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Top 25+ Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers to Practice for Your Tech Interview

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Jenkins is a popular Java-based automation tool used in the software development life cycle process. It is an open-source server that enables developers to automate several aspects of software development, including testing, building, continuous delivery, continuous integration, and deployment.

If you’re a software developer preparing for Jenkins interview questions, you should know that most questions are framed around automating various processes. Moreover, certain jobs, mainly those that involve testing and automation, require engineers to know the functioning of popular frameworks, automation tools, and core programming tools. 

If you’re preparing for your next software developer interview, we’ll help you understand some commonly asked Jenkins interview questions that feature in programming interviews, specifically Java interviews, as Jenkins is a tool that supports Java.   

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Let’s go ahead and look at some common Jenkins interview questions and answers. We’ll also cover some sample Jenkins interview questions to help you prepare a good number of questions for your next Java interview. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Top Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers
  • Sample Jenkins Interview Questions for Intermediate Programmers
  • Advanced Jenkins Interview Questions
  • FAQs on Jenkins Interview Questions

Top Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers

In this section, we’ll look at some common Jenkins interview questions and answers.

Q1. What do you understand by continuous integration?

Continuous integration is a core feature in Jenkins where any changes made to the software are immediately integrated into the code. This feature enables code to be updated continuously and ensures the code is tested, deployed, and monitored at all times.

Q2. What do you understand about the continuous deployment in Jenkins?

This is a common Jenkins interview question asked at Java interviews. Continuous deployment is a core feature through which the integrated code is continuously deployed to the target environment, making the process flow smoothly without delay in processing.

Q3. What are the primary uses of Jenkins?

This is another popular Jenkins interview question asked at technical interviews. Jenkins is primarily used for software automation and helps to perform the following functions -

  • Building software through code
  • Automating core elements of the software life-cycle
  • Reverse engineering
  • Sanity, Smoke, CI, and Regression test jobs

Q4. What are the different types of Jenkins pipelines?

The different types of Jenkins pipelines include - the Scripted Pipeline and the Declarative Pipeline. Scripted pipelines help developers custom-define various aspects of the job, while declarative pipelines use predefined commands.

Q5. How do you securely store credentials in a Jenkins library?

To securely store credentials, you need to install the credentials plugin. The plugin stores a wide range of credentials, including Jenkins build tokens, usernames, passwords, AWS credentials, and vault-related credentials.

Jenkins Interview Questions for Intermediate Programmers

If you’re an intermediate programmer with fairly good experience in Java, below are some intermediate Jenkins interview questions.

  1. What do you understand about a Jenkins Build Case?
  2. What are some ways to initiate a Jenkins pipeline?
  3. How would you leverage Jenkins to build a scalable mobile application?
  4. What are some uses of the Jenkins shared library? How would you go about using it?
  5. How do you stop a job in Jenkins from executing?
  6. What do you understand by the Jenkins multibranch pipeline?
  7. What would you do if a Jenkins client is offline and you have to perform certain functions?
  8. What do you understand about the Blue Ocean?
  9. What do you understand about the Jenkins User Content Service?
  10. What are some features of the Jenkins remote API?

Advanced Jenkins Interview Questions

In this section, we’ll look at some advanced Jenkins interview questions to help you prepare for your upcoming technical interview.

  1. How do you achieve continuous deployment in Jenkins?
  2. How would you achieve continuous integration in Jenkins?
  3. What security aspects will you consider while using Jenkins for software automation?
  4. What do you understand about Artifact Archives?
  5. How is information shared between different build stages in Jenkins?
  6. How is code coverage tracked in Jenkins under a Continuous Integration environment?
  7. How do you alter job configurations in Jenkins?
  8. How do you configure global tools in Jenkins?
  9. Explain the process of creating a shared library in Jenkins
  10. How does the Ping thread in Jenkins work?
  11. How does IN-process Script Approval work in Jenkins?

Practicing answers to these above Jenkins interview questions will help you prepare adequately for your next technical interview.

FAQs on Jenkins Interview Questions

Q1. What is Jenkins primarily used for?

Jenkins is a software automation tool used to automate specific tasks in the software development life cycle, including building, testing, integration, and deployment.

Q2. What are the core technical features of Jenkins?

The core technical features in Jenkins include - Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment.

Q3. Does Jenkins use a shared library?

Yes, Jenkins has an integrated feature where developers can use shared libraries.

Q4. Which programming language is used to write code in Jenkins?

Java is the programming language that is used to write code in Jenkins. 

Q5. In what type of interviews can you expect Jenkins interview questions?

Jenkins interview questions primarily feature in Java developer interviews.

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