - Washington State University
Facebook, ex-VMware
Adrian Fernandez
M.S. - Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
LinkedIn, ex-Google
Johnny Zhang
M.S - Fudan University
Uber, ex-Amazon
Lewin Gan
B.S. - University of California, Berkeley
Forethought, ex-Dropbox
Snehal Thakkar
Ph.D. - University of Southern California

Who will take the interviews?

The interviews will be taken by Tech Leads and Hiring Managers at Tier 1 companies. They have themselves cleared the toughest tech interviews and are at the cutting edge of the latest interviewing processes at the top companies.

Key Features

  • Schedule as per your convenience
  • Get the remote interview experience
  • Get detailed verbal and written feedback
  • Can opt for both technical and behavioral interviews
  • Select an interviewer of your choice
  • 1 hr duration for each interview
  • Schedule any time within 3 months of purchase


1 Mock Interview


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3 Mock interviews


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Why should I go for Mock Interviews?

Mock interviews, when conducted by actual hiring managers and tech leads (like at Interview Kickstart), are excellent practice for the real thing.

Tech interviews at top companies are really tough, and just getting an interview call is a big deal. You don’t want to blow these precious chances by not practicing, right? Mock interviews ensure that you maximize your chances of clearing each stage of this rigorous process.

Also, the detailed feedback which you get after each interview helps you become better - not just at interviews, but also as an engineer.

I haven’t interviewed a lot earlier - is this still right for me?

Many of our students haven’t had recent interviews and want to get a good idea of how interviews at top-tech companies are conducted. That helps them prepare for the real interviews. So it’s perfectly fine if you haven’t interviewed a lot before.

What kind of questions can I expect?

You can get mock interviews for both technical interviews and behavioral interviews.

In technical interviews, questions will be on core computer science fundamentals, data structures, coding, algorithms, and systems design.

Behavioral interviews will focus on a variety of aspects depending on the company/role you want to interview for - leadership skills, teamwork, ability to deliver under constraints, and culture fit amongst others.

Can I request an interviewer from a specific company or role?

Absolutely. We have interviewers from a variety of backgrounds and from all the top tech companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox, Netflix, and LinkedIn. So we will try to ensure as close a match as possible.

How much time do I have to complete the mock interviews?

Whether you have purchased 1 interview or a bundle of 3 interviews, you need to schedule and complete them within 3 months from the date of purchase.

What are the top mistakes people make in tech interviews?

Following are some of the top mistakes candidates often make in tech interviews at top companies:

  • No or little preparation: Questions asked in tech interviews are very different from what you would expect in your day-to-day job. On-site interviews can be especially tough. So going for one without any preparation, thinking you can crack it based on how well you do at your current job, is one of the top mistakes.
  • Jumping to code prematurely: Many candidates try to go straight to coding without thinking through the full solution and asking clarifying questions. Sometimes, they misunderstand the question itself and start coding the solution to some other problem.
  • Not explaining your solution: It’s not enough to just come up with a solution to a coding problem - you need to explain your thought process. This way, even if your thinking was good but you couldn’t arrive at a solution, you still get credit. It also allows you to showcase your communication skills.
  • Messy whiteboard coding: Coding on a whiteboard is very different from coding on your laptop in your chosen language. If you haven’t prepared for it, you can make any or all of these mistakes - incomplete code, not validating your inputs, bad naming convention, bad handwriting, redundant code
  • Bad communication: Many candidates don’t communicate effectively during the interview - some crack under the pressure, while others appear passive or avoid eye contact. Yet others lack enthusiasm. Doing mock interviews helps you improve on all these areas