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Nail Your Next Android Interview

...by becoming a better Android Engineer
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Instructors from FAANG & Tier 1 Companies

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Adrián Fernández

Engineering Manager

Suhas Satish

Senior Engineering Manager

Jakob Heuser

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Chao Zhang

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Android Engineering Course Curriculum

This is what you’ll learn in our Android Engineering career path!

You can avail 21 mock interviews during the support period of 6 months post-course completion.

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Interviewing is a Skill

Top tech companies get thousands of android job applications and deliberately make it hard for you to get in.

  • Are expected to prepare for the interview.
  • Have to come up with solutions to complex problems in a short span of time.
  • Are asked to articulate your assumptions, your decisions and your solutions.
  • Have to code on a whiteboard, an unfamiliar coding platform, on a sheet of paper or a shared doc.