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Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions You Should Prepare

by Interview Kickstart Team in Interview Questions
October 14, 2022

Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions You Should Prepare

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Worldclass front-end developers at Google work tirelessly to create a seamless user experience. It's no surprise that Google wants to hire the best developers and has very high interview standards. Front-end developers at Google are also paid well. A front-end developer's salary at Google and in the US ranges from $80,746 to $430,000 per year, with an average annual salary of $156,806 per year.

Google front-end developer interview questions are difficult to answer. The only way to get through Google interview questions for front-end developers is to be relentless in problem-solving, practice mock interviews, and be thorough with your fundamentals.

To help you test your skills and gauge your preparation level, we've curated a list of Google front-end developer interview questions in this article.

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This article focuses on Google front-end developer questions to help you prepare for your next Google front-end interview. Read ahead to learn more!

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Top Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions and Answers
  • Sample Google Interview Questions for Front-end Developers
  • Common Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals
  • FAQs on Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions

Top Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions and Answers

To ensure Google hires the best, their front-end interview consists of a phone interview, coding interviews, a front-end focused system design interview, and a behavioral interview. 

To bag a front-end developer job at Google, refine your skills in CSS, JavaScript, HTML, an OOP language, UI design, system design, time-bound problem-solving, and Angular/Polymer/Backbone/Closure.

The terms developer and engineer are often used interchangeably, and Google hires front-end developers with the title “Software Engineer, Front-end.” Engineers are expected to have more tech skills compared to developers as engineers oversee the system as a whole, while developers are more concerned with creating functional software.

We’ll begin with some basic Google front-end interview questions and answers and get into more comprehensive technical questions later.

Q1. Differentiate between MySQL and MongoDB.

There are several differences between MySQL and MongoDB. MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), while MongoDB is a NoSQL database. MySQL utilizes SQL as a standard language to handle its database and table-like structure to stow data. MongoDB uses MongoDB Query Language (MQL) to modify or access data and JSON-like structures to stow data.

Q2. How can we remove duplicate entries from a JavaScript Array?

To delete duplicate entries from a JavaScript array, we can use the filter() function or the for loop to store all the repeated elements in an empty array.

Q3. What are some ways to decrease page load time?

Some great ways to decrease the page load time include image optimization, browser cache, optimizing and compressing content, and adding the stylesheet reference on top.

Q4. Talk about the Grid system in CSS.

Grids are used in CSS to deal with HTML content after splitting the page into grids. With the help of grids, CSS enables the stacking and highlighting different elements in different parts of the grids.

Q5. What is stringify?

Stringify is used In a JSON method to convert a JavaScript object into a string. JSON is used to send and receive data between the web server and the client, but to send data to the web server, the object needs to be a string.

Remember to learn about the Front-end Engineer interview process at FAANG+ companies to know what to expect and prepare better for your dream companies.

Sample Google Interview Questions for Front-end Developers

We’ll begin with some warmup Google front-end interview questions. Ensure you can solve them before your interview:

  1. Explain what happens internally and on the front-end when a user clicks a link in a web browser.
  2. Explain the JavaScript module pattern. When would you use it?
  3. If you have some text on a web page, how many ways do you know to make the text disappear?
  4. How would you get a return response for updating the web page?
  5. How would you send data from a web page to a server without a page refresh?
  6. Define, and describe the need and use of closure.
  7. Define and describe when you’d use the JavaScript module pattern.
  8. Name and talk about some version control systems you know.
  9. Explain hoisting.
  10. Explain some techniques to increase performance when building a new website or maintaining one.

Want to know the salary details of Google front-end Engineers? Read our article on Google front-end Engineer Salary for compensation details. Also, check out these 6 steps to crack the front-end interview.

Common Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals

Let’s move ahead with some Google front-end interview questions for experienced professionals:

  1. How will you design a task scheduling system?
  2. How will you design Google Docs?
  3. Given a string A and a string B, find the minimum window in A that’ll contain all the characters in B in time complexity O(n).
  4. Given a rows x columns binary matrix filled with 0's and 1's, how would you find the largest rectangle with only 1's and return its area?
  5. How would you reverse a linked list?
  6. If I give you an encoded string, write code to return its decoded string.
  7. How would you implement a SnapshotArray that also supports pre-defined interfaces?
  8. How can we find the width of an inverted binary tree?
  9. How will you see if two binary trees are identical?
  10. Find the max path sum of a given binary tree, where the path may start and end at any node.

The roles and responsibilities of a front-end engineer involve many different types of tasks and skills. Ensure you have solid fundamentals and enough practice before your interview, so you don’t just get the job; you’re also great at it while doing it!

FAQs on Google Front-end Developer Interview Questions

Q1. What are the responsibilities of a Front-end developer at Google?

A Front-end developer is mainly responsible for developing and maintaining the user interface, creating tools that increase site engagement, implementing the web design on mobile websites, and managing software workflow.

Q2. Name some of the most popular tools and languages used in front-end development.

JQuery, Bootstrap, Git, Atom, View.Js, and HTML5 Boilerplate are currently popular and used widely in front-end development. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most commonly used languages for front-end development.

Q3. What are the advantages of TypeScript over JavaScript?

TypeScript has features like interfaces and generics that are better than what we get in JavaScript. TypeScript also gives compilation errors during development, provides excellent tool support with IntelliSense, and supports strongly typed and static typing.

Q4. Who earns more, front-end or back-end developers?

On average, back-end developers in the United States earn a higher salary than front-end developers.

Q5. What topics are essential for a Google front-end developer interview prep?

Essential topics for Google front-end developer interview prep include DSA, trees, graphs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, OOP concepts and their application, problem-solving in at least one OOP language, systems design, scalable systems, databases, networks, and interfaces.

How to Crack a Front-end Engineer Interview

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Hosted By
Ryan Valles
Founder, Interview Kickstart
Our tried & tested strategy for cracking interviews
How FAANG hiring process works
The 4 areas you must prepare for
How you can accelerate your learnings
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