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Oracle Phone Interview Questions

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Oracle is a global leader in the software business and provides great opportunities for software engineers, coding engineers, software developers, and other tech jobs. It attracts several applicants, and the competition to get in is tough. Oracle’s interview process is elaborate and methodical to select the right person for a position.

If you are preparing for a tech interview, check out our interview questions page and salary negotiation ebook to get interview-ready! Also, read 40+ Oracle Technical Interview Questions and Oracle SQL Interview Questions for specific insights and guidance on Oracle tech interviews.

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In this article, we’ll focus on what to expect at Oracle’s phone interview round or phone screen. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. What Is Oracle Phone Interview? 
  2. How Important Is Oracle Phone Interview Round?
  3. Non-technical Phone Interview Questions at Oracle
  4. Technical/Coding Phone Interview Questions at Oracle
  5. Oracle Phone Interview Tips

What Is Oracle Phone Interview?

The interview process for software engineers at Oracle consists of three rounds — the initial phone screen, the technical phone screen, and an onsite.

The onsite round is usually a series of face-to-face interviews conducted at Oracle’s office. The first two rounds are conducted over the phone, and therefore, are called the phone interview rounds or phone screens.

The Initial Phone Screen: During the phone screen round, your skills and experience are assessed to see if you’re the right fit for the role. It lasts for about 30 minutes and is conducted by an HR recruiter. Updating your LinkedIn profile with the right keywords is key to getting contacted for the initial phone screen. 

The Technical Phone Screen: This is where your approach to problem-solving is evaluated before you’re invited to the on-site interview rounds. You can expect 1-2 coding problems of moderate difficulty. Your ability to brute-force the solution and write bug-free code to solve the problem is tested. You can also expect a few questions around your core technical skills and past employment experience. 

How Important Is Oracle Phone Interview Round?

Oracle Phone interview or phone screen is an important phase of the company’s recruitment process. Here, your traits, knowledge, experience, and motivations are thoroughly evaluated by the recruiter to gauge if you are eligible for the onsite interview. 

Needless to say, performing well in these rounds is crucial to carry on in the hiring process.

Non-technical Phone Interview Questions at Oracle

Following are 5 non-tech questions or behavioral questions commonly asked at Oracle’s Phone Interview. Remember that these questions are open-ended and used to judge if you’re a good fit for the company and role. 

  1. Tell me about yourself. (Variation: How would you describe yourself?)
  2. Why are you interested in working with Oracle? (Variation: Why Oracle, and what are your expectations from Oracle?)
  3. How do you judge yourself as a candidate for this position? (Justify logically)
  4. How can your experience help our company? (Variation: How will this team benefit from your skills?)
  5. What have you planned as your goals for 5-10 years? (Variation: What are your ambitions?)

Technical/Coding Phone Interview Questions at Oracle

As covered before, you can expect 1-2 coding problems (such as Leetcode problems) of moderate difficulty during the tech phone screen. Following are a few examples of coding problems:

  1. Write a program to implement a Queue using two stacks. (Click here for the solution)
  2. You’re given two Linked Lists, “A” and “B,” that are sorted. Write a code to merge the two Linked Lists. (Click here for the solution — K sorted Lists)
  3. For a given unsorted array comprising non-negative integers, write a function to find the contiguous subarray that returns the sum of non-negative integers in the array. 
  4. You’re given two arrays that are sorted and of varying sizes. Write a code to merge the two arrays such that elements in the merged array appear in increasing order. 
  5. For a given Linked List “L,” write a function to pick a random node from the Linked List.

For more examples of coding questions asked at Oracle, read 40+ Oracle Technical Interview Questions.

You can also check out our Problems page for a long list of coding interview problems with solutions.

Oracle Phone Interview Tips

Phone interviews are tricky. Here are some handy tips for your prep and D-day:

Before the interview:

  • Read up on Oracle — its profile, culture, history, and prospects.
  • Go through your updated resume thoroughly; your answers should match the facts mentioned in your resume.
  • Prepare yourself for behavioral questions like why you want to work with Oracle, your expectation from the company, your strengths and weaknesses, and what will be your contribution to the team.
  • Practice solving coding problems and come up with a pattern for solving them, so you can solve problems you haven’t seen before.

During the interview:

  • Keep a pen and notepad ready to take notes when necessary.
  • Communicate clearly and ask clarifying questions when in doubt.
  • Be confident and authentic when answering questions.
  • When solving a problem, think out loud, so the recruiter can understand your process.
  • When given a chance, ask questions about the role and the company.

Ready to Nail Your Oracle Tech Interview?

The interview prep process can seem daunting — there are too many topics to cover, and practice questions don’t seem to end. In addition to tech topics, you also need to prepare for behavioral questions. It’s a lot — but with the right prep strategy and hard work, you can get inter-ready in 10-12 weeks!

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